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The tropical island's weather was warm and balmy with a soft breeze rustling the palm trees.

Nami stretched, arms above her head, smiling happily. "It's a wonderful day out, isn't it, Robin?"

"It is, indeed, lovely. You seem to be in a good mood today, Navigator-san." said the older woman pleasantly.

"How can I not be? It's so beautiful out here, and we don't have to deal with the boys till dinner!" The navigator crowed.

"It's possible that they will come to town later."

"I hope not!"

The two women made their way along the sandy path towards the interior of the island, where the town was located. All the males on the crew were back at the ship, except for Chopper, who was talking to island wildlife on the beach and the edge of the jungle.

The town slowly resolved into a series of long, low buildings, a mixture of homes and shops. There was a small crowd, crossing back and forth across the main street and going in and out of shops.

"Fantastic! What a nice little town!" Nami said, running ahead to look in the window of a boutique.

Nami and Robin spent the next few hours strolling from shop to shop. There were lots of clothing and book stores to the delight of both female Straw-hats, and they were suitably distracted from the gathering storm-clouds.

Nami looked up from a charm kiosk. "Robin... I think it's going to rain."

"Oh?" Robin glanced at the gathering thunderheads. "Indeed. Perhaps you should head back to the ship. You are wearing a white shirt..."

"Yeah." Nami nodded. And shrieked when something jumped out at her from the alley, striking at it viciously with her Clima-Tact – until she realized it was Zoro.

"You!" she screamed. "What are you doing here?"

Zoro scratched his head. "Huh? Oh. Well, the shit-cook was making lunch for everyone and we saw a wild boar at the edge of the jungle and thought it would be good to have extra meat, so he made me go to kill it. But it ran into the jungle and I got lost chasing it."

Nami looked downtrodden. Robin laughed. "Navigator-san, why don't you and Swordsman-san go back to the ship together?"

"No." said Nami darkly. "Let him walk back by himself! Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll walk into a lava-pit."

"Gee, nice to know you think so well of me, witch."

"Who could think well of you?" she barked.

Robin interrupted before it could turn into a full-fledged fight. "I was simply thinking that Swordsman-san could carry our purchases back to the ship, and you could make sure he didn't get lost along the way."

"That's a wonderful idea, Robin-nee-chan! Here, Zoro." she said, snatching an armful off the ground and dropping them on Zoro. "Are you not going to come back with us, Robin?"

"Oh, no." said Robin with a smile. "I was going to visit the occult shop down the street. I know the incense they burn in places like that bothers your eyes, Nami-chan."

"You're so considerate, Robin." Nami sighed, grabbing Zoro's collar. "We'll see you back at the ship."

"See you." The archaeologist waved and walked away.

"All right, Zoro." Nami turned to the swordsman, frowning menacingly. "It's going to rain for sure. So we have to get back to the ship! Right away!"

Zoro smirked down at her. "Tch. If anybody has trouble keeping up, it'll be you."

Nami boxed his ears. "How rude! That's it, you get a fifty-berri fine every time you say something like that to a lady."

He pulled an innocent face. "But me and Robin never argue. And there's no other ladies on the ship..."


Zoro cringed away from her flying fist, holding out a couple of bags in a threatening manner. "Stop! You'll make me drop them!"

"Ah! Don't hold my bags hostage!"

"I won't! Just stop trying to hit me!"

Any farther argument was postponed when lightening flashed across the sky, followed by a boom of thunder. Nami paled and grabbed his arm. "We have to get back to the ship."

"You're not afraid of thunder, are you?" Zoro asked.

"No! But I have atlases – expensive atlases in some of those bags! They absolutely cannot get wet!"

"Fine, fine!" Zoro said, following her to the edge of town. "Just stop yanking on my shirt!"

Nami broke into a run as the sky lit up again, Zoro hurrying after her at slightly less hectic pace, trying to see over the bags he was carrying to check where he was putting his feet.

Fat drops started to fall, followed almost immediately by a thick sheet of rain that turned the dirt trail into thick mud. Nami halted in the middle of the path, crossing her arms tightly over her chest. Turning left and right, she scanned the jungle for shelter, and caught sight of Zoro already sitting under a large, umbrella-like tree. He patted the dry ground next to him.

Nami ran to him, nearly slipping in the mud twice. She dropped down beside him, crossing her legs and leaning over to peek inside the bags. Her arms were still crossed.

Zoro raised an eyebrow. "Are you cold?" he wanted to know. It was a warm, tropical rain.

Nami glared. "No, idiot! I'm wearing a white shirt!"

He met her glower with a blank stare. "So?"

"I give up." Nami muttered. "You're just a stupid man."

Zoro turned a shade of red to match the one currently painting Nami's cheeks. "Oh. Well... aren't you wearing a – a you-know..."

"A bra." Her blush spread to her ears. "No, I'm not. I don't, usually..."

Oh, there was a thought. A dirty thought. Zoro fought the urge to bash his head against the tree's trunk till it was gone.

Nami stared out at the rain, resting her chin on her knees. Zoro sat cross-legged, doing, Nami thought, some kind of meditation.

They sat like that for a while, till the rain started to slow.

Something moved in the corner of Nami's eye, and she turned to see Zoro holding out his shirt.

Nami took it, running a finger over a red stripe. "I hate this shirt." she told him, putting it on. "It makes you look like a candy-cane."

He scratched his head. "I don't really care. Just as long as I have a shirt. Once I was staying in this town and I got kicked out of my hotel because I couldn't pay for my room. The took all my luggage and it was the middle of the night so I only had my pants on. I got cited for indecent exposure right away. It was a really hard-ass town." He frowned at her.

Nami laughed at him. "How is it that you manage to get into so much trouble?"

Zoro shrugged. "Bad luck, maybe? I don't really believe in that stuff though..."

"You should take 'that stuff' more seriously." she told him, then brightened. "Oh look, the sun's coming out!"

"Yeah. We should get back to the ship." he said, gathering the bags and standing up.

Nami stood as well, zipping the shirt up. "I can take a couple of those, if you like." she offered, rescuing a small bag that looked about to fall to the ground.

"Naw." he said dismissively. "I got it."

She shrugged airily. "Fine. But if you drop those in the mud, you'll pay for them."

"...Fine. Take this one – and this one." he said, letting her take another two bags.

They walked back to ship in companionable silence, Nami swinging her bags happily. His shirt was much too large for her smaller figure, the broad shoulders hanging loosely, and the bottom hem reaching to mid-thigh, dress-like. It swished as she walked.

Not that he was watching or anything.

The beach and the ship came into sight around a bend in the trail, and a disembodied hand waved at them from the railing.

Nami frowned. "How did she get back before us?"

"Who knows." Zoro had given up trying to figure Robin out a long time ago.

Leaning over the ship's railing, the archaeologist only raised an eyebrow upon seeing the shirtless swordsman. Nami caught the older woman's look and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, that. I've decided that Zoro will be my studly man-slave until he pays off his debt, and my first decree was that he'll be going shirtless from now on."

Zoro choked. Robin laughed.

Arms sprouting from the hull of the ship brought the bags onto the deck, while Nami and Zoro climbed up the rope ladder.

"Zoro, put the bags in the kitchen. Robin and I can sort through them later." Nami ordered, starting for the women's quarters. "I'm going to go put something dry on." and she trotted away.

Sanji came tearing onto the deck a moment later.