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The summer passed quickly in Paris. Although Dan had handed in his manuscript months earlier, he decided to wait on the editing/publishing process until they moved back to New York. Yes, they had both decided to pack up their apartments and move back home. They still had time left in Paris, though. So they definitely made the most of it.

Serena stayed true to her word and flew over for Paris Fashion Week the first week of September; she even brought Nate. She found the perfect dress at the Vera Wang show. She wasn't the only one, however. As the two girlfriends were sitting in the front row of the Monique Lhuillier show, a dress caught Blair's eye.

The same feeling she got when looking into Dan's eyes wafted through her when she saw this dress. The room hushed around her, surroundings blurred, and her eyes honed in on the garment. After the show, she rushed backstage, ignoring Serena's questions. She wrote a check and bought the dress literally off the model. She had them send it to her apartment immediately and went back out to meet Serena, keeping her purchase completely secret.

When she arrived home that night, she sent Serena and Nate off to her and Dan's favorite restaurant. She needed to talk to Dan.

As he was washing their dinner dishes, Dan was rambling on a story about how he and Nate somehow got lost in the city. As confusing as this was, Blair tuned it out. Leaning against the counter beside him, she didn't know how to bring up the dress. So she skipped right over it.

"I think we should get married," she interrupted him.

Dan nearly dropped the plate he was washing. "What?"

"I want to get married. To you." He noticed her face was completely serious.

"Okay," he said.

Because it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"Yes," Dan said again.

"Really?" A smile rose on Blair's face.

Dan dropped the dish in the sink. With soapy hands (he didn't care) he cupped her neck. In between peppered kisses all over her face, he whispered yes over and over. Once he stopped, and Blair's shirt was wet with suds (she didn't care), he furrowed his brow. "Wait...aren't I supposed to be asking you?"

She sighed happily and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Everything about us isn't the norm...why stop now?"

He kissed her smirk and pulled back again. "But I don't have a ring."

She shook her head. "I don't need one. Just a wedding ring."

"Okay." He smiled widely, as did she.

She pursed her lips. "Also...let's get married tomorrow."


"Yeah...it's perfect," she said, liking the idea more and more. "I may or may not already have a dress; you can get a suit tomorrow. And I don't want to spend another minute of my life not married to you."

"Will you care if your parents aren't there?" he questioned.

She smiled, "No. I really only need you there. Serena and Nate can witness, of course."

"This is very rebellious of us," he said, tightening his hold of her.

She bit her lip and gave a sexy smile. "I know...and I kind of like it." She nearly purred the last few words and Dan's knees almost gave out.

He lifted her up onto the counter, standing in between her legs, and pressed his lips to hers. He immediately deepened the kiss, causing her to moan into his mouth. She feverishly rid him of his shirt while he reached up to pull of her panties. He groaned when he felt bare skin and no lace. "Surprise," she whispered against his lips. The thought that she had no underwear on this entire evening almost made him lose himself right there. "Bedroom?" he somehow managed to say.

"No," she gasped as she felt his lips meet her shoulder.

The fact that they were in the kitchen turned them both on even more. While Blair was unclasping his belt and unbuttoning his pants, Dan covered every part of her collarbone and neck with kisses. When he made his way down to her breasts, she arched her back into him, gasping. After nearly yanking off his pants and boxers, Blair finally lowered herself into him. Both of their cries we muffled with more passionate kisses and they both came to their peak together. Breathing heavily, Blair rested her forehead on Dan's. "I love you so much," he whispered, causing her to chuckle breathlessly.


After catching their breaths, Dan carried her into their bedroom. They curled up next to each other, spent from their kitchen activity. Dan softly played with her hair, and Blair relaxed into him. Both of their eyes were closed, but they were still awake. "Where should we get married?" Blair asked.

"I think I know the perfect place. I'll deal with the details. I'll surprise you. You just show up."

"Okay." She said with a sleepy smile. And right before they both fell asleep, she added, "I can't wait to be your wife."


Although she was getting married today, Blair decided to stay as calm as possible. There was no wedding planner, no crazy bridesmaids, and no floral emergency she had to deal with. Dan said he was taking care of everything and to not worry about anything. So she didn't.

Serena nearly died when they told her of their wedding plans. Nate was just as shocked. They both recovered quickly, because Serena realized that it didn't matter when they got married, as long as she was going to be there. Blair put Nate in charge of helping Dan select a suit and hurried off with Serena to pick out Dan's wedding band.

"And you have no idea where you're getting married?" Serena asked for the eighth time that day.

"S, no!" She continued looking through the case of rings. "Besides, it's kind of exhilarating this way. There's something so fun about it."

"Yeah, I guess," Serena replied, thinking there was no possible way she could do this.

After selecting the ring and finding Serena a dress, they headed back to Blair's apartment. The dress had just been dropped off, and after eating a very late lunch, the girls started on their hair and makeup.

Blair decided to leave her hair down; she curled some of the pieces a little more, and let them fall naturally. She pulled up one side in the front and clasped it with a vintage broach. She decided against a veil. Serena kept Blair's makeup natural looking and fresh, rosying up her cheeks and lining her eyes with something to make them pop.

After Serena applied her own makeup and changed into her dress, she called Dan to find out the secret location. She squealed when she heard where it was and went to go find the bride. When she walked into the bedroom, she gasped. Standing in front of her was Blair Waldorf.

In a wedding dress.

She looked positively gorgeous and Serena tried her hardest to hold back tears. "B! You look so beautiful!" She went over and hugged her friend, carefully trying not to wrinkle both dresses. "I know where the secret location is so let's hurry up and get you there so Dan can see how amazing you look."

Blair laughed. "Okay." She took a deep breath. "Let's go."

Serena actually blindfolded Blair, as much as she protested. They took a taxi to avoid tripping over cobblestones and ruining their heels. Blair made Serena stop at a flower shop and gave her specific instructions to buy red roses. Simply because it seemed so Parisian.

When they arrived, Serena took Blair's hand and slowly led her to the spot. After what seemed like a million step now and turn left instructions, Serena finally said, "We're here."

Blair slowly took off her blindfold, shivering in anticipation. She gasped when she saw where they were.

They were on Dan's rooftop deck. But it didn't look like the night of their first date.

Dan had hung strings of lights above them and filled the space with giant vases of red roses. The sun was setting now, and the city of Paris was lit in the background. She finally met his eyes and gave him a smile. She wanted to run over and hug and kiss him right then and there, but she instead walked slowly over to him. Nate was standing to his side, as well as the...Priest? Judge? She didn't care who it was.

"Hi," she said quietly when she was standing right in front of him.

"Hi," he replied breathlessly, taken her in. She looked absolutely breathtaking. She literally glowed and Dan had to remind himself to breathe. How did I get so lucky?

Her dress was ivory lace, hugging her body until it flowed out a little below her knees. Her neckline was shallow v-neck, leading to lace sleeves sweeping over her shoulders. It was simple and elegant and graceful and classic and so Blair.

Dan looked as sexy and handsome as always, wearing a navy suit and tie. Blair handed her bouquet to Serena and took Dan's hands in hers.

They kept the ceremony short and simple, having only vows and rings. After promising each other's love forever and always, to the stars and back, from Paris to New York, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, they both said, I do. Blair slipped a simple silver band onto Dan's finger and Dan slid an exquisite diamond band onto Blair's.

They kissed before they were supposed to. They didn't really care.

He was her husband. And she was his wife.

And that's all that mattered.

They walked hand in hand through the streets of Paris and took the elevator all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Dan finally enjoyed the view of the most romantic city in the world...the city he fell in love in...with the girl his was in love with.

He was glad he waited.