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"Would you be quiet!"




Trina sighed, tip-toeing to the tree. She gestured to Cat, who nodded and handed the presents to her girlfriend. Trina placed them under the tree, careful not to wake anyone up. Tori was holding a Christmas party at her apartment (the first of many) on Christmas Eve. Trina had begrudgingly helped decorate, but then Cat had come and things seemed a bit more bearable. Andre had come first, carrying Christmas movies such as Home Alone and Elf. Robbie came in next, holding a snow-covered Rex.

"Yo, man! I need a jacket, or somethin'!"

"You should've worn the one from last year!"

"That one was ugly…"

"You picked it out!"

"Things change man!"

Beck and Jade came next, Jade sarcastic and slightly irritated at her boyfriend, who'd brought three whole gallons of eggnog and two shopping bags filled to the brim with chocolate and candy canes.

Jade rolled her eyes, "You're such a five year old."

Beck gasped and turned to her, some of the candy spilling out.

"Get in the Christmas spirit, Jade!"

Jade stuffed everything under her nose into her scarf and smiled.

And that was that, everyone was here. They watched the movies, Andre's arm slung around Tori's shoulder friendly, Robbie groaning as Rex was complaining on the popcorn, Jade and Beck together, and Cat and Trina, cuddling like crazy in the recliner. Everyone looked at them, amazed at how the two could even be friends, let alone girlfriends. But hey, they were happy. Whatever floats your boat. They had drunk eggnog, which was spiked with some rum (Jade scoffed when accused, but then turned her head and smirked), sang karaoke to cheesy Christmas songs, and filled up on Beck's candy. It was around ten pm when all of this was done, and Tori was starting to pick up as Robbie was passed out on the floor, Andre in the kitchen. Beck and Jade started to heatedly make out, before moving to the guest bedroom. Tori scrunched her nose and groaned at the loud noises.

Trina smiled into Cat's hair, who was "asleep." Although being a great actress, she giggled. Tori looked at them both, before shaking her head and making her way to her bedroom. Trina anxiously waited until the door slammed shut, and then smiled when she heard the bang. Cat's eyes flew open and laughed loudly. Trina glared and put her fingers to Cat's lips. And here they were.

"Now be quiet!"

Cat nodded, waiting patiently until Trina had set up the gifts. She stretched out and smiled, then grabbed her girlfriend's hand and pulled her up. Trina cocked her head to the side and looked at her strangely, while Cat ignored her and kept on walking. She stopped and then looked up. Trina did as well and smiled. There was mistletoe right above them. Cat smirked and gave Trina a chaste kiss.

Trina sighed and slipped her tongue in, cupping Cat's face.

Best. Chirstmas. Ever.

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A/N: Excluding the Author's Note, this is exactly 500 words… this is for dreamsin_action's Christmas Drabble on lj, which has to be 500 words or less… I figured all or nothing, so yeah. It was kind of hard to work with, but it was a fun challenge. As for the couple, they're now one of my top faves. Expect more of Tat in the future. (Heck yes I made them a name. And it's awesome.)