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Clare's POV:

"Clare! Look at this dress! You have to wear it!" Bianca called from the back of a vintage boutique. We all needed dresses for the opera tonight and this was the best place to get them according to a couple shops.

I came back to the back, holding a short green tight dress for Fiona. Bianca had found a sexy red dress a few minutes ago. It looked perfect on her.

I held the dress up to Fiona, "What do you think?"

Fiona smiled, "Clare its perfect! Thank you!" Fiona squealed and she took the dress, running to go try it in a dressing room.

I looked at Bianca expectantly as she pulled out a light blue almost while satin short dress with roughing at the bottom. Clare smiled wide and hugged her, "It's perfect."

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Eli's POV:

"Adam I look like a one of those sleazy business guys." I told him as I tried on a stupid jacket. Adam chuckled. It looked good with my skinny jeans and I knew Clare would like it, I just didn't want to wear it with the dress shoes Drew forced Adam and I to buy.

Drew came over wearing his jacket and he chuckled, "Nice look dude, Clare will be pleased." He nodded at my outfit, but I groaned. We all looked nice though, the girls would be very happy.

Adam checked his phone, "Guys we have to go."

I looked at mine and he was right, we had to go. We all went back to our changing rooms and redressed into our less than nice clothing.

We all paid for the clothing and headed back to the hotel.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

When we got back to the rooms the girls were coming in from the hot tub. I saw Clare is her black bikini and she blushed. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She giggled, "I'm going to get you all wet."

I rolled my eyes and kissed her, "I don't care. I like this suite by the way."

Clare giggled, "I'll wear it more often than."

I smiled and laced her fingers with mine, "Guys we are leaving in two hours." I told our friends but they were too busy sucking each other's faces off.

Clare and I got on the elevator, "So did you find something good?" I asked her, referring to her dress.

"I did, I think you will like it." Clare smiled.

I smiled and kissed her lips, "I did too."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Clare and I were dressed and ready to go in good timing. After a good shower together of course.

Clare was dressed in a perfect light blue dress that accented her creamy skin. She loved my outfit.

"Eli you look so nice!" She squealed.

I chuckled as she eyed me up and down, blushing slightly. I pulled her close to me and gave her a good kiss, "Are you excited for tonight?"

Clare nodded and her curls bobbed. She told me a while ago she always wanted to go see an opera in New York. She looked really excited and it made me happy knowing that I could make her happy like this. There was nothing I liked more than making Clare happy.

Clare put on her white high heels and fixed my tie. She smiled and kissed my lips, "There, you are now perfect." Clare and I gathered everything we needed. I took her hand and we walked over to the elevator. The door opened with a ding and I gestured, "After you my beautiful lady."

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Clare's POV:

The opera house was amazing! It was huge and beautiful and it was just great! I could not believe Eli actually got tickets here! They must have cost him a fortune!

I wrapped my arms around Eli's waist and kissed his neck, "Eli! This is…."

He smiled, "The coolest thing ever?" He chuckled.

I nodded eagerly. I was at an opera house, with my boyfriend, in New York, this was amazing!

I giggled, "Yes, Eli this is fantastic."

Eli smiled down at me and took my hand, "As much as I love the way it looks, let's go in and see if it's any good."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Eli's POV:

I woke up tangled up with Clare in the sheets. Clare smiled at me sleepily, "Eli…"

I kissed her, "We have to get dress, we're leaving today."

Clare's smile faded. It was nice to get away. But we both wanted to go home. We could always come back though.

Clare got out of bed and blushed, realizing she was not wearing much of anything.

I scooted close to her and kissed her upper back, "It's hard to say goodbye huh?"

Clare put her hands on my arms, "I'll always have you though."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

Clare's POV:

"Are you guys ready to go?" Eli asked as we shuffled back into the car.

We all piled into the car. Eli took my hand. I smiled at him, "I love you."

He looked at me and said, "I love you."

And to this day I still can't believe it, he loves me.

A/N: Terrible ending…