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Naruto: Assassin's Gaiden


Nothing is true, Everything is Permitted


In the Beginning, The Mugen Tengen Clan was only one of many amongst the warring clans. When the Shinobi Villages began to form they remained independent from any country taking up a semi-nomadic lifestyle. In the First Shinobi War they stayed out of either side opting to remain neutral, however in the Second Shinobi War, Iwa wanting their clan secrets launched an attack on the Clan forcing them to flee. The Clan was saved by their old allies the Shinobi of the Hayabusa Clan, who using superior tactics and training drove off the Forces of Iwa, thus brought about the Mugen Tengen Clan and Hayabusa Clan alliance, shortly after they allied with each other they were approached by a clan of assassins, who had a proposition for them.

The Clan was only Known as The Brotherhood, they accepted people from all walks of life, from any country, it was even rumored to have Jinchuriki in their ranks. The Mugen Tengen and Hayabusa Clans accepted their proposal and thus the Shadow Alliance was born to the Elemental Nations.

With the addition of the two ninja clans into the Brotherhood's ranks their skills increased with the powerful ninjutsu of the Mugen Tengen and the masterful weapons of the Hayabusa, they accepted more contracts and requests, their fame rising throughout the Elemental Nations, the only thing is though, no one knew where to find their base, they where the living incarnate of Shadows.

All was not well however, The Hayabusa's and Mugen Tengen's rival clan, the Spider Ninja, still hunted them, and many countries and organizations hunted the alliance for their ninjutsus and weapons. While they remained one step ahead of everyone else, they knew it would only be a matter of time until they where caught.

So in order to protect themselves they approached the current Hokage Minato Namikaze with the offer of an alliance, the Brotherhood becomes a Clan of Konoha, and Konoha keeps their existence in the village hidden, only the Hokage is aware of their existence in the forest surrounding Konoha as they continue accepting contracts from their clients and their children learn in the Shinobi Academy and at their elders feet. During his wife's, the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki Kushina Uzumaki, pregnancy Minato approached the clan looking for aid in keeping the birth a secret as the seal containing the Kyyubi would weaken allowing the Kyuubi to roam free.

The Brotherhood agreed to aid the young Hokage and set up a sealing array that would prevent the Kyuubi's Chakra and KI from leaking out into the surrounding area, all did not go well however as their barrier was penetrated and the guards were killed as Madara Uchiha approached the safe house where Kushina was giving birth.

When the Kyuubi attacked Konoha they swarmed onto the battlefield to help push the Kyuubi back and to aid in the search for Madara. While they succeeded in pushing the Kyuubi back they could find no trace of the traitorous Uchiha, in the end, they drew back into the shadows to heal and recover from the battle, all the while keeping watch over the new Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Yondaime's son, Naruto Uzumaki, from the Shadows.

The Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, wanted to keep Naruto's status a Jinchuuriki and his heritage secret from the Civilian Council, his Advisors, and the village itself in order to protect him from Minato's enemies inside and outside the village. But, unfortunately for Hiruzen, Danzo Shimura, the Head of Root, kept spies watching the battle, and when he recieved the information from his agents he revealed it to the Civilian Council and Fugaku Uchiha, Minato's bitter rival. And that, is what brings us to the situation in the Hokage Tower's Council Meeting Chamber.

'Damn you Danzo! You ruined EVERYTHING!' The Sandaime Hokage cursed, as he glared hatefully at his one eyed, war mongering, old rival. The Civilian Council, that was made up of bankers, merchants, and store owners, were in a shouting match with the Shinobi Clan Council, that was made up of all the major clans of Konoha, including the friends of Minato and Kushina Namikaze, the Hyuuga and Inuzuka, while Minato's rival Fugaku Uchiha led the Uchiha Clan, one of the founding Ninja clans of Konoha.

Another important member on the civilian side, was a foriegner who came from the West, he was 24, had dirty blonde hair that stopped just above his shoulders, light blue eyes, a small beard, and wearing a black summer coat with a white shirt underneath, black pants, brown boots with leggings, his name was Leonardo Da Vinci, and one of Minato's best friends. He was a gold mine of talent which included inventing, painting, etc, etc. He was the head of the Education Bureau, that oversaw the teaching of the civilian children of the village in the ways of the west. But, unknown to the two councils, even the Sandaime, he was actually the represenative of the Assassin's Brotherhood, and the Shadow Alliance. He glared hatefully at his fellow council members who wanted to either kill his friends son, or in Danzo & Fugaku's case, create a living weapon.

'Curse you, stupido bastardo. Minato, my friend you would be so disappointed if you can see and hear what they say about your figilo,' Leonardo thought with anger and sorrow as the so-called "honorable" Civilian council along with Danzo and Fugaku continued to shout in arguments with the Shinobi Clan Heads. Normally he was calm with these types of things, but right now he was about to blow his top as he listened to the arguing.

"THE DEMON MUST BE KILLED!" (Cookie to the one who knows who screams like this)

"That Demon, as you call him, is holding back the monster, thanks to the seal made by the Yondaime! He should be treated as a hero!"

"I will never except that thing as our hero! Yondaime's last wish be damned!"

"How dare you! You piece of shit civilian!"

"ENOUGH!" Shouted the Sandaime, as he leaked his KI at the Civilian Council, with the exception of Leonardo, who cowered in fear at this show of power by the Sandaime. The old man's eyes speak of pain to anyone who dares try to cross him.

"I'm going to make one thing perfectly clear," the old, but still going strong, Hokage drawled out dangerously, "It was the Yondaime's last wish that the boy be seen as a hero! And yet you ungrateful fools have the gall to insult his memory by wanting the death of a innocent child who did nothing wrong, except contain the beast that is sealed inside him!,"

The civilians shook in fear as the Old Kage's KI rose higher and higher. One civilian, who was either very brave, or completely stupid spoke up.

"Tft! What do we care what the Yondaime wishes! He's dead, just like the other tools who foolishly went aginst the Kyuubi!"

The temprature in the room dropped to below freezing and every civilian, and the Hokage's Advisors Homura and Koharu, was pissing their pants at the untold level of killing intent, Even Fugaku was intimidated. The source, Konaha's Shinobi Clan Heads, The Sandaime Hokage himself, and suprisingly, Leonardo Da Vinci. But the biggest amount came from the Third as his eyes looked like they changed from black to a deathly yellow as if he was possesed by the Shinigami himself.

"ANBU!," Hiruzen Sarutobi growled out, " Take former Councilmen Chijin Manuke to Ibiki...and tell him to show NO MERCY towards this lower than trash scum,"

The Councilman's eyes widened, and then the ried to run out the window but his foolish attempt at escape was thwarted, when three ANBU jumped him, wearing a Cat, Dog, and Wolf mask, respectively. The Council member struggled to get out of the tighter than normal grip the three Black Ops had on him as they dragged him away, punching him in the face in the process. Hiruzen turned his head back to the rest of the Council, albeit in a deliberate slow way.

"Anymore would-be candidates for the next training session of our future interrogators?" he said as he glared at the civilians, more specifically Danzo. The Civilians just shook their heads rapidly as they don't want to anger the Old, but strong, Hokage any further. "Good. Now all of you civilians, with the exception of Da Vinci-san, leave this room immedieatley. That goes DOUBLE for you three," He growled motioning to his former teammates and Danzo. The civilians ran out of the room as if their lives depended on it, the Advisors left after them, along with Danzo, and it was just Hiruzen, the Shinobi Clan Heads, and Leonardo who began clapping after his former colleagues left the room like the cowards they were.

"Very impressive Signore Hokage. But, of course you know that won't stop them from sabotaging the boy's life," Leonardo said with a grim look, knowing fully well, that the Civilian Side of the council will do everything in their power to make Naruto's life misreable.

The aged leader sighed, as he looked at the infant in his arms, who suprisingly, was still asleep after all of that.

"I know Leonardo, I just hope the people will see Naruto as a hero, not as the Kyuubi incarnate. But, I doubt they ever will," the old man said somberly. It was then a scoff came from Fugaku Uchiha who looked at the child with great disdain. Over the years since his graduation from the Academy, Minato gained more recognition than him, but the worst blow came, during his Genin days, when Kumo tried to kidnap the second Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, Kushina Uzumaki for her high chakra capacity, when they finished a mission. He made the decision to abadon her to her fate as a breeding factory. But Minato, his other teammate disagreed with him completely, and called him lower than scum. After he rescued her from her captors, he was treated as a hero, while Fugaku was humiliated, recieving a smack to the face from Kushina. Fugaku continued to glare at the child of the two people he hated the most as he spoke.

"I still say we should turn it into a weapon. That way we can better keep the Kyuubi's power in check," he said in the usual 'mightier than thou' attitude the Uchiha Clan was known for, with the exception of his wife Mikoto because she was'nt as arrogant as the rest of the Uchiha.

"No you will not, Fugaku! This boy WILL be treated as a human being, and if you dare try something, I will make sure you pay dearly for it!" Hiruzen snarled at him while the rest of the Shinobi Council, and Leonardo gave him harsh glares, daring him to try something stupid so they can have a excuse to murder him. Fugaku's face grew red at the threat and he stood up and stormed out the door, but before turning and glaring at the people in the room.

"Mark my words, Sarutobi! You will regret this, that's a promise!," with that he left, heading back to the relative safety of his compound.

Leonardo narrowed his eyes as Fugaku left, ' I better tell Mikoto to keep an eye on him. I just know he will try something, just to get back at Minato,'

After deciding, unfortunately, to put Naruto in a orphanage, the Shinobi council dispersed and headed back to their homes. Leonardo walked to the park, to think how to better protect Naruto from people like Fugaku, and any others who will try to harm him. As he walked down the stone path he saw a bench with a hooded figure sitting in it, he walked up to the bench and sat down next to the individual, after a moment of silence, the hooded figure spoke.

"What news?" the shadowy figure spoke, the voice of that of a middle aged man.

"Could've gone better. Now they'll probably spread false rumors about Minato's son being the Fox," the young inventor sighed, as he knew that the Civilian Council will do everything to hurt Naruto.

"There is already a fox here, Da Vinci," the figure joked despite the situation. Leonardo chuckled at that.

"I know La Volpe, but joking aside, we need to keep a close watch on the Civilian Council, Danzo, and the Uchiha Clan. I believe that they are somehow behind this," Leonardo told the now identified La Volpe, the head of the Thieves Guild, and the Shadow Alliances' Top Spymaster as he had contacts in not just the Elemental Nations but also across the globe. La Volpe nodded at that.

"Agreed, my contacts inform me that the Council knew of Kushina's status as a Jinchuuriki for 5 years, and they were'nt happy that she was pregnant with Minato's son," Leonardo could understand that, the village's greatest hero and Kage falling in love and marrying the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi was greatly frowned upon by the Civilian Council, they even tried to sabotage their relationship and marriage, by almost leaking it to Iwa, but were caught red-handed by Minato. In response he planned to take away power from the Civilian Council, piece-by-piece, until it was finally disbanded. But, with him dead the Civilians where getting their power back and now wanted revenge by making the Son of the Yellow Flash, the scapegoat of the Kyuubi attack.

"Too true, not to mention he was a threat to their power. And also, Danzo was the one who told them about the boy's condition." Leonardo spat the warhawk's name as if it was venom.

"We will deal him another time. What we really need to do is find out how that bastardo Madara Uchiha knew where Signorina Kushina was giving birth and penetrated the barrier," La Volpe told Leonardo as the young man nodded in understanding. But then a thought crossed his mind.

"By the way. What is her condition?" La Volpe shook his head a little at this.

"Alive, but she's in a coma. How she survived a wound like that, I will never know. That woman has a strong will. I would'nt be suprised if her child will inherit that stubborn streak of hers," He said the last part in a joking manner and Leonardo could'nt help but chuckle a bit at that. He sighed as he had to get home to his wife who was probably worried sick about him right now.

"Well, I best be getting home. The wife will kill me if I'm late...again." he said the last part with a shudder as he remembered about what happened the last he was late. La Volpe could'nt help but laugh at this.

"Hahahaha, I pity you. Tell your "Night Rain" that La Volpe said "Hello"," La Volpe said humorlessly.

Leonardo chuckled at that, telling him that he will and left for his home here in Konoha. Along the way he thought of how he can help the boy and to make his life easier.


6 Years Later


Hiruzen was sitting in his office, doing what all Kages feared worst than death...paperwork. He sighed irritably, he was getting too old for this shit. For the six years the Civilian Council and his Advisors tried and failed to convince to have Naruto executed, while Danzo and Fugaku tried to get a hold of him to make him into a weapon. With help from Leonardo, he was able to get Naruto some education. The orphanage kicked Naruto out when he was four during winter, and this was'nt found out until he was found living on the streets two weeks later, by a patrolling ANBU with a Cat mask and immediatley took him to Sarutobi in the Hokage Tower. To say he was pissed was an understatement, he was downright furious! He had the matron and the staff of the Orphanage removed, and put more level-headed people in charge. Then came the major headache of the Civilian Council spreading rumors that Naruto was the Kyuubi itself, instead of it's prison, and about 85 percent of the Civilians and 35 percent of his Shinobi, some ANBU included, believed them. What was also a headache was everytime someone will try to assault the boy the offending person or persons would be found dead, the cause, a small blade to the artery in the throat, or straight in the heart. It looked like it was done by a group of people, and by judging the bodies' positions, the victims were taken by complete suprise. So far the body-count for these killings rose to several hundred, and climbing, and the perpatrators nowhere to be found.

He sighed once more as he continued filling out the dreadful paper work, thinking how it can get any worse.

"HOKAGE-SAMA!" shouted a Jounin who burst through the door and had a look on his face that clearly said BIG trouble.

"What is it! What's wrong!" he demanded, hoping it was'nt what he thought it was.

"We found the bodies of 80 civilians in a alley near Naruto Uzumaki's apartment. Also among them are the bodies of six ANBU! They appeared to have been dead for more than a couple hours!"

Hiruzen's face paled at that, it could only mean one thing: A mob had gathered and with the assistance of a few corrupt ANBU went after Naruto to try to kill him. And then they were wiped out by said Jinchuriki's unknown protectors.

"What about Naruto? Is he alright? ANSWER!" The old Kage demanded, wanting to know if the boy he considered a grandson was alright.

"W-we don't know Hokage-sama. By the time the boys own ANBU body-guards got there, he was gone! They checked his house, but he was'nt there either, he just vanished!"

Sarutobi heart twisted at that. He slumped in his chair, feeling more dread than ever come over him. Naruto was gone, probably taken perhaps by the Unknown Shinobi or whatever these mysterious people are.

"Go gather all Shinobi ranked Chuunin and up, now!" Hiruzen ordered and after an affirmative "Hai", the Jounin left to carry out his orders.

'Kami let the boy be safe.' Hizuren prayed as he slumped back into his chair a slight noise caused him to looked up a he grabbed a kunai under his desk. His eyes narrowed at the sight of a white robed man with the hood pulled up covering his face in shadows "And you are?"

The man bowed slightly and handed Hizuren a letter before disappearing without saying a word looking at the letter Hizuren's body seemed to relax and crumple at the same time, all it said was 'We will not allow Minato's legacy to be killed for a crime he did not commit, You better start cleaning house Sarutobi, or we will fulfill Minato's wish and do it ourselves.'

Sarutobi sighed, the council was going to have a bitch fit about this, and he is also going to tell one shy Hyuuga girl, that the boy she fell in love with has vanished, probably ran away. He took a deep breath as he looked at the letter a few more times and called in his secretary, a 29 year old woman with waist length black hair and purple eyes wearing a dark blue kimono with light blue trim.

"Amaya. Gather the Civilian and Shinobi Council immediatley," he said in a tired tone. The woman nodded, as she turned and went to do what he requested. While her back was turned, she smiled a warm smile and had one thought of this.

'Thank Kami he's safe'


Council Chamber

1 hour later


All the Councils were assembled waiting for the Hokage to make his appearance. The Civilian side did'nt care much, except they wanted the so-called "Demon-Brat" dead. The Shinobi Council, along with Leonardo, were concerned as they heard about the massacre in the alley, and that was the reason why this meeting was called. As the Hokage entered the room the members all looked at him, the Civilians with bored and lazy expressions, while the Shinobi side was alert and they could'nt Old Man's eyes, which were covered by the brim of the hat. Then, one stupid civilian on the Council spoke up.

"Why did you call us here Sarutobi! We have better things to do! Could'nt it have waited tomorrow!" when he finished, the room exploded with KI, and the offending Civilian was the reciever of all this. Everyone looked towards Sarutobi, his head held high, and what suprised and frightened them the most were his eyes, the eyes of an experienced and feared Shinobi.

"You will address as Hokage-sama, and nothing else, Ieyasu-san, and nothing else! Is that understood!" he growled in a dark tone that made the civilians shit their pants, and the Clan Heads, to look at him in awe and slight fear. The fool nodded his head slowly, as he did'nt want to anger the Old man, any further.

"Good. Now, there's a reason why I called this meeting. And it concerns a incident in a alley near one Naruto Uzumaki's Apartment," the Civilians, the Hokage's Advisors, and Fugaku Uchiha grinned inwardly at that since it was the advisors and civilians who organized the mob, and Fugaku who convinced the ANBU who were also Uchiha to aid them.

"Apparently, a mob tried to kill Naruto Uzumaki with the assistance of a few ANBU. Their bodies were found in the alley with the same wounds as the previous victims who tried to harm the former in the past," that made the Civilians, Advisors, and Fugaku scrunch their faces in anger, their plan to get rid of the "Kyuubi-brat" ended in failure, AGAIN!

"And also, the boy has vanished, most likely taken by the ones who protected him," That got the Civilians all riled up, and the Advisors, Danzo, and Fugaku seething, and the Shinobi Council to widen their eyes in shock.

"THAT THING MUST BE FOUND AND KILLED IMMEDIATLEY!" Shouted Abi Haruno screeched loudly, making the others hold their ears in pain. After everyone regained their hearing, another civilian gave his agreement.

"I concur, that little hellspawn must not be allowed to lived now that he is missing!"

"Yes, he must be found and killed!"

"He must DIE!"

"ENOUGH!" Shouted Sarutobi as he unleashed a ton of Killing Intent on the pathetic excuses for humans. "I have tolerated you incompetent Civilians for too long! Not only did you intefere in Shinobi Affairs, gain power that should NOT be yours, endangering a Citizen of this village, and leaking CLASSIFIED information to an enemy village, YOU, you MONSTERS attacked the son of the greatest Hokage in the History of Konoha!" Everyone's eyes widened at that and wondered what he meant.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama?" Asked Tsume Inuzuka, head of the Inuzuka Clan. She told her son Kiba to make friends with Naruto because she knew he'll need all the friends he can get.

"What I mean, my dear Tsume-chan, is that these bakas," he pointed accusingly to the Civilians, "Are responsible for attacking the only son of the Last Namikaze and a member of the Uzumaki Clan from our former old ally Uzushio, who is also the son of our Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze!" that shocked the entire Shinobi side of the Council, but what caught Sarutobi's eye was that all the civilians, with the exception of Leonardo, were shifting uneasily looking as if they caught red-handed.

"You already knew, did'nt you" it was not a question from the wizened leader, as he glared daggers at the civilians. One Civilian decided to speak up.

"Y-yes we knew, so what! He married that Demon Bitch from Uzushio and in turn she gave birth to the De-"

"You finish that sentence, so help me I will impale you on my Enma staff! You people KNEW he was the Yondaime's son, and yet you still attacked him for being the jail of the Kyuubi, a burden he did'nt have a say in!" the cowards shrunk in terror as Hiruzen's KI went up higher and higher.


"SILENCE! You are lower than trash, you treacherous pigs! I was thinking of having you executed for your crimes to this village, but I have something better! You will be stripped of your positions on this Council, you'll be forced to pay reparations to Naruto, and over half of your properties will seized and handed over to said victim! If any of you resist, I will have you thrown in jail and have you serve 20 years Hard Labor!" He roared making the Civilians cower more in fear, Fugaku to seethe, Danzo to frown internally, the Advisor's to shift a little in unease, and the Shinobi Clan Heads and Leonardo to smirk.

"Hiruzen, I think you shoul-" Homura attempted to make Hiruzen reconsider, but said Kage cut him off.

"No I won't reconsider Homura! I thought that if I choose you and Koharu as my advisors, and only as advisors. Instead, you two and along with Danzo and his ROOT ninja who should've disbanded work behind my back, and take power from the Hokage position, and then give authorization to missions without my consent!"

Homura backed off a bit, as he tried to find an excuse.

"But it-" Again Sarutobi cut him off.

"And don't tell me, "It's for the good of the village", the only that is good about those missions, is GIVING US MORE ENEMIES THAN WE ALREADY HAVE! Have you two and Danzo ever taken THAT, into account?" The advisors looked away, the feeling of shame and stupidity, evident on there faces. Danzo, on the other hand was livid. Sarutobi sighed at the stupidity of his own advisors and former teammates, and his political rival for Hokage.

"That's what I thought. And as of now, I am finishing what Minato started and disbanding this current council, the only one exception here is Leonardo-kun, because he is more level-headed than the rest of you corrupted idiots. In fact, he is now the new Head of the Reformed Civilian Council," That statemnt made the civilians eyes widen in shock and anger, Fugaku to start gritting his teeth as a new Council will be much harder to convince. Koharu and Homura are shocked at the proposal their former teammate just announced, their allies were going to lose their positions on the council. One certain pink-haired council member was not too happy at all about this.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" She screeched. (A/N: I can hear her, even as I write, and it hurts, a lot.)

"I can, and I just did," the old man growled out. The now former Council members begged him to reconsider, but Hiruzen just ignored them, and then ordered his ANBU to remove them from his sight, all of them screaming that he would regret this. As the last of the corrupt civilians was dragged out of the room, the Shinobi, with the exception of Fugaku, Danzo, and the Hokage's advisors, all breathed a sigh of relief that those, as a male Nara would say, troublesome bastards were finally removed.

"Thank Kami that was dealt with," sighed Choza Akimichi of the Akimichi Clan.

"This is suppose to be a Shinobi Village and it should be run by the Shinobi, not by corrupt Civilians" Inoichi Yamanka finshed off and The Clan Heads, with the exception of Fugaku, nodded their heads.

"But one thing is still bothering me," the others turned to Tsume, "What about Naruto?"

Sarutobi sighed at that as he decided to elate their fears a little, "He's in the protection of good people,"

The Clan Heads, were confused by that, but accepted it. Sarutobi sat back in his chair, although he looked intimidating outside, inside he was worried he won't see his surrogate grandson for a long while.

'Please be safe. Naruto'


Unknown Location


In a medium sized room, a blonde haired six year old boy, was waking up from a beating by demented civilians and masked ninja. His eyes open, revealing they are blue as the ocean. On his cheeks are three whisker marks each, the result of being a child of a Jinchuuriki. The young child looked around drowsily in his queen sized bed, trying to take into account what happened. He remebered walking back to his home after eating at Ichiraku's Ramen Stand, when he was jumped by six of those ninja who were always with the Hokage and taken to an alley where they and a mob of villagers proceeded to beat the crap out of him, he remembered one of the ANBU about to run his Ninjato into the six year old's gut when suddenly a kunai or some kind smacked into the masked face of the rogue ANBU, killing him instantly.

After that, he passed out. As he tried harder to remember the door to his room started to open. He tensed, afraid he was going to be attacked again. When the door fully opened, there was a woman, at a height of 5' 2", a build and a bust that any man could kill for, light brown eyes and hair that was in a high ponytail, and a heart shaped face. She appeared to be wearing a a black with gold trimming tie-side Kunoichi dress that showed a lot of curves, with knee high ninja boots, with leg guards, a pair of armguards that have sleeves that stop at her elbows, and a wakizashi in it's sheath with a twin tassle rope on the hilt, strapped horzontally on her back. She was carrying a food tray and it had what looked like a bowl of rice with sweet sauce marinated orange chicken on top, and next to it, was a cup of milk. The woman looked at the young boy, and what suprised him, was that she gave him a small but warm smile.

"I see you're awake. That's good," her angel like voice said which seemed to calm the frightened boy a little. The woman walked to the side of the bed and placed the tray down on a small table next to the bed. "You have no need to be afraid, I'm not like those People, who dishonored a honourable man's last wish," she said, while saying the word 'people' like it was venom.

The boy then found his voice as he asked the woman a question in a shaky voice, "W-who are you?"

The young woman could'nt help but smile at the question and how cute the little boy was as she answered him.

"My name is Kasumi. And you are among friends, Naruto-kun,"


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