Nami came to find him after the battle, an ugly stab wound marring her arm.

Zoro's body was criss-crossed with slash-marks and a thin cut bisected his right eyebrow and the corner of his eye, the result of a vicious downward cut that would have split his skull like a melon if it had hit.

She didn't say anything, just rested her forehead against his collar-bone and sighed heavily, inhaling the salty smell of sweat and the familiar tang of blood. He kissed the top of her head and ran his fingers up and down her spine.

The avenue up and down where he had been fighting was abandoned.

A combination of adrenaline and post-battle horniness saw them hurrying into one of them empty houses kissing passionately and undressing each other.

"I don't understand why you didn't tell me about this right away." Chopper complained, anchoring the stitches across Zoro's shoulder.

"Because it had closed up already and you were busy with Luffy." he said calmly.

"You can't ignore your injuries, Zoro!" Chopper scolded. "One of these days, something will get infected and you'll die!"

"I won't die from something stupid like an infection." Zoro insisted. "You don't have to worry about me. Go worry about the love-cook or Nami. They got beat up pretty bad."

"I already bandaged them up! They tell me about all of their injuries." the doctor said, handing Zoro two white tablets. "Take these. And for god's sake, leave your wrappings alone!"

Zoro swallowed the pills and wandered out onto the deck to check on the rest of the crew. Nami and Usopp were sitting near the mikan trees. Nami was gesturing emphatically and talking loudly. Usopp was cringing a bit. Zoro walked quietly over so he could hear her more clearly, but he stopped, surprised, as he made out some of what she was saying.

"...with someone with, with faulty equipment! If I have to... ... failure to perform... one more time!"

"But why... me..." Usopp objected.

She smacked the deck with the palms of both hands. "I can't do it, Usopp!"

Zoro fled.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Zoro shoved aside an empty bottle of beer and grabbed an unopened one.

Sanji kept shooting him glances. Finally he asked, "What's got you so down?"

The swordsman glared over his shoulder at the cook. "None of your damn business. Damn... times like this I wish I could actually get drunk."

"Did something happen when you were fighting?"

"No. I kicked the guy's ass. Stop fishing, swirly. I'm not going to tell you."

"Wait, wait wait." Sanji said, turning off the stove and walking over to stare at Zoro. "It's not girl trouble is it? Marimo! If you touch Nami-swan or Robin-chwan, I'll kick your ass!"

"I'll touch whoever I please." said Zoro, knowing it would piss the chef off. "You can't have them both."

"It's not about having them, it's about protecting them! From you! What if you got one of them pregnant?"

"It's more than you'll ever be able to do." said Zoro sourly.

The two went for each other with swords and flaming kicks, and it took Chopper in heavy-point, yelling about injuries, to drag them apart.

Zoro was on the deck, doing push-ups with bags of sand laid across his shoulders. He had long since exceeded his usual limit of a thousand a day.

"Thousand two hundred and fifty-five, thousand two hundred and fifty-six, thousand two hundred and fifty-seven..."

Franky strutted past with a heavy box of lumber resting on his shoulder, but stopped to do a double-take when he saw the sweat-darkened wood underneath Zoro.

"Ow, Swordsman-bro! Nice energy!" he shifted the box to give Zoro a thumbs up. "I approve!"

"Go away. I'm busy." he grunted.

"Ow, you're crankier than usual." Franky remarked, squatting down to get a better look at Zoro. "I know that look!" he crowed. "Ow! Girl trouble! It's you and the Girlie, isn't it!"

Zoro's arms slid out from under him and he face-planted solidly against the Adam's-wood deck. He struggled under the bags of sand, waving his arms and legs like an over-turned beetle.

Franky took advantage of his temporary immobilization to seat himself in front of the swordsman and wag a finger in his face. "Now, mossy-bro, I don't know what your specific problem is, but since you're like a little brother to me, I'm gonna give you some advice!"

Zoro mumbled something profane into the deck.

"Girls, especially girls like Navigator-sis, like it when you shake things up a little in bed! Maybe get a little kinky with some rope or handcuffs. I'm sure we can snatch a pair for you two off some Marines the next time we run into the little buggers..."

He finally managed to buck the sandbags off. They hit the deck with a heavy thump, and Zoro fled as Franky launched into a discussion about the merits of leather thongs versus lace.

Careening around the corner, he had to veer suddenly to one side as Nami came from the opposite direction. His feet slid out from under him, and his already bruised ribs gave a yell of protest as he landed heavily on his side. He rolled onto his back grimacing and breathing lightly till the pain slowly started to subside.

A cool hand slid under his shirt and lightly pressed his side, bringing the pain into sharp relief. Zoro fought and lost to the urge to bury his head in her stomach.

Nami sighed and ran her fingers through his hair. "Your ribs are all swollen. Tonight will have to wait. You need to put ice on this and just relax."

"If you don't want to have sex, just say so." Zoro muttered, regretting the words the minute they left his mouth.

"What was that?" Nami said, frowning and pushing him off her lap.

Regretted the words, yes, he did, but Zoro wasn't a liar. "I said, if you don't want to have sex,just say so." he said, enunciating carefully and speaking slowly, like he was talking to a small child, or someone with sub-par intelligence.

"Why would you think I don't want to have sex with you?" she demanded.

"Don't think I didn't hear you, complaining to Usopp that it wasn't any good!" He roared.

Nami looked confused for a moment. "What are you talking about?" she said, her voice rising shrilly. "I did not discuss our sex life with Usopp!"

"I heard you." he said, insistent.

Usopp in question came around the corner at that moment, swinging the Clima-tact in one hand. "Oi, Nami, I finished – Oh, I can see you two are having a serious discussion. The Great Captain Usopp-sama will now depart!"

Nami reached out and grabbed the strap of his overalls, hauling back and spinning him around to face Zoro. "Usopp," she said in a saccharine voice. "tell Zoro whether or not I have discussed our sex life with you."

"S-s-s-s-s-s-sex? You guys are having sex? Here? On the ship?" he squeaked, his eyes playing ping-pong back and forth between Nami and Zoro's faces.

"See?" Nami said smugly. "You can go, Usopp."

He fled.

Zoro, still getting over his surprise, watched Usopp make a beeline for the infirmary. " know the fact that we slept together is going to be all over the ship in ten minutes."

Nami smirked. "Oh, I know."


Chopper paused outside the aquarium-bar as a low moan caught his attention.

"Ow, witch. Not so hard!"

"Just be grateful I'm doing this. Will you stop wiggling? How am I supposed to get your shirt off?"

"Why don't you let me take your shirt off?"

"Because you'll tear it off with your teeth. And I happen to like this shirt."

Usopp's horrified pronouncement from earlier still running through his head, Chopper let out a sharp gasp, turned and ran for the infirmary. He was back in less than a minute with a small bottle of homemade birth control in one hoof and a box of condoms in the other.

Praying that they hadn't started doing any things yet, he kicked the door open. "Wait, guys! Stop! Don't have sex without birth control! Wait!"

Zoro and Nami both stared at him, shocked, and frozen in position.

Chopper stared back, a crimson blush rising under his fur. "S-sorry!" he squeaked, bowing. "I'll leave to your business!"

Zoro laughed. Nami just shrugged and went back to bandaging his ribs.