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Chapter Thirteen:


The drive back to Dalton seemed to take forever. On one hand, Kurt was anxious to be back, to be attending Warbler practice again, to work on developing his friendships with David, Wes and the rest of the Warblers, and especially to seeing Blaine on a daily basis. On the other hand, he would miss home and his friends at McKinley even more so now. Strangely, he had never felt closer to that group of misfits than he did now.

That morning, Carol had made him chocolate chip cookies to bring back with him and their smell filled the car, making Kurt's stomach rumble in anticipation. Burt, meanwhile, had looked his car over, making sure everything was in working order for the upcoming long commutes. Kurt had tried to corner Finn into talking about his feelings about Rachel and their break up, but had somehow been tricked by the taller boy into discussing The Notebook. Looking back on the conversation, he was not sure where he had slipped up, letting Finn have the upper hand.

Pulling into an empty space in the Dalton parking lot, Kurt started unloading his suitcases from his car, grunting.

"Kurt Hummel, you were not made for manual labour," he huffed as he set down his second, and last, suitcase.

"Need a hand?" a voice asked.

Turning, Kurt was face to face with David. He and David had only spoken in the confines of Warbler practice, mostly due to the fact that he was a year older and in none of his classes. They had always been friendly, but he was one of the last people Kurt expected to find wanting to help him out.

"Uh . . . if you don't mind?" Kurt hesitantly replied.

"Of course not, I offered!" David exclaimed and picked up the bigger suitcase, "You are in the same dorm as Blaine, right?"

"Yes, that one," Kurt gestured to the building.

"So how was your Christmas break?" David made small talk as they walked over.

Kurt glanced at the boy as they walked, trying to figured out his game. People could not possibly just be this nice. "It was very pleasant, I loved being back home. I had really missed everyone; I hadn't expected that when I came to Dalton. What about your break?"

David shrugged nonchalantly. "I spent most of it with my girlfriend. I only saw my family a few times, around Christmas. Wes had a great New Years party, you should have come!" he smiled at the other boy.

"I . . . I guess I would have if I would have had the means?" Kurt replied, "Anyways, my friends in Lima had a party and I went there with my brother," the word just rolled naturally off of his tongue, "But I appreciate the invitation."

"Oh, yes! Yours was the party that Blaine ditched Wes' for!" David ribbed Kurt playfully.

Kurt stepped to the side, not expecting the force David had exerted. "I didn't mean for him to miss a party with you guys," Kurt bashfully answered.

"Don't be silly, Kurt. Blaine does what he wants. Do you really believe he would have gone to Lima if he really did not want to be there? Getting down to Florida would have been no problem for him," David was very matter-of-fact in his speech.

Trying to not catch the older boy's eyes so he did not betray any emotions, Kurt looked down, apparently very deeply interested in the cobbled walkway to his dorm. They continued with small talk until they got up to Kurt's room, discussing classes and David bequeathing advice for the upcoming exams. Taking his suitcase from David, Kurt thanked him politely and, saying he would see him at Warbler practice, entered his room, leaving the door slightly ajar in case Blaine happened to walk by and wondered if he was in yet.

David walked down the hall and knocked on a door. It was opened by Wes.

"Is he here yet?" Wes inquired.

David nodded. "Yes, but he avoided asking anything about Blaine - if he was here, if he said anything about the party in Lima, nothing," David frowned.

"They are most frustrating . . ." Wes mused, letting David into his room.

David threw himself onto Wes' bed, sprawling out on it, while Wes leaned on his desk. David started leafing through the open book he found on the bed. Wes stared at him, not really seeing him, thinking.

"It was different with Mike," Wes finally said.

David looked up. "Hmm? Oh, yes. Well . . . Blaine was in a very different position then. I mean, he had just transfered, and there was Mike, this older, cooler guy heading the Warblers. Hell, everyone had a mancrush on him."

"True," Wes nodded, not denying the fact. He played with a pen as he mused. "But Kurt is different. He's not the scrub that Mike ended up being."

"Scrub!" David exclaimed.

"Excuse me? Yes . . . scrub. You know . . . like a deadbeat," Wes explained, confused.

"No, no. I know that. Talking about Mike reminded me of the Warblers, which brought Regionals to mind, and then you said scrub. That brought the nineties to mind, and then I thought of Destiny's Child and Bills, Bills, Bills - which is the song I think we should do for Regionals." David explained patiently.

"Your mind works in the strangest ways.

"But what do you think?"

"I think it's actually a great idea - it's so different from what we normally do. We'll bring it up at our first Warbler meeting tonight."

Blaine had come to Kurt's room on his way to the Warbler practice room. The door was ajar, so he pushed it open and walked inside.

Kurt was just emptying out his suitcase. Another smaller suitcase as open on the bed. This one seemed filled with creams, lotions, hair products, and the like. Blaine did not understand, first of all, why Kurt had so many clothes. The poor boy never got a chance to wear a quarter of them. Secondly, upon seeing Kurt without any morning facial ritual and minus his hair products, Blaine also knew that he did not need to undergo this self-imposed regiment. He was simply wonderful as he was.

"Hey you!" Blaine said softly.

Kurt turned around, holding onto a large pile of scarves. A smile slid over his face. "Hey yourself! How are you?" he asked.

"Great, just going down to Warbler's practice. What's with all the scarves?" Blaine tried to point to them all individually but lost track.

"I just really like scarves, okay?" Kurt defensively retorted, "And it's the one fashion accessory I can still use while wearing this uniform . . . at least to and from classes." He hugged one particularly large, beige scarf close.

Blaine chuckled. "That one there is really nice. It looks warm," he nodded to a grey scarf with thin red lines that had fallen out of Kurt's pile.

Tossing the scarves onto his bed, Kurt picked up the scarf and handed it to Blaine. "Here, have it," he offered.

"Oh, no, I couldn't! I don't want to strip you of your favourite accessory."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "I have enough scarves for everyone in Dalton and then some. Trust me, you can have this one, Blaine. Besides, I think it suits you more!" he smiled as he kept holding it out.

Blaine hesitated then grabbed it, throwing it around his neck. "Thank you."

"It's the least I can do!"

"Okay, now we really do have to get to Warbler practice before Wes totally looses his cool and kills the both of us with just a glare!" Blaine exclaimed and, grabbing Kurt's hand, started pulling the startled boy out of his room. Kurt managed to close his door behind him before Blaine started jogging lightly, hands still held, down the hall.

They arrived in the practice room and sat down on a couch between two other Warblers. Pleasantries were exchanged. Vague questions about the holidays and if the other had had a good time. The two boys who had beat Kurt at the last Solo Competition were sitting across from them, talking in hushed voices and glancing periodically towards Blaine.

"Why do they keep looking at you?" Kurt whispered to Blaine, trying to be discreet, yet irritation creeping into his voice.

Blaine glanced over at the two boys. "I'm not sure . . . probably because I am doing the solo in our new song? I don't know how they heard already though?" he wondered, confused.

Kurt was about to ask what song they were doing when Wes banged his gavel and the room quieted down. David handed out papers to everyone in the room. "Bills Bills Bill" was written at the top, the rest was the sheet music for the song. Kurt looked over to Blaine and frowned. 'Really?' his expression incredulously asked.

"Now, you should all have a copy of the music and lyrics for Destiny's Child 'Bills Bills Bills.' This is currently our preferred song for Regionals. I know that we have some great talent so I am expecting nothing short of phenomenal. Blaine," Wes gestured towards Blaine, in case someone had been living under a rock while part of the club, "Will be doing our lead vocals. After his amazing display at Sectionals, In Blaine We Trust."

Everyone in the room laughed lightly at this. Formations were discussed and ways to break the song down in a cappella harmonies. Kurt could hear people all around him practicing on making the appropriate vocalization. The people Kurt had sat with were practicing the background vocals while Blaine left the room with two other Warblers to practice the song.

The sharp sound of the gavel snapped everyone's attention to the front of the room.

"Okay, we've had some time to practice. Lets just do a run through and see if everything works out well, if we can even pull it off!" Wes announced.

The two boys who had managed the beginning of the song best chimed in. Kurt joined the rest of the Warblers on the vocalization. The two Warblers that had left with Blaine now stood by the closed doors, ready to open them when the group got the appropriate note. As they opened the doors, Blaine pranced into the room, adjusting his tie.

At first we started out real cool

Taking me places i ain't never been

But now your getting comfortable

Ain't doing those things that you did no more

Your slowly makin' me pay for things

Your money should be handling

Blaine was getting very much into the song, doing hand gestures and making expressive faces according to the lyrics of the song. He even jumped up on the couch behind Kurt, scaring him momentarily.

Kurt was surprised by how well the Warblers moved. David pull off some pretty impressive jumps and spins, and he was not alone. He knew that they were nowhere near as limber and able as Mike or Brittany, but they were not the stiff a cappella choir Mr. Shue had initially envisioned.

When they finished the run through, everyone clapped. There was still work they needed to do on perfecting choreography and fine tuning their harmonization, but it had been an intense performance.

"Guys, I would say that we're ready for regionals!" Blaine exclaimed, looking around and smiling broadly at all of his club members.

Clapping each other on the back and muttering words of congratulations for nailing the performance in the first shot, everyone gathered their stuff back, getting ready to go back to their dorms.

"What did you think of the song once we did it? I know it wasn't your first pick when you got the music sheet," Blaine broached the subject as he and Kurt walked back.

"It actually ended up working very well . . . surprisingly. I have been known to be wrong once in a while, but don't tell anyone else that!"

Blaine mimicked shock and gasped. "Kurt Hummel, you have flaws and imperfections? Get out of here! I am afraid we can no longer be friends."

"A sad day at Dalton," grinned Kurt and slightly bumped his shoulder into Blaine's.

"Hey, Kurt, want to read over my English paper for me?" Blaine asked, looking down at some loose leaf papers as he pushed open the door and stepped into Kurt's room that Saturday morning. He had just had debate team earlier, so he was still dressed in his Dalton uniform.

Kurt, who had accompanied him to the mock-debate that had been held, was also in his uniform. He was wearing his pea coat and was grabbing a scarf off the rack he had fashioned. His car keys were in his left hand, which was also holding his cell phone.

"Oh, not right now, Blaine," Kurt replied, glancing briefly at Blaine as he grabbed a thin red and navy blue scarf that matched the Dalton colours, "I'll do it when I get back."

"Where are you going?" Blained asked, puzzled. Kurt had not mentioned going anywhere this weekend.

Kurt motioned to his phone. "Mercedes and Rachel want to meet up at the Lima Bean - a coffee house in Lima," Kurt explained when he saw the confused expression on Blaine's face, "I think that there is some trouble brewing at McKinley and they just want to talk to a somewhat indifferent third party."

"Oh, okay, I get it. I'll come then," Blaine smiled and, at Kurt's cocked eyebrow, said, "I am obviously the impartial third party needed."

"Oh, very well," Kurt pretended to give in.

The stopped at Blaine's room so he could grab his own coat and scarf, then headed to Kurt's car. The car ride was filled easily with conversations and laughs, especially once Blaine found Kurt's Backstreet Boys Millennium CD.

"Seriously? You still have this?" Blaine asked, eyebrow raised.

"Say what you want, but you know that you know all the words to Larger Than Life," Kurt challenged, placing it in the CD slot. Music filled the car as the song started and Kurt began to sing.

I may run and hide when you're screamin' my name, alright

But let me tell you now there are prices to fame, alright

All of our time spent in flashes of light

Blaine joined in at the chorus, not being able to withstand the song's catchy rhythm and all too well known lyrics.

All you people - can't you see, can't you see?

How your love's affecting our reality?

Every time we're down , you can make it right

And that makes you larger than life

Kurt stopped singing and allowed Blaine to take the next verse. Blaine tried his hardest to gesticulate and be as emphatic as he could while seated and buckled in, making Kurt giggle foolishly.

Looking at the crowd and I see your body sway, c'mon

Wishin' I could thank you in a different way, c'mon

'Cause all of your time spent keeps us alive

They pulled into the parking lot of Lima Bean and were unable to finish the song. Both entered the coffee shop feeling very giddy and trying hard not to laugh hysterically for fear that the other customers would think them insane.

Mercedes and Rachel were waiting by the door, looking rather serious. They both brightened up upon seeing Kurt and Blaine. Giant hugs were given to both boys by Rachel while Mercedes only hugged her best friend, saluting Blaine warmly.

The four fell into idle chitchat as they waited in line to place their orders, everyone paying for themselves. They crowded around the counter, waiting for their beverages and discussing the development on Grey's Anatomy. Blaine, the only one who did not watch the show, was content to just listen to the three bicker about what it really meant the Callie, whoever that was, was pregnant with Sloan's baby.

The barista placed the drinks on the counter in front of them and Kurt, the closest to it, took it upon himself to distribute them.

"Medium drip," he called out, reading what was written on the cup.

"That's me, thank you very much," Blaine claimed it quickly as Kurt handed the other coffee to Rachel.

Blaine went over to get a stir stick and, to break up the Grey' anatomy talk that was sure to follow him to the table, said, "Now I don't want to sound cocky or anything," Mercedes and Rachel exchanged a look, "but you guys better be pulling out all the stops for Regionals." He smirked at the two girls as he headed to a table to sit.

Kurt gave Mercedes her coffee as she took hers and Rachel's muffins. He then proceeded to grab his own beverage and a plate of biscotti before they too followed Blaine and Rachel to the table.

"Because the number we just rehearsed," continued Blaine, "is so off the hook, it's dangerous."

"Seriously," Kurt chimed in, "People should wear protective head gear when they're watching it."

Rachel and Mercedes did not crack a smile at Kurt's quip, like they normally would. Instead, they shared a dark look. Kurt noticed this and looked back and forth between his two friends.

"Guys, we're kidding," he told them.

"Yeah, well it's just hard to laugh right now with with everything going on at McKinley," Rachel somberly said.

"I mean, look at us. The stars of two rival show choirs, sitting, having coffee," Mercedes spoke up, "Our school is so messed up, we can't even keep our own football team together."

Kurt frowned, not seeing how Mercedes had connected those two ideas. He just looked at her, though, and did not ask questions, not wanting to upset her more.

"It's so sad, you guys. Coach Bieste and Mr. Shue were so close to getting everyone at the school together," Rachel said sadly.

"Why hasn't Finn told me anything about this?" Kurt exclaimed, kind of hurt all of a sudden, "I mean, I talk to him daily. All Christmas break I brought him a glass of warm milk every night just in hopes that we'll have a lady chat."

Blaine put down the biscotti he was dunking in his coffee to turn and face Kurt. "Warm milk?" he asked incredulously, "Really?"

"It's delicious," Kurt defended his beverage choice for Finn.

"Finn's too proud to complain. He feels like he has to be strong for everyone, but I know it's just killing him inside. I hope he realizes that, you know, if he and I were still together I could make him feel a lot better, you know?" Rachel went from comforting Kurt to slightly creeping him out due to the intense expression her face took on.

"Let it go, Rachel," sigh Kurt.

Rachel sighed. "I . . . I just wish that there was a way that we could help, that's all."

"Yeah," agreed Mercedes, "And the worst part is how bummed the guys are. I mean, they already suffer enough abuse just being in glee. I really think winning the game could ease some of the pressure . . . at least for a little while."

Blaine's ears picked up and he asked with his mouth full, "Wait, so the whole team quit?"

"Everybody not in Glee. I mean, you can't play football with five guys. One of them is in a wheelchair." Mercedes confirmed.

"Yeah, Coach Bieste put up a sign up sheet for people to join. I think they'll take anyone at this point," Rachel said, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Well," Blaine spoke after thinking a bit, "the good news is you actually only need four more guys. High school regulations actually let you play a couple of guys short if you want to."

A look came over Rachel's face. Kurt had seen it before - the wheels had started turning, she had an idea, something she wanted to execute. Her and Mercedes exchanged looks and the idea seemed to transfer as the same look went over Mercedes' face.

"But, if they figure out a way to make it work," Blaine continued, oblivious to whatever effect his speech may have had and to the look Kurt was giving him, "you can bet that we will definitely be there to cheer them on."

"Oh, totally," Kurt turned to the girls, "Blaine and I love football." At Mercedes' 'oh really' expression, Kurt quickly back peddled and said, "Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves."

Everyone giggled at that statement and it helped get them off of the topic of McKinley's upcoming football game. Kurt was still uneasy about what Rachel was going to do in order to ensure that there would be a football team. She did not think in half measures, it was all or nothing with her, much like with him. Even more, he was uneasy about going back to McKinley, even being there with Blaine and his parents, when Karofsky might be there. He pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind and tried to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with his closest friends.

Blaine had decided to be the one to drive down to Lima for the football game. Both he and Kurt were coming from class, so they had not had time to change. They stopped at Kurt's house for a quick dinner with his parents before the four of them all headed to Kurt's old high school to watch the game.

"Where is Finn?" Kurt asked, still touchy about the fact that Finn had not confided in him about the problems that were happening with the glee club and football team.

"He's already at the school. They have to warm up and he said that he had to get his makeup ready?" Carol replied, slightly perplexed.

"Makeup?" Kurt echoed, "He never mentioned anything about that either." He pouted.

"Don't worry," Blaine kicked him under the table, "I am sure that if he told you what it was for, it would ruin whatever surprise he is preparing all of us for! Great pasta, by the way, Mrs. Hummel," Blaine addressed Carol and she beamed at him.

They got to the school later than Burt wold have preferred and were forced, therefore, to sit higher up than would have been ideal for him. The stadium lights turned on and Burt forgot to keep scowling, instead cheering wildly. His enthusiasm was contagious. Kurt, who knew nothing about the sport, found himself cheering just as hard as his three equally excited companions.

Kurt saw Dave enter the field, surrounded by his drones, and go up to talk to Finn as he stretched in the middle of the field. A ball of ice formed in his stomach and crept throughout his entire body. He was shaking and it had nothing to do with the cold air. Blaine took his hand and squeezed it, smiling comfortingly at him. He too had noticed Karofsky on the field.

"Courage," Blaine mouthed.

Just then, Rachel, smiling like an idiot, Lauren, Tina, and Mercedes all walked onto the field dressed in the McKinley football uniform. Kurt forgot all about Karofsky and stared at them in shock. Were they really doing this? Was he dreaming? He was petrified they would get killed, but, at the same time, an immense wave of pride for his friends washed over him.

When the game started, Kurt was confused.

"Are they supposed to just . . . drop right there?" he asked Blaine, motioning to the girls that just fell flat on their stomachs as soon as a play started.

Blaine shook his head. "I think they're just trying to stay alive," he yelled over the crowd.

Kurt felt the disappointment every time the other team scored a goal. Why was everything so much harder for his friends than for other people? Speaking of friends . . . his eyes roamed the field. Where were Brittany, Santana, and Quinn? He could not spot them anywhere. Maybe they had become comatose due to lack of anything to cheer for in this game.

Suddenly . . . was that Tina? Did she have the ball? Was she really running and ducking fast all those hulking football players?

Kurt could not control himself. He was bouncing around, yelling at the top of his lungs, clapping and cheering her on. Tina! He could not believe it. To the left of him, he could hear his father urging her on.

"Run! Run girl!"

Then, just as suddenly, she was down, tackled. An eery silence fell over the pitch as the first aid responders entered the field. Kurt's heart broke as he saw that Mike as the first one to reach her. His heart in his mouth, he stared at the scene unfolding before him, waiting to see if his friend was alright. As she stood up, Kurt let out the breathe he did not even realize he had been holding in.

The lights dimmed for the half time show and Kurt excitedly tapped Blaine on the knee.

"I wonder what glee club is going to do!" he squealed.

"What makes you think it will be the glee club performing?" asked Blaine.

"What else would Finn be doing with makeup? Trust me, the guy is not cut out for cross-dressing," Kurt laughed then stared in awe at the field as smoke started to pour onto it. He could not tell who the people on the field were or if they were wearing costumes.

The lights came on and he saw them.


Santana's strong voice was heard as she began the song.

Off with your head

I guess they found something to cheer for, Kurt thought.

What followed made Kurt miss New Directions more than anything. A great mash-up between 'Thriller' and 'Heads Will Roll' set the stage for a zombie-clad dance of epic proportions. The school band was on the field, playing with them. And . . . were those the rest of the football players, dancing and singing?

The crowd, including all the McKinley students, parents, and staff, were actually swaying with the music. Dancing along. Singing along. Cheering. Kurt felt like he had fallen through the rabbit hole, into an alternate universe where the glee club was not viciously ostracized at McKinley.

Somebody joined the field in the middle of the dance. Kurt could not be sure . . . and he did not want to seem paranoid . . . but was that Karofsky? A tingle went up his spine, but he chose to ignore it and focus on his friends who had worked so hard and deserved this great reception they were receiving.

The applause when the number finished was almost deafening. Kurt jumped up and down, clapping as hard as he could. He had never been more happy for his friends and never missed New Directions more. The rest of the game did not really matter to him.

He was happy for Finn and his teammates that they had won. He cheered alongside Blaine and his parents when that touchdown was placed, but, to him, the triumph had been the musical number.

The four of them waited in the hallway of the school after the game. The hallway was pretty busy with other families and friends waiting around for someone on the football team. Blaine and Kurt were going to leave straight after, but Kurt wanted to see Finn before heading out. He did not want to say congratulations and show him his pride though a text message or phone call.

"So, Blaine," Burt started, chest puffed with local pride, "What did you think of our little football team?"

"They played well, sir. I am still . . . in awe of what the girls did in the first half. That must have taken a lot of guts," Blaine replied.

"Yes, it was a well-earned win," Burt hugged Carol with one hand, "We're very proud."

Voices were heard. People started leaving the change rooms. Lauren Zizes was the first to walk by them. She waved at Kurt as he congratulated her on her participation in the first half as well as her work in the half-time show.

"I only wish I had hurt someone," she muttered as she walked away.

Blaine looked over to Kurt. "If she serious?"


Finn ran up to them, yelling down the hall as he did so, and hugged his mom tightly, spinning her around. Burt clapped loudly and was soon smothered in a hug from Finn as well, bringing a swift end to his claps.

"Finn, honey, congratulations!" Carol said, cupping her son's face in her hands and staring tearily at him.

"Aw, Mom, don't cry," Finn hugged her again quickly, "Besides, it wasn't just me. The whole team came together . . . in a way I didn't think possible. Everything is going to be great!" Finn beamed.

Blaine clapped Finn on the back and shook his hand, congratulating him on the win and inquiring about a few plays he had seen the team do in the second half. Finally, Kurt hugged his brother, any anger or irritation he might have had vanishing at the sight of Finn and his goofy, warm smile.

"I'm so happy for you, Finn! I hope that this can be the beginning of a sort of alliance between the football team and the glee club?" he said hopefully.

"Coach Bieste and Mr. Shue seem to think that it will help," Finn shrugged, "I dunno . . . right now we all love each other. I hope that it will last tomorrow when we are back at school. I'm going to try to make it happen," Finn replied, causing Carol and Burt to exchange prideful looks.

From the corner of his eye, Kurt saw Karofsky walking down the hall with another one of his buddies. Both were walking slowly and neither seemed to have noticed him yet. His heart sped up as his hand searched for Blaine's. Find it, he squeezed it urgently. Blaine looked at him oddly then, looking over his shoulder, saw the two boys, who had currently stopped to shove dirty clothes in a bag.

Blaine immediately recognized Karofsky from their prior encounter and immediately knew why Kurt had gone pale and was holding his hand so tightly.

"Anyways, Mr. and Mrs Hummel, I am afraid that I am going to have to drag Kurt away now. I have a test I need to revise for and we do have a bit of a drive ahead of us," Blaine spoke up, creating a gateway for himself and Kurt.

"Of course! We understand. Your studies are the most important thing," Burt said, "Thanks for coming out, Blaine. It says a lot about you to be able to come and not only watch a rival's game, but cheer for them too."

Blaine nodded politely, smiling, and accepted the compliment.

Kurt smiled weakly at his family. "Bye, guys. I'll miss you," he managed to choke out. His throat had dried up and swallowing was painful. He just needed to get out.

Burt pish-poshed. "Kurt, we're right here. You talk to us daily. Now, come on, scoot! Stop trying to find reasons to not head back and do your work!"

"Right," Kurt whispered and, with quickly pecking his father on the cheek, started to all but run out of the school, Blaine following him quickly.

Kurt thought he had be done with running.

He thought he had found his courage.

His clammy hands and pounding heart told him a different story.