The Ultra-Transversal Christmas Crossover Special!

This is a script I made back in late 2009, for my own Christmas Special. There's all the Christmas essentials- A tree, Santa, snow, time travel, and a trippy narrative style where nearly every POV transition takes place only when one character sees another. Sounds like the holidays to me. It has never been fully published so far, so I thought, why not release it? A year late? So what? Anyways I hope you enjoy this intriguing story. Criticism is fine, but keep in mind that it is over a year old now, and my writing skills have far exceeded this. Ciao!

Setting: December 23rd, 2009, 1:03 PM, at the International Young Women's Academy at Tan's Peak, a suburb of Nintendo City.

POV: Sakura {From Street Fighter Alpha}
(Sakura has just arrived at the Academy, back from training with Dan Hibiki to celebrate Christmas Break with her close friend Kei.)
(She walks up to her aforementioned friend and lovingly reunites with her, a long hug included.)
Kei: (After they finish the hug) Sakura-chan! You're home! I can't believe you're finally back from training with Dan! It's so good to see you! It's just that you kinda came back at a bad time... Finals are this week!
Sakura: Aww. Kei, stop accentuating the negative all the time. I've been gone for months, you know, saving the world from, you know, Cyber Akuma and Onslaught! I'm sure the teachers will let me of until next semester.
Kei: I'm not so sure... We got a new headmaster a couple weeks ago... Some guy named Edward-Boison. He's REALLY young, but also REALLY strict. I can't stand him.
Sakura: That name... It sounds so familiar...
Kei: No, he's not that guy from those vampire romance books. I'm so glad though; if he was, tons of these girls here wouldn't stop swooning over him all the time!
Sakura: ...That's not really what I was thinking of...
Kei: Oops... Sorry...
Sakura: Nah, It doesn't matter... Anway... How have YOU been since I left?
Kei: Well, I'm single again, not that that's news...
Sakura: Kei! I'm glad you finally dumped that idiot! Been long enough!
Kei: (blushes) Yeah, I knew you would, uh, say that...
(Short akward silence)
Sakura and Kei simultaneously: Hey, uh, I've been meaning to say-
Kei: Oh! I'm so sorry!
Sakrua: No, I'm sorry, you first!
Kei: ...umm. Uh, Sakura... Will...uh... you, uh-
(A loud bell rings)
Sakura: Darn, that was the late bell! And on my first day back, too. C'mon, let's go to class! (pauses for a moment) Um, I hope we can finish this after school.
Kei: Yeah...umm... I've gotta go. Bye! (begins to take off)
Sakura: Wait! (Kei stops in her tracks) Um- Well, we're both late already, I guess a moment wouldn't hurt. What did you need to...ask me?
Kei: Ah.. It doesn't matter. You wouldn't care anyway...
Sakura: Of course I would! I care about you Kei! Now, what were you going to say?
Kei: (sighs) Well, it's just... Well, Chirstmas is really close... So I was wondering if you would-
(Offscreen): LOOK OUT!
(Suddenly a biker from the notorious biker gang that has been raiding the area recently flies through the air, crashing into Kei, and then bolting back in the other direction, tailed by the famous superhero, Tailikku (Sonic and Tails's son).)