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So my new biggest, deepest, darkest secret is: Tangled is my most favoritest movie ever. :3 Feel honored that you know. Feel very honored. So this is just going to be like a collection of drabbles. And this first one is super super super super fluffy. Be warned. I'm sorry. I'm still on a high from, "You were my new dream." Disney: Giving teenage girls unrealistic hopes for future romance since forever.


and the world has somehow shifted.


Her voice rings with the breeze, loud and sing-song. He blows a stray hair out of his face and lays on the bank of the river for a little while longer. He does like the deep shade of green her eyes get when she's all riled up.

"Eu-gene." He sits up straight now, but turns around gloriously slow. Her hands are on her waist, her brown hair slightly askew from the wind. With the curve of her hips cocked just so, and the way her lips are still parted from the act of his name passing through them, he pinches his leg nonchalantly. Nope. Not dreaming.

He throws her a wink before standing up and taking a step toward her. "You called, Princess?"

In spite of herself, her pink lips curve into a smile. "Don't make me use this, Ryder," she accuses, and holds up a black frying pan, thrusting it fearlessly at him. He puts his hands up in a surrender, his eyes wide and his stance suddenly stiffening. "That's right. I've got a frying pan and I'm not afraid to use it."

Flynn rolls his eyes, but doesn't move. "Watch where you point that thing," he tells her in a warning tone, never relaxing until she drops the pan at her side and dances toward him, her bare feet brushing against the grass below there feet so delicately it's almost as though she glides above the ground, never touching it at all, really. "What's on your mind, Blondie?" he asks as he wraps a protective arm around her waist, gently holding her close to him as they both turn to watch the river flow.

It's really not a river at all, Flynn muses, but rather a man-made stream of water running underneath the bridge that the villagers had taken to referring to as a river. Rapunzel leans into his side, and at the realization of her subconscious movement, looks up at him, innocent green eyes and the hint of a blush spread on her cheeks. She doesn't pull away.

Screw it, he decides. If I get to be with her like this forever, then let it be a river. The sudden thought in his head makes his back tense. Where'd that come from?

"My m - mother told me that I'd start etiquette lessons next week," Rapunzel says suddenly, her gaze somewhere far away, embedded deep in the mountains hiding the East. "I'm going to learn to be a real princess, manners and ballroom dancing lessons and new books and everything. Even shoes." She makes the cutest face, her nose scrunched up and her lips puckered, as though she'd just eaten a lemon.

Flynn grins widely, and gives her side a sympathetic squeeze. "That what's got you down?" he asks. She slips out of his grasp easily, and then places her hands firmly on either side of his shoulder, pushing him down until they're both back into the sitting position he had been in earlier, when she had first found him. She curls up at his side, and when the wind blows hard enough, her light brown hair tickles the back of his neck.

"No," she admits, and nestles her head further into the crook of his neck. "My father said that, after a few months of etiquette lessons, I'll officially be an eligible princess. Meaning that other royalty that qualifies can, well, you know. Court me." She shrinks back a little, her fingers tugging at a dandelion by her toes.

Something builds up in the back of his throat. His voice sounds funny when he opens his mouth to speak. "Oh. Oh. Ohhh!" He pauses, his brow furrowing as a million different feelings flash through his mind. The air around them suddenly feels hot. "Wait, what?"

Rapunzel sighs. "People want to marry me, Eugene," she breathes, her expression scared. She bites down on her bottom lip and something inside him stirs.

He runs a hand through his hair, more out of anxiety than habit. "Well, can't blame them." He smirks, just to hide the panic that he's suddenly facing inside. "Flynn Ryder's not the only one who's got a thing for brunettes, apparently."

Her toes curl and uncurl on the ground. A strong gust of wind makes her shiver, and he pulls her closer without thinking. Her words sound so tiny when she opens her mouth to speak. "I don't want to marry them," she complains.

Flynn presses a chaste kiss to the top of her head, closing his eyes as he braces himself for the answer. "Who do you want to marry, Rapunzel?"

She is quiet for a moment.

It seems to last forever, but looking back, the time had passed them so fast. Even if their own small world had frozen, the birds were still flapping their wings, the breeze was still blowing past, the Earth was still turning.

"I want to marry you," she confesses, finally. Her face is so pure, so open. He feels a surge of something akin to love, a warmth he'd never felt until she had appeared in his life, frying pan and all.

"Good," he chokes out when the shock wears off. "I was hoping you wouldn't get too attached to those other snobby princes and knights, you know. No one lays a hand on Flynn Ryder's girl." He smirks again, for good measure. "'Sides, royalty can get so conceited these days. You, Rapunzel, need someone grounded, someone modest. You know, a guy like dashing, handsome, clever, brave Flynn Ryder." He winks.

Without warning, as her ecstatic face peers into his curiously, he feels two soft hands grip the sides of his face tenderly and then pull him toward her, their lips meeting sweetly for a few seconds before she pulls away, leaving him with his eyes still closed and his heart still pounding. "I was hoping you'd say that," she whispers, smiling. "I expect a ring. Nothing too flashy, but something that sparkles. And an actual proposal. Oh, and we've got to go tell the boys at the Snuggly Duckling as soon as it happens." She giggles, her face sheepish. "I promised the thugs they'd be the first to know if we got engaged. Those pub folks sure are perceptive." She begins to turn around, but she faces him just as quickly, as though just remembering something. "Oh, and you'll be the one to inform my father, Eugene."

Spinning around on her heel gracefully, she strides away, picking up her frying pan as she leaves him still sitting on the grass in awe, the feeling of her lips on his lingering gloriously. He watches her as her form begins to disappear onto the bridge leading to the castle.

He touches his chest, the place where his heart should be, tentatively. He laughs out loud, mussing up his hair with his own hand as he feels its irregular beats, just to be sure.

"Rapunzel Fitzherbert," he says to himself, and winces. It's a mouthful. It's a little bit awkward-sounding, and not exactly what one would expect for a name for a princess. He grins anyway. For some reason, he prefers it to Rapunzel Ryder.

And then his eyes widen as he remembers Rapunzel's parting words. Flynn swallows, finding his mouth dry. How was he supposed to propose to the Princess if the King took his life first?