Trying Out Christmas


Since he'd been trapped in the Ghost Writer's poem it had been a whole year,

and Danny remembered his promise about having for Christmas more cheer.

But now that he wouldn't be spending the season moping about,

what was he to do? He wouldn't know what to do in place of his annual pout.


He knew to celebrate with the gifts and the decorations, and having a nice meal,

But if that was all Christmas was, why was everyone around making a big deal?

Danny was sure there was more to do to celebrate the holidays,

but what was to he to do to give his spirits such a raise?


"I'll see what others are doing," the young half-ghost thought,

"After all, what else am I to do now that my gifts are all bought?"


So he flew around town to observe folks having fun with their holiday customs

and saw many kids whose excitement reached deep down to their atoms.

He saw goodie ditches, sleigh rides, and families going about singing carols.

He saw many parents and kids sipping hot chocolate by their mantles.


That is not all Danny saw, for he saw a great wealth of Christmas traditions.

Train sets, and Santas, and plays, and many humanity missions.

In the church he saw child actors putting on a nativity

and heard the preacher narrate the story of the festivity.


And on his path over town not so direct,

the young ghost paused to reflect:


"With goodies and chocolate, service and singing, there's so much to try

and I have no clue where to start, but I know that I

must try it all to find the Christmas for me," said our hero.

"Because of what I enjoy about Christmas, I still know but zero."


And so Danny bought cookies and did goodie ditches to start,

taking some to even those not so close to his heart.

He then got Sam and Tuck to go

for a nice sleigh ride out over the snow.


Danny couldn't lie - he was having a good time.

But he had to try everything to know what gave Christmas it's chime.


Danny remembered the carolers, and though he didn't think could sing,

what he should do next to bring cheer to those alone he thought of something.

To lonely Mister Lancer's house he went, clutching children's Christmas

books he had never read, swearing with the reading he wouldn't fuss.


And after he'd read, he helped to set up Lancer's toy train and to watch it go 'round,

then off to the mall to be a secret Santa to another sad soul he'd found.

Later went he through his closet and donated stuff with which he was through,

then decided to go to dig out the Bible and read Luke, chapter two.


Now Danny had tried most the things he had seen,

so he got some hot chocolate and was a satisfied teen.


For now he knew all about Christmas cheer,

and no longer would he the holidays fear.