Okay, this was sort of a request by Nami the Writer. We were talking about James from Pokemon, followed by how he always seems to have a rose on him, and the product is this. Or, at least, what this story will be. See if you can guess the pairings.

Chapter 1: Who's That Pokemon? It is a Pokemon, Right?

Jessie, James, and Meowth walked along the streets of what seemed to be a deserted city.

"Oh, you idiots!" Jessie threw her arms up and glared at the other two. "Where are we? You got us lost, didn't you?"

"Of course not. Don't you trust Meowth." The cat Poemon looked over his map and nodded to himself, grinning broadly. "Da boss sent us here to find some new and rare Pokemon."

"I don't know about you guys, but I don't really like it here." James looked between the giant buildings that loomed over the dark street. "It's scary. What kind of place is this anyways?"

"Let's see here." Meowth perused his map again. "If I'm not mistaken, dis should be da Woild Dat Never Was." He smiled for a moment, before his eyes grew much wider than usual. "Da Woild Dat Never Was!"

"Meowth, you must be reading that map wrong. You can't be somewhere that never existed." Jessie snatched the map from Meowth and looked it over. "What kind of crazy map is this, Meowth? It looks like you just tore it off the back of some kids' astronaut cereal box or something."

James jumped. "Say, you guys don't think that the boss is just trying to get rid of us, do you?" He chuckled half-heartedly. "I mean, Butch and Cassidy have been saying."

Jessie smacked James over the head with the map. "Butch and Cassidy don't know anything!"

"Dat's right." Meowth shook his fist at James. "How dare you accuse dat da boss would ever try to get rid of Meowth!"

"Now, come on, guys." James held his hands up defensively. "I'm just saying."

"Well, then, maybe you should quit saying!" Jessie growled. "Honestly, look at the imbeciles I have to work with!"

Black blobs began to collect in the street behind Jessie and Meowth. James cringed as the blobs began forming into strange creatures of darkness. "J-J-Jessie."

The redhead rolled her eyes. "Oh what is it, now?"

"B-behind you!" James pointed between his two comrades at the forming creatures.

"Yeah. Like we're just about to fall for dat one?" Meowth extended his claws. "Better make sure you apologize, because I ain't letting you get away."

The blue-haired young man began scooting backwards, blubbering as the creatures began to multiply. Their glowing eyes beamed in the three's direction.

After a couple of minutes of James not staring at them, and the droving sound of feet increased in their ears, Jessie and Meowth turned around and began screaming.

The Heartless Shadows began to leap at the little group, stretching out their claws.

Team Rocket began running away from the Shadows as they flooded in their direction. The clawing hands lurched and missed as the team's expert evasive maneuvers pulled through.

"What kind of Pokemon are these?" Jessie wailed as she ran.

"Heck, if I know." Meowth panted as his shorter legs began to give way. "Dese ain't like any Pokemon Meowth has seen before."

"And to think that the boss made us turn in our Pokemon before we came here." James swallowed and laughed nervously. "Oh well. At least we haven't seen the twerps today, right?"

"And you're implying that this is any better?" Jessie growled, but soon paused. Her running stopped, her eyes grew wide, and everything went quiet.

James and Meowth turned their heads to see that one of the Shadows was holding a thick chunk of red hair in its claws. Their eyes grew wide as they scrambled to find cover.

Wordlessly, Jessie raised her head, and her eyes glowed red. She turned on the Heartless, and fire erupted from her lips. Her own claws stretched out as she dove into the mass with full-fledged fury.

Fortunately, Heartless don't really have blood and gore to be spread around. Otherwise, the dark streets town would have literally been painted red as the reversed onslaught ensued. Black mist choked the street, the sky, and whatever neon lighting was attempting to make itself known.

Despite their hardy efforts, the Heartless recognized that this prey was useless to obtain their desires. Slowly, one by one, the mob retreated from the frenzied woman.

The two male members of the team kept their heads low as Jessie looked around for any more offenders.

James cupped a hand around his mouth and whispered, "What kind of Pokemon were those?"

"I don't know," Meowth whispered back. "I've seen Voltorb's explode and Gastly's disappear, but I ain't never seen Pokemon act like that before."

"And those glowing things that flew up after they disappeared." James scratched his head. "Maybe they are ghost Pokemon."

Meowth shook his head. "No way. I've seen lots of freaky Ghost Pokemon, but I'm not sure if dose guys were Pokemon at all."

Jessie came stomping back, firmly gripping her assaulted hair. "Stupid, stupid jerks. What were they thinking?" She turned and glared at James and Meowth, glowering. "And what are you two looking at?"

Though Jessie had been where their sights were targeted first, the four eyes were drawn towards a black hole that was forming behind their crazed female associate. They quickly embraced each other in fear.

"That's right! You two better be scared!" Jessie lifted up her fist savagely. "Why didn't you two do anything to protect me? You're men aren't you?"

Before she could release her fury, the woman's wrist was caught by a gloved hand as a tall figure stepped out of the black hole. "Are you the one who defeated all those Heartless?"

Jessie turned her head slowly until she saw the figure that was holding onto her. She quickly broke the figure's grasp and jumped back beside her comrades. She shrieked as she pointed at the newcomer.

"Hmm." The figure stared at the three. "Such peculiar Nobodies."

All three members immediately jumped to their feet and glared at the figure.

"Now, hold it buddy!" Jessie clenched her teeth. "Where do you get off calling us Nobodies?"

"Yeah." James clenched his fists. "Do you have any idea who you're dealing with?"

"You've got a lot of noive, Buster!"

Jessie posed dramatically. "Prepare for trouble."

James flicked his wrist, revealing a blue rose, and posed as well. "Make it double."

"To protect the world from devastation."

"To unite all peoples within our nation."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."

"Jessie." The redhead stood up straight.

"James." The blue-haired man stood back-to-back with the woman.

"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

Meowth jumped up, performed a quick flip and landed on the two humans' shoulders. "Meowth, that's right!"

The figure stood there a moment. He pulled his hood back to reveal long bluish hair, yellow eyes, and a handsome face with an X-shaped scar on it. "Such strange Nobodies indeed."

"Stop calling us No-" Jessie stopped as she approached the man. "Um… What was I saying again?"

The man nodded slowly between the group and the hole. "I should probably take you all to the castle."

"Now, hold on." James shook his fist at the other blue-haired man. "No way are you getting me into that hole. That's just creepy."

"No kidding." Meowth folded his arms. "No way are you getting Meowth in dere. Ain't dat right, Jessie."

Jessie only giggled as she followed the man's hand towards the hole.

Meowth sighed and shrugged. "We better go to make sure she don't something stupid." He walked over to the black hole. "I'm not sure da boss would approve of dis, dough."

"Good, good." The black-cloaked man waved the cat in. "Such peculiar Nobodies. I'm sure the superior will want to see you." He turned to James. "Well?"

James swallowed heavily. "Well, I, uh…" He clamped his mouth shut as he saw that a large blade was conjured in the man's free hand. "I mean, sure." He smiled wryly as he entered the portal, nodding his way past the man."

"Much better." The stranger looked up at the sky at the flying hearts. "I'm sure the superior will be pleased indeed." With that, he walked through the portal and left the streets clear.

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