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Chapter Seven

As time goes by


4 Years Later


"OH SHIT!" A blond haired ten year old boy wearing the white robes of the Brotherhood shouted as he ran full tilt away from a orange headed woman clad only in a towel as she chased the boy.

"NARUTO UZUMAKI! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE YOUNG MAN!" Kushina shouted as she chased her son through the area giving many men nosebleeds at her state of dress "PUTTING HAIR DYE IN MY SHAMPOO YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

It had been four years since Naruto was rescued by the Shadow Alliance, and reunited with his mother. During those four years, Kushina, Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Kaen, Ezio, and others had trained the boy in their respective arts of the SA. Naruto was able to use Chakra Chains like his mother, learned how to wield two katana by Ryu, as well as Ninpou magic by said super ninja along with his wife Kasumi. Kaen and Ezio have trained Naruto in the arts of the Assassin Brotherhood, including the use of the Hidden Blade. His mother also taught him her clan's Kenjutsu Style techniques, as well as a few water jutsu, after finding out his chakra affinities were wind, water, and lightning.

Combat wasn't the only thing learned, he had also learned how to blend in with a crowd of people looking for him, trap setting, blending in with shadows and other skills required for ninja and assassins to thrive in their fields. In fact that is the entire reason Naruto was currently Hightailing it away from one pissed off Kushina Uzumaki, he was assigned homework to prank his mother and manage to keep out of her grasp for a full ten minutes... needless to say it was not easy.

"OH COME ON KAA-CHAN! I HAVE TO KEEP MY STEALTH & EVASION TRAINING UP!" Naruto pleaded as he continued to run away from the angry red, now orange, headed woman, that was his mother.

"THAT DOES'NT GIVE YOU AN EXCUSE TO PERFORM YOUR PRANKS ON ME YOU GAKI!" Kushina roared as they continued to run throughout the entire SA compound.


"Sigh, it sounds like Naruto-kun has done it again,"One Hinata Hyuuga muttered in annoyance as she dragged herself out of her bed rubbing her eyes. Like her blond haired crush Hinata had been heavily trained in the Brotherhood and Shinobi arts by her two sensei's Kasumi and Ayame, but the biggest change in her however was in her attitude, spear headed by Yuuka and supported by nearly every female living in the SA compound Hinata had undergone a radical change from the shy, nervous girl to a headstrong and bold pre-teen who was not afraid to speak her mind or kick some ass, although she still was rather nervous about her feelings for Naruto.

'Oh Naruto, I may have changed thanks to my training, but I'm still a coward to confess my feelings to you,' she thought sadly as she decided to take a shower and get ready for the day. Since it was a Saturday, and there was no need to go to the Academy today, she decided to seek out her senseis. Not for training, but for a little girl to girl chat. When she and Naruto met all those years ago, their relationship was that of best friends, and Hinata was waiting for the right time to confess her feelings to the son of the Yondaime Hokage.

"But if this keeps up there never will be the right time." She whispered to herself as she pulled on her white assassin's robe. Once she was dressed she walked out into the hallway and began to make her way to the breakfast hall where her senseis most likely where.


A black haired boy grunted as he heard the screams of fear and rage before pushing himself away from the pillow he was lying on "Goddammit it, why can't they be more quiet in the morning?" Sasuke Uchiha asked grumpily as he staggered into the bathroom to get ready for the day "Some of us like to sleep in on the GODDAMN WEEKEND!"

When Sasuke and his brother Itachi left the Uchiha compound and came to the SA compound, the two brothers went under the training regiment their mother set up for them, and with the help of a few of her, 'friends', lets just say Sasuke had been nightmares for 3 months since the first day.

He was still muttering to himself as he walked into his families dining room clad in a dark blue assassin robe that he wore while training. Itachi smirked as he saw his little brother enter the room muttering something about blonds and blenders. Glancing over to his mother his smirk widened as he saw a truly content smile on her face, something that was missing while they lived in the Uchiha compound, maybe it had something to do with the recent execution of the Uchiha rebels that rose up after Fugaku's public trial and execution, or maybe it was the fact that Ezio had proposed recently to his mother, something she readily accepted, or maybe it was a mix of both.

'Well, at least Sasuke will see a better father in Ezio-san, than Fugaku-teme,' thought Itachi as he continued eating his breakfast, and saw Sasuke began to eat as well, still muttering.

"Naruto-kun, and Kushina-sensei's antics woke up you up?" he said jokingly, chuckling at the glare his little brother gave him. Sasuke sighed as he went back to eating his meal in peace.

"What is it with those two? It's like this every. Single. YEAR!" he shouted the last part causing his mother to giggle and his brother to eye smile in amusement.

"It's just how those two are, Sasuke-kun," said Mikoto as she joined her children at the table. "Kushi-chan was the same way when we were kids."

Sasuke's eye twitched "I still don't see why they have to interrupt my sleep!" He growled "Oh he is going to pay, oh yes he will!"

Itachi and Mikoto exchanged amused looks as Sasuke continued to plot against his blond friend, although he would never admit it, even under the most horrible of tortures, they tried, believe me they tried, but such was their life.


Naruto panted as he collapsed to the ground utterly exhausted thinking he had lost his mother "Geezus," He panted "I thought I would never get away!"

"Who said you got away So-chi-chan?" Naruto squeaked in horror as he saw his mother towering over him.

"Uhh, hehehehehe, hey Kaa-chan," he said nervously as he rubbed the back of his head. Kushina's smirked evily as she looked at her son.

"So you thought you could get away from me? And not without punishment?" She asked as Naruto wilted under his mother's glare.

"I uhh, well, uhh, JIYUU TOLD ME TO DO IT!" He shouted hoping to escape his mother's wrath.

"Oh you little RAT!" Jiyuu shouted in fear as Kushina turned her glare to him "Screw this I'm gone!"

"COME BACK HERE JIYUU!" yelled Kushina and Naruto decided to use this oppurtnity to escape, as he ran the oppsoite direction.

'I'm going to do it, I'm going to escape,' He thought happily as he sprinted full tilt through the woods 'I can hear the angels of heaven singing their praises on high as...'

"TAIJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" was what he heard and about 50 clones of Kushina appeared in puffs of smoke with half of them heading in the direction of Jiyuu, while the rest, including the original headed straight for him.

"OH COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" he yelled out in desperation and frustration as he doubled his speed and brought his hands up into the familiar cross seal "TAIJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

Around a hundred Naruto's appeared scattering in multiple directions hoping to throw off the piss off mother from the original, unfortunately he forgot to take into account one thing "TAIJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" He learned how to spam the jutsu from said mother, "NEVER BEAT THE MASTER OF KAGE BUSHIN, SOCHI!"

The place was covered by clones, and when a Kushina clone caught a Naruto clone, the two would puff from existance. As the number of clones died down, the original Kushina was getting frustrated as she scanned the area for her prankster of a son.

'Where are you Naruto-kun?' she thought with a sickly sweet voice in her head.

'Protect me God.' Naruto whimpered mentally as he hid under a henge as a branch right beside his real mother 'I'll do anything, just don't let her find me!'


Kami looked down in puzzlement at Naruto huddled in fear "Should I or shouldn't I?"

*Back with Naruto*

Naruto was trying desperatley to hold and not make a sound, lest he faced the wrath of his mother, when he felt his nose itching.

'OH CRAP! PLEASE! NOT NOW!' Naruto thought frantically as he twinkled his nose to get it to stop itching, 'PLEASE NO! DON'T YOU DARE!,'

However it was not to be as "AACHOO!" resounded out reaching even Konoha with the level of volume.

Naruto sweated as he looked fearfully up at the hundred pissed off faces that was his mother "Why Kami Why?" He asked looking up to the heavens.


"Because it's fucking hilarious!" Kami answered laughing merrily as Minato looked down in a mixture of pity and fear.

"I remember being in his position," He mused wincing at the memory "I would say good times, but they were not for me, Kushina yes, me no."

*Back with Naruto and Kushina*

Naruto was white as a ghost as Kushina and her clones loomed over him. Then, as if some evil joke was played, he started to have a flashback, when he was still alone for six years and the mobs that came after him started flooding into his mind as he stared back with a look of pure terror.

"N-No...please...don't hurt me," He whimpered fearfully as he began shaking like a leaf.

Instantly Kushina's angry demeanour was dropped as the Kage Bunshins vanished with a puff of smoke her face was full of concern and a slight amount of guilt as she wrapped her arms lovingly around her son "Shhh," she hushed soothingly as Naruto began to sob into his mother's arms "It's alright Sochi, no one will harm you any more, I will never hurt you Sochi, I promise."

Naruto wrapped his arms around his mother's neck as he continued to cry into her shoulder, and stammering apologies, with Kushina assuring him it was alright, as tears ran down from thier eyes. A few minutes of crying later, and Naruto's steady breathing told Kushina he fell asleep from all the stress, as she lifted him up and took him home, with one thought in mind.

'Forgive me sochi,' she thought sadly as she jumped from roof to roof.

*Konoha, Hokage's office*

Tsunade sighed as she stared miserably at the stack of papers sitting in front of her on the desk with a scowl on her face 'And it's still too early for even me to start drinking.' She thought her hand twitching.

"You know hime," Tsunade looked behind her and there was Jiraiya outside on the window sill with a grin on his face, "I heard from Minato he just used Kage Bunshin in order to get the paper work done quicker so he could spend more time with Kushina,"

Tsunade's eyes widen at that, and then started banging her head on the desk, muttering 'Stupid. Stupid. STUPID.' with each hit. Jiraiya laughed his head off at this, but someone interrupted his fun.

"As funny as that sounds Jiraiya," the two turned and saw Kushina standing there in front of them wearing red Assassin robes with a sad/serious face, "I have no time for jokes,"

"Kushina? What is it?" Tsunade asked in concern.

"I fucked up," Kushina sobbed sitting down "This morning Sochi had put orange hair dye in my shampoo changing it orange and I started chasing him, but when I had cornered him he started reverting to that time." The two Sannins blinked in shock at Kushina's admission as she sobbed into the palms of her hands "I'm such a terrible mother!"

Tsunade went over to her student kneeled down and put her hands on Kushina's shoulders causing her to look up, Tsunade gave her a look that brokered no argument.

"Kushina...You'e NOT a terrible mother," she reminded her and Kushina was about to say otherwise, but Tsunade did'nt want any of that, "You did'nt know Naruto will react the way he did,"

"But I should have!" Kushina protested "I knew what he went through but I still did what I did!"

"Kushina," Jiraiya said placing a comforting hand on her shoulder "He was making good recovery, you were careful in the beginning, you were mindful of it, this is his first flashback in two years, learn from it, don't beat yourself with it."

Kushina thought about this for a moment and decided to go with it.

"Alright Jiraiya, but first..." Jiraiya was puzzled by that but then realized where his hand was now at as it moved from Kushina's shoulder just above her breast.

'Damn you body! DAMN YOU!' That day a new legend was born, one that matched the defeat of the Kyuubi no Kitsune the day how Jiraiya had flown five times around the world before landing in the female side of the Konoha Hotsprings.

"Ah, I needed that." Kushina said sighing contently as Tsunade held her ribs from laughing so hard at her former teammates misfortune.

"Oohh, that was rich! Better than what you did to him 4 years ago!" said Tsunade as she continued to laugh, remembering how Kushina rounded on Jiraiya, calling him a Perverted, peeping, baka, and stomping his family jewels 50 times, before decking him in the face.

Kushina giggled at the memory, as the sound of girly screams from the Hotsprings echoed through out the village.

"So are you feeling better now Kushi-chan?" Tsunade asked turning to her pupil who nodded "Good, well let's go see your brat, knowing him he's getting into some kind of trouble." She muttered towards the end forming a reinforced Kage Bunshin to do her paperwork.

*Naruto's Mindscape*

Naruto's eyes flew open just after a sneeze only to find himself in some kind of damp mausoleum-like area.

'Where am I?' thought Naruto as he got off the ground he was lying on, looked around, and spotted something that made his eyes bulge.

In front of him was a huge gate about the size of the Hokage Tower, and on it was a paper about as tall as him with the word seal on it, keeping the gate locked.

"Ho-oly shit" Naruto breathed in awe as he inspected the gate unheeding of the rustling sound further in "Could this be the Kyuubi's seal?" he wondered aloud "Not surprising if it is as I'm told she's pretty big..."

"Are you calling me fat?" a voice said in a growl that made Naruto squeak in fright as he jumped 5 feet in the air and landed on his butt, and looked into the cage that made his eyes go wide. The owner of the voice was none other than the Kyuubi herself, with her nine tails wishing behind her as she layed her head on her front paws looking at her container with a look of amusement on her face.

"My, are'nt you the type to be easily spooked, hehehehe," chuckled the Fox as she looked at Naruto's reaction to her joke.

"K-Kyuubi?" He asked in shock as he tilted his head back to look at her face.

"Do you know any other 50 ft tall nine tailed foxes that are sealed within you, cause if you do and they are male, mind introducing us?" She asked "Cause I have an... itch that needs to be scratched."

Naruto blushed as red as a tomato at that, he was given the 'talk' by his mother a year ago, and to say he has been wierd dreams as of late was an understatement.

"Uhh, no! And even if I did, I will be having nightmares for the rest of my life!" he answered as he did'nt like the idea of two foxes of different genders, 'bonding'.

"Damn," The vixen pouted before another smirk appeared "But maybe..." Suddenly there was a bright flash of red light that forced Naruto to shut his eyes, when he reopened them what he saw made his jaw drop, the massive nine tailed fox was gone replaced by a red haired woman with a passing similarity to his mother with red eyes and animalistic slit irises along with nine red, white tipped fox tails and ears, the biggest part that caught his attention though, was the fact she was stark naked and rivalled his godmother in breast size.

What happened next was the most comincal scene, in Kyuubi's opinion, of Naruto getting knocked 50 feet back by a geyser of blood, and had swirls in his eyes as he laid anime-style with one of his feet twitching .

"Oops! Must've taken it too far!," said the Demoness as she tried to contain her laughter at the sight as she snapped her fingers forming a crimson red Kimono with a nine tailed fox on the back around her with a darker red obi holding it closed "Did you like what you saw?" She asked as Naruto returned to himself.

The blond blushed a bright red at the question knowing he was going to have even more weird dreams. He shook his head at that as he looked at the now clothed Kyuubi.

"Let's not talk perverted things here shall we? Why am I here?" he asked and the Kyuubi smile was gone and replaced with a sad frown.

"I wanted to apologize to you," Kyuubi stated with a heavy sigh "I had caused you a lot of pain and grief in your life, both directly and indirectly," She began to pace the pace the cell with a vacant look "I never meant for any of this to happen..."

"I know that Madara Uchiha is at fault for all that, not you Kyuubi-chan." Naruto said in an assuring tone smiling widely at Kyuubi "And I'm gonna kick his ass for it!"

The nine tailed fox giggled slightly feeling slightly better "You don't have to call me Kyuubi," She said "It isn't my name, my name is Shinku"

Naruto blinked at this "Really?" Kyuubi nodded as Naruto pondered this, and after a few seconds, he grinned.

"I like it...Shinku-chan," he said and Shinku blushed at the suffix.

"Baka," She mumbled as she turned her head to hide her blush "A-anyways I would like to talk to you about your training, I have an offer for you if you are interested."

Naruto blinked in surprise "Really?" he asked "What is it?"

Shinku grinned at him with a slightly feral look "You see, I have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and random, wanton destruction can get a little dull after awhile to I lived as a human before," Shinku revealed making Naruto's jaw dropped "In fact that is how some bloodlines start, was through mating with demons, so if you're willing I can teach you some things, along with some Kitsune and Bijuu arts as well."

Naruto was floored, if he agreed to this, and add these arts to his arsenal, then he can have what he needed to take down Madara, and most likely, prevent the same that happened to his father when Naruto was held hostage by the ancient Uchiha. Of course, he would have to talk to his mother first. When he thought of his mother, he remembered the incident they had in the woods, and immediatley felt terrible for making his mother feel like she hurt him in any way.

"Can...Can I talk to my Mom first? I need her opinion on this, and also...," Seeing the sad look on his face, Shinku understood why he wanted to talk to his mother first.

"Of course you can Naru-kun," She agreed making the boy blush brightly "And your mother will be alright, she is a strong woman."

Naruto nodded and smiled slightly at Shinku before disappearing from the mindscape. Once he was gone Shinku let out a sky and looked up at the cage and shook her head "Damn Minato, if Kushina didn't already have you and I wasn't sealed in her I would have gone for you myself, damn you never cease to amaze me... summoning the goddamn fucking Shinigami of all things." She said with a tone of sadness at the end and then went back to back to thinking of which jutsu to teach Naruto first.

*Real World*

Naruto stirred and his eyes fluttered open and then realized he was back in his room in the Apartment Condo he and his mother live.

Naruto stirred and his eyes fluttered open and then realized he was back in his room in the Apartment Condo he and his mother live.

"Kaa-san?" He called out as he sat up slowly on his bed "You there?"

"In the kitchen Sochi!" Came the reply.

Getting out of the bed Naruto walked into the main hallway that led to his and his mother's room and walked out into the living room/kitchen where his mother was cooking some lunch and Tsunade sat at the table drinking some Sake and chatting with her former student, Naruto then decided to have a little fun with his Godmother.

"Hey Baa-chan!" he yelled, causing Tsunade to spit out her Sake, and Kushina to laugh.

"Goddammit Gaki I told you not to call me that!" Tsunade shouted enraged at the blond who howled out in laughter.

"Hehe sorry Baa-chan, but from now own we're calling you that!" Kushina said mockingly as Tsunade glowered at her "How are you feeling sochi?"

Naruto breathed and nodded "Better Kaa-san, sorry for worrying you." He apologized sitting at the table with an apologetic look.

Kushina smiled softly at her son before walking over to him and giving him a hug "Sorry I took it so far Naruto-kun," She whispered "Let's both try and make sure it doesn't happen again."

Naruto grinned and nodded "Right, also I talked to Shinku-chan, I mean the Kyuubi."

The two women wer shocked by that, well, not really, but hey...

"And what did she say Sochi?" Kushina asked her son.

"She offered me help in my training," He explained "More specifically in teaching me what she knows along with Kitsune and Bijuu techniques."

The two women where floored as they stared at the young blond 'She never offered me that!' Kushina thought enviously "Yes you can!" She shouted out loud "Hell, I'm jealous! Shinku-chan never offered that to me!"

Naruto sweatdropped as Kushina continued her rant.

'Oh man, I wonder if Shinku-chan is seeing Kaa-san like this,' thought Naruto.

'Indeed I am Naruto-kun,' Shinku said telepathically spooking Naruto for a second.

"What is it Gaki?" Tsunade asked seeing her godson jump in his seat.

"Eh, nothing just Shinku-chan talking to me mentally." He reassured rubbing the back of his head 'Why didn't you tell me you could do that!'

He heard a nervous chuckle across the link as he felt Shinku give a sheepish shrug 'I kinda forgot?' She offered weakly.

Naruto sighed in exasperation at that, as he continued to watch do her rant.

'Well I just the okay from Kaa-san...When do we start?' he mentally asked Shinku as she grinned inside his mindscape.

Oh I don't know how about RIGHT NOW GET YOUR ASS MOVING BOY!' Naruto yelped and leapt to his feet and began running outside at the mental yell from the Kyuubi as the two adults stared in confusion.

"Huh, for a brat he sure can move." Tsunade observed breaking the silence.

Kushina sighed "You're telling me," She agreed "It gets harder and harder to catch him each time he pranks me."

Tsunade chuckles a bit at that, but then she remembers something, or someone.

"By the way Kushina, how did everything go between you and Kakashi?" she asked the red head. Kushina put her forefinger on her chin as she thought about that after Yugao and Komachi told her what Kakashi did, or did'nt do.



Flashback no Jutsu

3 and a half years ago


"KAKASHI HATAKE!" One Kushina Uzumaki shouted enraged as she stalked towards the quivering form of one Kakashi Hatake "What is this I hear of you ignoring mine and Minato-kun's SON!"

"K-K-Kushina-san, I-I w-well, y-you see..." Kakashi trailed off as looked up at his mother figure for his younger years "Crap."

Kushina's eyes glowed as a dark battle aura covered her form, and a inhuman, angry, growl came out of her as she looked at her prey.

Kakashi was even MORE terrified now, because this was Kushina's infamous Inner Dark Demon personae, and he was unlucky to be subjected to it...twice.

"Please don't hurt me," he squeaked out.

"Too bad," Kushina growled out "There will be pain, LOTS of pain."


Flashback no Jutsu end


"We settled our differences fairly well I'd say." Kushina said smiling innocently as Tsunade sweatdropped.

"You kicked his ass did'nt you?" Tsunade deadpanned, as Kushina chuckled evily, causing the sweatdrop to grow bigger.

"That, and I destroyed all of his 'precious' books," she elaborated which caused Tsunade to roar in laughter at the Copy Ninja's misfortune.

"I bet he and Jiraiya-baka are still mourning the loss," she said giggling madly at the thought of her perverted teammate in tears over his book.

"Oh he learned not to have those books around me, especially after what happened when he tried to get Naruto reading them." Kushina continued with another giggle.


Flashback no Jutsu

2 and a half years ago


"Kushina-san! I can explain!" begged Kakashi as he looked at Kushina who's right was twitching viciously, and a tick mark was visible.

"You can explain, why you tried to corrupt Naruto with your Perverted Books, Kakashi!" she growled out as she glared at her husband's student.

Kakashi paled even more "It wasn't me I swear!" He exclaimed desperately "Blame Jiraiya! He wrote them! One of them contains you and Minato-sensei!"

Kushina froze for a second before a veritable storm of red chakra surrounded her "JIRAIYA WHERE IN THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU!" She shouted enraged.

"Uh-oh," Whimpered Kakashi as he knew Jiraiya was in deep shit now, "I have a bad feeling that Jiraiya has just caused some BIG trouble," his eyes then widened again when she turned back to him.

"What are you gonna do to me?" he asked fearfully.

"You're a tracker ninja right?" She asked holding him up by the scruff of his neck "So start tracking!"

"Y-yes ma'am!" Kakashi shouted fearfully tears pouring out of his uncovered eye as he began tracking Jiraiya 'Forgive me Jiraiya!'

*Near a hotspring*

Jiraiya the Toad Sannin was doing his research, or in the case of all women everywhere, peeping, for his next book in the Icha Icha Series. He was giggling like a maniac as he watched the women, who most were Kunoichi on there day off, in the Spring relaxing.

Looking over the hotsprings he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine but waved it off to a sudden breeze 'This is pure gold!' He thought to himself as his perverse grin widened, suddenly the grin slipped from his face as he felt something tingle at the edge of his senses 'Wait, why am I feeling a sense of Déjà Vu?'

"Oh Jiraaaaaiiiya," Jiraiya stiffened as he knew that voice anywhere, and by the sound of it, she is NOT happy, "IIIIIII found you," said the voice in a hiss/sweet like tone. Slowly, Jiraiya turned his head and standing there behind him, with one of his biggest fans, Kakashi with a leash around his neck, was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, who had a evil grin that could rival a fox's and her violet eyes were SCREAMING 'Bloody Murder'...on HIM.

"Uhh, hi Kushina-chan..." Jiraiya replied with a semi-frozen smile "How's Naruto doing?"

Kushina's smile widened as she eyed Jiraiya "Oh you know, just doing his training," She replied "A funny thing happened, Kakashi-kun tried to have Naruto-kun read one of your books, the one that happened to star me and Minato-kun..."

Jiraiya paled even further as he began shaking at the amount of KI the red head was outputting "I... uhh... well you see..."

The women were just laying in the hotsprings relaxing, when they started to hear screams of fear and pain, and then two male bodies fall in their side of the Spring.

"Oh dear god no." The white haired one whimpered as he saw the Kunoichi growl at him while the silver haired one merely whimpered and curled up into a ball.


Flashback no Jutsu end


Kushina smile widely at her sensei as she stared gobsmacked at her student "I am proud to say that Jiraiya has received a beating that surpasses you and Kakashi has been scared away from his books," she announced smugly "He whimpers whenever he sees them."

Tsunade just blinked, and then clutched her sides as she just laughed in hysterical laughter at the misfortune of Konoha's top perverts. Kushina just giggled at the thought, but she was a little sorry for giving her surrogate son a bad case of...Fear of Angry Red Heads.

"Well now, I guess it's time we go see where Naruto went shall we?" Kushina asked Tsunade, and said Slug Princess nodded, as they left the Condo to find the blonde, whisker-faced prankster.



Hours later

In Konoha


Walking through the streets of the Hidden Leaf Village, was one Anko Mitarashi, as she headed to her 'Home' in the Forest of Death. It was the only place the villagers would'nt go to pester her, and even ANBU think twice before going in there. As she was moving she sensed she was being followed, and by their intentions, these bitchcocks were not there to chit-chat. The main reason she usually stays away from the other villagrs because she was the student of the Traitorus Snake Sennin, Orochimaru, on of the Legendary Sannin. Since he had gone Rogue, everyone, thanks to the former Civilian Council and the Elders, viewed her as a "Traitor", the "Snake Bitch", or "Snake Whore". When she heard about the dissolution of the old councils and a new one with only one person, Leonardo Da Vinci, she merely was shocked and happy to say the least.

Taking a discreet look behind he using the store windows she frowned at the sight of a small crowd of men, a couple of Chunins and a Jonin was in the crowd, this will be a bit difficult 'Another former council hit squad?' Anko wondered as she narrowed her eyes and gripped the kunai she kept in her pocket tightly while she acted like she saw nothing 'Goddamn those bastards, let's see how these boys can handle the real Forest.'

The one thing many didn't know about the Forest of Death, save the ANBU squads, was that it was cleared for its more deadly critters during the chunin exams so that the genins could actually survive it, the only person known to regularly use the Forest, was Anko Mitarashi, and that was only because of the fact she was never accosted by any of the creatures for some reason.

As she and the Hit Squad following were making there way to the Forest, they did'nt know that someone else was watching the whole thing. Narrowing their eyes at the three corrupt ninja following a loyal ninja in order to kill her, the figure, dressed in red robes, with black trimming merely scoffed, as he followed them.

Anko smirked as she entered the Forest and immediately took to the trees and made a beeline straight to the deepest part of the forest that was cut off during the Chunin exams, the part that held the most dangerous of predators 'You boys may think you're the hunters, but you're the ones being hunted.'

"SHIT! She's onto us!" shouted one of the Chuunin as he sees Anko take off into the trees.

"Dammit! You two follow her! I'll go right and cut her off! The Civilian Council will pay us big time if we take her out!" Ordered and his two lackies responded with a chorus of 'Hai!' and went after the Tokubetsu Jonin. But they unaware they're being watched as a red & black blur went after the Jonin.

Looking behind her Anko saw the two chunins pursuing her and no jonin 'He's probably going to try and cut me off.' She deduced, looking at her surroundings she grinned as she recognized the land markings 'Looks like they'll be finally getting that meal they wanted...'

"Dammit, we're losing her Wabisuke!" shouted one of the Chuunin, "And we're already too deep into the forest!"

"I KNOW KAGATO! But we have to get her or won't get the-" He was cut as a series of loud howls caught their attention and they stopped.

"W-what was that?" Kagato questioned his companion, but then they heard growling.

"What have we here?" A raspy voice growled out around them "Trespassers in my territory, my Forest, hunting one of my pack?"

"W-who's there!" Wabisuke shouted gripping a kunai tightly "We are shinobi of Konoha, show yourselves now!"

A series of chuckles and bark like laughter could be heard all around them "We do not answer to Konoha, nor do we answer to your Hokage." The voice spat "We allow you to use our forest and the predators here as per our agreement with the Shodai, and no one was to hunt one of our pack!"

"What are you talking about? We're only the Snake Bitch!" Kagato retorted.

"If you're talking about Anko, you should'nt speak that way about her...For she is a member of my pack since the village and her sensei betrayed her!" yelled the voice.

"Who the HELL are you!" Wabisuke shouted.

"I am Yorutsume.(Night Claw)" the voice declared proudly causing Kagato to shake even more "Oh? Have you heard of me."

"I-I-It can't be," he whimpered fearfully "Y-You're just a legend!"

A harsh chuckle was heard "You should listen to legends," Yorutsume advised "As even they hold a grain of truth." A snap of twigs could be heard as a shadow lumbered towards the pair of frightened chunins "Not that it matters, as you will be consumed!"

The Chuunin were white as snow as they stared at a black wolf, about as big as a draft horse standing on a branch, it had had battle scars all over it's body, deep yellow eyes that pierce your very soul, and when he grinned, the two corrupt Chuunin trembled as they saw a row of sharp pure white teeth, as the aged wolf stared down at his prey.

"Hello...little sheep," he growled out, and as if taking that as a command over 30 pairs of glowing yellow eyes glare back at the Chuunin.

*With Anko*

Anko grinned as she heard the screams of the two chunins from behind her 'Note to self: bring a cow in for them.' She thought to herself before her instincts kicked in throwing herself out of the way of a Kunai.

"Hello whore," The jonin sneered at Anko with a lecherous gleam in his eye "Slightly impressive that you managed to off those two, oh well, more money for me. As well as a bit more intimate time with you."

Anko growled ferally as she drew out her own kunai and readied to summon a series of snakes to her side "Like hell you will," She snapped "All you'll be getting is a castration!"

The Jonin just laughed and Anko's glare just increased.

"I'm not like those other 'wannabe losers', I actually train hard and learn all about my targets, their pasts and their techniques, and I gotta say, it was a BITCH trying to find out you're weaknesses," The jonin mocked as he sneered at her "After all why would someone care about the snake bitch, it was actually the Sandaime who gave me the info personally..."

Anko froze as her eyes widened in shock, fear and disbelief "No it can't be..." She whispered as she flashed back to the elderly man caring for her so kindly along with one Kushina Uzumaki after Orochimaru's betrayal. Her eyes narrowed as she snarled "YOU'RE LYING!" She shouted enraged as she leapt at the jonin her Kunai flashing.

The Jonin smirked as his plan was coming to fruition, 'Sucker,' he thought as he dodged Anko's attack and decided to continue on taunting her, "Oh, but it's true, the old man told me himself, 'Do what you wish that former student of a traitorous Sennin. Just be sure she suffers!,' Kukukuku, and I gladly accepted," he drawled on as he prepared a pair of senbon behind his back. Anko eyes had a murderous glint as she glared hatefully at the Jonin, and then she lost it.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" she screamed as she lunged at him again.

The jonin easily slid out of the way of the telegraphed attack and threw the two senbon, one impacted into her extended arm while the other impacted millimetres above her kidney causing her to cry out in pain and collapse.

The jonin chuckled as he knelt next to her and lifted her head by her hair "I know of your resistances to poisons and anaesthesias so t picked up this little beauty on the black market when I was in the capital," The jonin explained "Some group called the Black Spider Clan, very interesting poisons they had, this beauty actually disrupts the nerve signals telling the muscles to move, and as you can tell, very fast acting," the jonin lightly ran his kunai along her cheek leaving a thin cut along it as her eyes widened and a scream tore out of her throat making him smile "That was one senbon, the other one increased the pain receptors sensitivity, so a hard poke," he poked her hard in the gut causing Anko to cry out again "Feels like an Akamichi punch doesn't it?"

"Fuck you asshole!" Anko cursed and that made the Jonin pissed as he delivered a hard kick to the gut, making her cry out in pain again.

"Defiant little bitch," the Jonin drawled as he unzipped his, prompting Anko eyes to widen in fear as he let his member out, "I'm going to enjoy breaking you, and when I'm done, I'll make sure I'll-"

Before he could finish his sentence a throwing knife flew out of the shadows cutting into the jonins member but not removing it "Not going to happen Spuma(Scum)," A man growled stepping out of the shadows and harshly yanked the knife out before painfully ripping the man's balls off by pulling on it until the remaining muscles ripped off.

The Jonin screamed in agony as he clutched where his 'little friend' used to be as he thrashed on the ground on his back.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH! YOU SON OF A BITCH! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" The corrupt Jonin shouted out in pain and anger, as the man dressed in Red Robes, with black trim with his hood up shaped like an eagle's head, the shadow hiding his face, had bracers on his arms, and could make out a crossbow on his back, and a sword mounted on his left hip as the Jonin gave him a kick in the ribs, "My name is of no concern to you spuma, all you need to know is that some predators here like the smell of blood," the man stated "And some like it so much they will plant eggs inside of the dying creature and keep it alive until the eggs hatch, a painful death I am told, from the inside out, have fun."

He proceeded to gently pick up Anko bridal-style and whisper something that made the Tokubetsu Jonin's eyes widen in shock before tears streamed out of her face as she smiled happily, with one last glare to the Jonin, the man disappeared into the shadows just before a large insect like creature appeared. It looked exactly like a black praying mantis, but this mantis has sicklelike mandibles as it clicked them, and looked hungrily at the Jonin, who was now trying in vain to get away.

Near the exit of the forest the pair could hear the pained screams of the jonin as whatever found him attacked "Is it true?" Anko asked weakly "Is Kushina really alive?"

"Yes she is," confirmed the man "She alive and well. And raising her son as it should have been in the beginning."

Anko smiled, the first true she made since that day when her mother figure was thought to be dead. As unconciusness seeped in she said one phrase low enough for the man holding her could hear, "I'm so happy," was all she said as she passed out.

Sighing the man was about to leave the forest when a voice stopped him "Who are you and what do you plan to do with our pack-mate?" Asked Yorutsume as he appeared in front of the man.

The man paused for a minute in amazement at the massive wolf-like creature before bowing slightly "My name is Raphael Montero of the Shadow Alliance," Raphael replied calmly "I plan on taking her to our base and healing her of the poisons in her body."

Yorutsume looked Raphael over and took in his scent before nodding "Make sure you take a look at the mark on her left shoulder," He advised "It is a cursed mark, and that wretched thing should not exist."

Rahpael nodded his head in agreement, "I will, you have my word," he said walked past the Aged wolf, and disappeared into the shadows. The Elder Wolf gave a sigh as he looked at the full moon that was out tonight.

"Hashirama, you should be ashamed of your village," Said Yorutsume, "They've forgotten the will of fire you instilled into them decades ago, and now those two others that you and your brother trained alongside the little monkey, and that damned warhawk have forsaken your teachings. I hate to say this old friend, but the Leaf is nothing but a shadow of it's former self. Your granddaughter is trying to reapir the damage that has been done, but the bigots are attempting to derail her plans," he gave another tired sigh.

"I can only hope that the chosen child the Great Toad Sage spoke of will be ready when the time comes," He prayed "But I'll be dammed if we do not go down without a fight!"

With that he gave a howl that echoed throughout the Forest of Death, and soon other individual howls echoed. The howl was heard by others as well.

*Konoha, Inuzuka Clan Compound*

"Huh!" said one wolf hybrid Kuromaru as his ears perked at the howl.

"You heard it too, Kuromaru," said his partner Tsume Inuzuka, Head of the Inuzuka Clan. "What was it, it wasn't our pack I know that!"

Kuromaru narrowed his remaining eye as he looked into the night sky "The Yoru Hanta(Night Hunter) Clan," He breathed his eye going wide as Tsume whirled to face him "They exist?"

"What are you talking about?" Tsume asked in an awed voice "They were only a myth!"

"Sometimes Tsume, even myths can be true," Tsume blinked at that as the howling continued.

*SA Base*

Jiyuu turned his head as he heard the howling and a smirk formed on his face.

"Well now. It appears old Yorutsume has announced his presence after almost a century," he said as he heard the howling continue.

"What do you mean Jiyuu?" Naruto asked as he panted lying on the ground recovering from his training with Shinku "Who's that?"

"Yorutsume is an old and very powerful spirit wolf," Jiyuu explained in a semi reverent tone "Even amongst the wolf summons he is highly respected for his and his clans powers in battle. It must be coming close to the prophesised time if he is announcing himself to the world."

"Huh? Prophesised time?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"I'll tell you another time. Now, gather up your stuff, your Mother will be here to fetch us soon," Jiyuu told Naruto and said blonde nodded and gathered up the cloak he had. Jiyuu just looked up at the moon, with a grin on his face.

'Things are gonna be different from now on,'


Author's Post word: DAAAAAAAAMN! This the longest chapter I've ever written! Hope everyone enjoys this! See ya next time! Sayonara!