Chapter 1

Chloe Winchester yawned before snuggling closer to her husband Dean, who was driving down the road. They were only about a forty-five minutes from her hometown, they had been driving nonstop from California since Kitty called her saying Kaylee was missing. They had been taking turns driving and at the moment it was Dean's turn to drive, while Sam slept in the backseat.

Dean threw one arm around Chloe's shoulder before asking,"when we make it into town, where should we check first?"

"I guess try my house first. Maybe we can find some clues or something." She said, her childhood friend/half-sister Kaylee had been staying at her house since her husband Nick was murdered.

"Ok." He mumbled.

She looked at him before asking,"are you ok? You've been acting weird since we left the warehouse in California a couple of days ago."

Dean couldn't believe it had only been a couple of days, it seemed like it should be longer since everything happened. They had went to help his friend Bailee with a demon problem but Bailee ended up being the problem. She was possessed by Meg, while she was possessed she had tried to come in between him and Chloe, she tried to kill Chloe and Sam by causing a car accident. Sam walked away with a few cuts but Chloe ended up with some bruised ribs and had a miscarriage. The final battle took place in a warehouse, luckily they got the demon out of Bailee before anyone was killed.

"Dean?" Chloe asked, pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah babe?"

"Did you hear me? I asked if you were ok?"

"Yeah,I'm just worried about you." He said.

"There's no need to worry, the doctor says my ribs are going to heal fine."

"That's not what I'm worried about."

"What are you worried about then?" She asked him with a confused look on her face.

He looked over at her before saying,"I know you used magic."

She laughed before asking,"that's what you're worried about?"

"I just don't want you to get hurt by the whole magic thing."

"I won't. I know how you feel about spells and witches but that was a one time thing. If i didn't do that spell i would have died. You,Sam and Grayson would have probably died. Bailee would still be possessed."

"I understand that, i just...i don't want you to get lost in the magic and turn dark side or something."

She leaned over to kissed his cheek before saying,"I won't baby. There is no need to worry, like i said that was a one time thing. From this moment on i am witch free."

He looked at her and smiled,"ok, i trust you."

"You better or you will be in big trouble mister." She whispered in his ear then lightly kissed it.

"Yes ma'am." He said laughing.

She laughed with him as she leaned against his side and watched the familiar landmarks fly by.

Close to thirty minutes later, Dean parked beside the huge white house that belonged to Chloe's grandparents but now was her house. Chloe quickly jumped out of the car and ran to the front door. She used her key to unlock the door then ran inside, ignoring Dean yelling at her to 'wait for them'.

"Kaylee? Kay? Are you here?" She yelled out, as she ran into the foyer.

She stopped short and gasped at the scene in front of her. Dean and Sam ran up behind her and was shocked at what they saw.

The foyer and living room was trashed. Furniture from the living room was laying all around, lamps were knocked over and broken. It looked like a fight had broken out.

Chloe looked up the stairs and yelled out for Kaylee, she was worried for her friend. She went to ran up the stairs till Dean grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Whoa where do you think you're going?" He asked her.

"I'm going to check upstairs. Maybe she is up there or something." She said hopefully.

"Not alone you're not." Dean said before looking at his brother,"Sammy, you check downstairs and we'll check upstairs."

Sam nodded as he grabbed a handgun out of the waist band of his jeans and begin searching the kitchen. Dean grabbed two guns out of the waist band of his jeans, he handed Chloe one and looked at her before saying,"stay close to me ok babe?"

"Got it." She said, as she held the gun in her hand and followed him up the stairs. Dean and Chloe slowly moved from room to room, but found nothing. No Kaylee and no clues. The walked out of the last bedroom and looked at each other.

"I guess she's not here." Dean said.

"Well where the hell is she then?" Chloe asked sadly.

"I don't know babe." He said, as he hugged her close to him,"i don't know, but we will find her. I promise."

They slowly walked downstairs and saw Sam standing in the foyer.

"Did you find anything?" Chloe asked him with a hopeful look on her face.

"No, sorry." He said.

"Damn it." She whispered.

"What should we do now?" Sam asked them.

"I'm going to call Kitty, see if she has heard anything." Chloe said, as she grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket and walked into the kitchen.

Sam looked over at Dean before asking,"what do you think is going on here?"

"I don't know, but from the looks of it, it looks like someone dragged her out of the house kicking and screaming." Dean said.

"Do you think something supernatural took her?" Sam asked.

"I hope not." Dean said, but he was fearing the worse.

After Chloe hung up the phone, she walked back over to the brothers before saying,"she's on her way. She said she will be here in a few minutes."

"Wow that's fast." Dean said.

"Well she was already on her way over here. She said she comes by everyday since she noticed Kaylee was gone, just hoping that one day she will be here." Chloe explained sadly.

"Ok, so Kaylee is not here. Any ideas where she could be?" Sam asked her.

She slowly shook her head before saying,"i can't think of anywhere that Kitty hasn't already checked. If Kay just wanted to get away and hide for awhile, she would be here. This house always made her feel safe."

"What if someone took her?" Dean asked.

She looked at Dean with fear in her eyes before saying,"you think someone took her?"

"It's a possibility. Kaylee doesn't seem like the type to just take off and not tell anyone." Dean said.

"You're right, she wouldn't. She would never just take off and not tell Kitty."

"Well then we are back to 'someone took her'. Can you think of anyone who would do that?" Dean asked her.

"No, everyone loves Kaylee."

Before Dean could ask anymore questions, they heard a car driving down the long driveway. They all walked out to the front porch and waited for Kitty.

Kitty slowly got out of the car and walked up the front steps, she smiled at Chloe and the brothers.

"Hey Kitty." Chloe said before hugging her.

Kitty hugged her back then asked,"so did you find anything inside?"

"No, I'm sorry." Chloe said sadly.

Kitty sighed before saying,"where could she be? This is so not like her."

"I know, that's what i was just say..." Chloe said but was interrupted by her cellphone ringing.

She took the phone out of her pocket and walked away from the group before saying,"hello?"

"Lo?" Kaylee whispered.

"Kaylee? Is that you?"

"Lo, i need you. Please come get me." Kaylee cried.

"Where are you?"

"I don't know. Some hotel."

"What hotel? What room?"

Kaylee sighed in frustration,"i don't know the name. We was on the main highway, he's going to take me out of town. I'm scared Lo, i think he's going to kill me."

"Who? Who has you?"

"Oh my God, he's awake. Please hurry." She cried before hanging up the phone.

Chloe lowered the phone from her ear then turned around to look at the group who was staring at her.

"Was that her? Is she ok?" Kitty asked hopefully.

"I...I don't know. She's at some hotel but she doesn't know which one and she mentioned someone took her there, but she didn't say who. All she said was it was a he." Chloe decided to leave out the part about Kaylee being scared of being murdered. She didn't think Kitty needed to hear that at the moment.

Kitty placed a hand over her mouth before crying out,"who has my baby girl? Where is my Kaylee?"

"I wish i knew." Chloe said softly before hugging Kitty while she cried.

Chloe looked at the brothers over Kitty's shoulder and knew they were thinking the same thing she was,'Who or what has Kaylee?'

a/n-Hey everyone, here is the first chapter of my new Chloe story :) I hope you all enjoy it, I'll post another chapter as soon as i can. Let me know what you all think, thank you :)