Disclaimer: I do not own the greatness that which is The Room, nor do I even own the style of which this fan fiction is written in. This fan fiction is written in tribute of the great film, and the great writer, Hans von Hozel.

One day, Tommy Wiseau was being in the room.

"It was a good day to be in the room," said Tommy Wiseau. Suddenly, Tommy Wiseau was being torn apart by Lisa!

"YOU CANNOT BE IN THE ROOM!" shouted Lisa.

"Why Lisa why?" say Tommy Wiseau.

"Because you hit me and drunk," shouted Lisa, she said many time to her mother. Lisa danubed out the door with Max.

"I don't love you..." say Lisa, and Lisa left and Tommy Wiseau was torn apart by Lisa forever.

Suddenly, Tommy Wiseau was bled on by his house! He found a gun and danubed himself in the mouth!