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Two weeks, it had been two very long weeks since Hiccup and Toothless has fled from Berk, and Hiccup was beginning to get tired of the constant traveling.

There was nothing wrong with it, but he hadn't realized how much he was used to the comforts of living in a village until he'd been without it for so long, with the only thoughts related to home about how he couldn't go back.

That morning, the duo found themselves stretched out in a clearing under the sun. Winter would be coming, and they wanted to get whatever warmth they could before the sky froze.

The leaves on the trees were just starting to change color, painting the woods around them with red, brown, and yellow. And the air smelt crisp, like whatever had been baking during the summer was finally cooling.

Next to Hiccup, Toothless let out a low, rumbling growl as he stretched in a way that reminded the teenager of some cats he'd seen wandering Berk when he was younger. It was a rather impressive feat considering the dragon was stretched out on his back.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, because that was the only place he could afford to think of it, he got the sensation that he should have felt something when he thought of Berk, some sort of feeling of longing or regret. But whenever he thought of it, he felt a niggling emptiness, something that should have been there wasn't.

Hiccup yawned and glanced at his companion, who appeared to be lost in his own world as the sun warmed him and soft purrs drifted over towards the human.

A thought wondering how dragons could purr drifted into his mind, and within moments he had forced all thoughts of Berk out of his head and instead chose to belly-crawl the three feet to his oblivious companion.

He pushed himself onto his knees and, before he could consider all the ways it could possibly go wrong, placed both hands on Toothless' belly and started scratching.

The results were instantaneous, the dragon's eyes snapped open and he did a rather impressive flip to get out of Hiccup's reach, landing in a crouch and a look in his eyes that would have struck fear into the heart of the toughest Viking.

Hiccup being Hiccup, merely laughed, falling backwards with a loud 'thump' and clutching his stomach.

Once Toothless saw that he was not, in fact, under attack from some mysterious enemy that chose to attack by basis of 'scratchies' he came out his attack stance and sauntered over to Hiccup with as much dignity as he could manage. Hiccup laughed even harder.

It was all fine and dandy, up until they heard the sounds of people out in the woods.

Hiccup immediately shut up, motioning for Toothless to hide. The dragon was in a tree in the time it would take someone to blink.

Hiccup's hand went to his dagger instinctively, he didn't know who was approaching, or even if they would be interested in him or just let him pass by, but he wasn't going to pull his weapon first and be seen as a threat.

Briefly, he had to reassure himself that they were on a different continent from Berk and the odds of the Vikings having trailed them there and found him in some random clearing were so impossible that they didn't even register on any sort of scale.

Still, Hiccup was tense and prepared to run when the group entered the clearing.

His eyes darted over them as quickly as a field mouse could dart through the clearing. There were five of them, obviously not Vikings if the way they dressed and the general lack of girth were anything to go by, and they were staring at him as if to ask him why he wasn't a deer.

After a few minutes that were spent with each trying to assess the threat of the other, one of the men stepped forward. Hiccup pulled his dagger halfway out of its sheath before he could even think, and immediately cursed himself when the noise drew all of the mens' eyes to his hip. He apparently had a death wish.

"Who are you?" He asked, Hiccup noted that the man's voice was rough, as if he'd gone without a drink since that morning. But there was something about the man that didn't make him threatening, it might have been the way he stood before the teenager without making a move to harm him, it might have been the way his hands didn't even so much as twitch towards his crossbow when he saw Hiccup's knife.

Or maybe that was just the sort of man he was, Hiccup wouldn't have been surprised if the man turned out to be the leader of whatever sort of community these men lived in.

Slowly, while never breaking eye contact with the man in front of him, Hiccup slid his dagger back into its sheath.

The men behind the leader all went for their weapons when the noise echoed through the clearing, but were stopped by a quick hand motion from the man in front.

A silence descended on them as Hiccup held his hands away from his body, away from any weapons he might have had on his person. It was rather like when he'd met Toothless, he supposed, you had to gain their trust, had to show them that you wouldn't be the first one to attack.

"Hiccup," he finally said after moments where the tension was thick enough in the air that it clouded his vision. "My name is Hiccup Haddock."

Ten minutes later, he found himself being led into a village, Toothless somewhere behind him, and a new life somewhere ahead.

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