She's oh-so good pretending.

That she's innocent.

Because who would ever


Who would ever


She's hidden behind a wall of lip gloss.

A perfect little mask.

Victoire Weasley isn't a

terrible person exactly, no,

and she's not afraid to be the

one to admit she's a teeny bit heartless.

Especially when men are involved.

They're her forbidden fruit.

But, darling Eve

took that apple.

She's not an idiot.

She knows how to play the game.

Lure them in with her irresistible

Veela charm and personality,

until she's got them.

they're calling her sweet


Baby. Darling. Sweetheart.

And then after she's bored,

she'll throw him away

just like yesterday's Prophet.

Then r-r-rip their heart out

so she can stomp on it

with her stiletto heels.

Because if you freeze your heart,

and emotions,

No one can ever hurt you.


Every once and a while

she wants to warn them-

Warn them just how bad she'll mess them up.

Do you want me to hurt you?

Do you want to get burned?

'Cause, dearest, that can all be arranged.

Deep-deep-deep down,

where the real Victoire's caged,

She feels the bubbling pit

of her conscience

berating herself.

Sometimes little sharp, prickly

stabs of guilt attack her.

Plaguing her all the time.

Like mosquitoes.

Because not all the guys

out there

are that bad...

Maybe, maybe it's just her.

Edit: Hey, so I looked back on this today... wow, the format was funky. Not free-verse funky, just messed up. To long, ect., ect... So just cleaned it up some