"Johnny?" she asked quietly.

"Wha', love?" he asked a bit slurred.

The brunette ran her fingers over his defined torso and raised her head from where it had been laying on his chest.

"When did you loose your innocence?"

She felt him sigh.

"When I was fourteen, love. Already told you that."

"No," she said, "Your innocence, not your virginity."

Johnny was quiet for so long a time that the woman though he had fallen asleep. She laid her head back down and continued to trace invisible patterns over his abs.

She felt his words rumble through her when he said, "I was eight. My mother had just gotten remarried. To that scum sucker, no less. She'd gone shopping and left me at home. Good ol' Lenny was doing some business in his office with some guys and Uncle Archie. Things went bad. Uncle Archie popped 'em one right there, with me standing in the doorway. End of story."

"I'm sorry," she whispered into his skin.