7th Installment.

Own Nothing.

Torchwood (COE) Jack/Hermione-

She woke up to a sound of a person breathing next to her. She looked around and realized that they were in the Hub, on the couch. "Jack, wake up." She tried to shake him awake quietly.

"What?" He growled, wrapping his arm tightly around her.

"We're in the Hub." She whispered.


"Shouldn't we get dressed?" She asked, trying to pull away, she tensed up when she heard the clock-like door open. "Oh, god no." She buried herself as best as she could in Jack's side, pulling the small blanket over her head.

"Hey, you're taking all the warmth." She heard Jack as he tried to pull the blanket over him.

She tugged back when she heard footsteps. "You can come out from under there Hermione, it's just me." Ianto called.

"No, I'm embarrassed." She mumbled into Jack's side, tickling him.

"You're what?" Ianto asked, smiling at Jack.

She said it again, this time Jack lifted the blanket slightly so he could hear her better. "She said, she's embarrassed."

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about Hermione, we've all wanted to shag Jack. You actually did it. Good job."

She mumbled something again and Jack had to lift up the blanket to hear her clearly. "She says, that doesn't change anything. We got caught." He smiled down at her covered head. "Hey, that's half the fun. Ow." She pinched his stomach, swatting her head. "Play nice under there."

Ianto rolled his eyes. "Hermione, I gave Gwen the day off."

"Why'd do that for?" Jack asked, looking up at Ianto with a raised eyebrow.

"Ulterior motives I assure you." Ianto winked. "And Hermione, I made you coffee."

Hermione flipped the blanket off of her head at the mention of coffee and as soon as she did, she saw a bright flash. She blinked a few times before she realized that Ianto had his camera phone out. "Sorry, I need a new backdrop thought you two would be perfect for it. Jack I'll send you a copy. Hermione, you one if you want."

"I don't care, I just want coffee." She growled, reaching out to grab the steaming cup from Ianto. She took a big sip, not caring that it burnt her tongue and throat. She set it down on Jack's chest.

"Hey, watch it!" He yelled slightly at her.

"Whatever, you like it." Both Hermione and Ianto said at the same time, smiling at each other.

"That's not fair. Two against one." Jack whined.

"Sounds like a plan." Ianto replied.

Hermione and Jack looked at each other then at Ianto. "Well she is a lot to handle." Jack smirked, as Hermione shivered next to him.

"And that's a lot coming from you Jack." Ianto replied.

"I might need help." Jack continued.

"Say no more." And Ianto bent down to take away Hermione's coffee before kissing her on the lips.

"So not fair, two against one." Hermione whispered when they brook apart.

"But it's fun." Jack smiled at Ianto's comment.