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Chapter 1- Kyoko's Going Out?

The school bell rang, dismissing the students. In one corner of a certain room, a boy with spiky amber brown hair and eyes was looking at his latest test.

Not good..Reborn's going to kill me! But I improved ^^ I went from 20s to 70s! I guess having Reborn as a tutor is actually working...But Reborn wanted at least an 80! What am I goign to do?

"Juudamie!" A silver-haired boy ran to him. "How did you do?" Tsuna sighed. "Better than before, Gokudera-kun. But Reborn wanted an 80, not a 70!" "Wow, Tsuna, you got a 70? Amazing!" A black-haired boy with a carefree smile had now joined them.

"Yamamoto!" "Baseball idiot!"

Gokudera narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing here?" Yamamoto laughed. "Maa maa, it's okay! I got a 40, what about you?" Gokudera grinned, a proud glint in his eye. "A 101 points! I finished the test in 20 minutes, so the teacher gave me an extra point."

Yamamoto nodded, smiling. "That's great!" Tsuna sighed. "If only I was smart as you, Gokudera-kun!" Gokudera looked like he went to heaven when he heard Tsuna's compliment. "Thank you, Juudaime!"



Three heads turned left. There she was, the most beautiful girl of Namimori Middle School. Kyoko Sasagawa. Her short orange hair and soft sunset colored eyes and slim figure sure was something to see. And to top it all off, she was extremely sweet and kind.

"Oh, Yamamoto-kun! Gokudera-kun!"

Yamamoto smiled. "Yo!" But Gokudera's greeting was a grunt, nod and a 'Hey.' Tsuna blushed and stammered, "K-Kyoko-chan!" "I-I was going to ask if you guys wanted to come over to my house. you want to come too?" Kyoko's face lit up. "Oh, really? But...oh, I can't! I'm sorry, I have to go over at someone's house to do our class project." "Oh.." Tsuna seemed to deflate. "Oh, but maybe next time then?" Kyoko nodded. "Yup!"

As Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto walked outside, they saw a girl with slightly wavy dark hair and a Midori school uniform. "Tsuna-san! Yamamoto-san!...Oh, you." Gokudera flared up. "What did you say, you stupid woman?" Tsuna groaned. As soon as she comes, she and Gokudera-kun always clash! Haru sighed. "Oh well, Haru doesn't have time for people like you." Gokudera's eyes smoldered.

"You want to die?" Yamamoto smiled. "Maa, maa. Calm down." "By the way, Tsuna-san. Where's Kyoko-chan going? Haru saw her with a boy."


Yamamoto looked thoughtful. "Didn't she say she was going to someone's house? For the project, ne?" Gokudera nodded. "I'm surprised you even remember, baseball idiot." But Tsuna was freaking out and going beserk. "Who was it? Who'd he look like?"

"Haru doesn't know him," Haru said slowly. "But he looked a little bit like Dino-san, but he had dark blue eyes." "Oh," Gokudera said. "I know. It's that kid, Yoru Ayawaza. From our class." Thoughts zoomed around Tsuna's mind.

Does he like Kyoko? Does Kyoko like him? It's just a project... so I don't have to worry about anything... right? But I'm still...

"WHAT? KYOKO WENT SOMEWHERE WITH A GUY?" Haru looked over to her side and smiled. "Rhyohei-san!" Yamamoto also smiled. "Ossu, senpai." Gokudera's eyes twitched with annoyance. "Turf top." Ryohei whirled on him. "What was that, Octupus head?" Lightning and thunder seemed to crackle between them.

"Kyoko went with someone named Yoru Ayawaza to do a project." Ryohei's eyes flared. "Yoru... from boxing? YOSH! I'LL FIND YORU AND BEAT HIM UP TO THE EXTREME!" And with that, Ryohei was off. A sudden death aura oozed into the aura.

"If you people don't leave and be quiet, I'll bite you to death."

Tsuna yelped, not daring to turn around. "H-Hibari-san!" "Yeah, we'll be on our way now! Ja ne!" And with that, they rushed off before Hibari could bite them to death.

They all panted as they arrived at Tsuna's house. "That was scary!" Haru gasped. Gokudera's eyes furrowed. "One day, I'll get him! How dare he threaten Juudaime!" Yamamoto laughed. "Hehe, maa maa. We're safe so it's okay!" That was Yamamoto, usually happy-go-lucky.

After they entered the house, greeted Tsuna's Mama and Bianchi, (Gokudera had to lie down for some reason) and went upstairs, Tsuna pulled out his homework. A blank stare formed on his face. I dont' get it! Haru looked at him anxiously, then spoke. "Tsuna-san? You don't get it?" Tsuna nodded. 'Y-yeah." Haru's face lit up. "Haru would be more than happy to help you with it. Ah, Yamamoto-san? You need help too? Okay, this is how you-"

Tsuna and Yamamoto were being coached by Haru on how to do their math homework. Gokudera eventually recovered, and tried to help, but he used such difficult words no one understand him. Without knowing it, they spent 3 hours laughing and smiling and talking.

The door swung open.

"K-Kyoko-chan?" Tsuna stammered. Haru smiled. "Kyoko-chan!" Yamamoto greeted with an 'Ossu,' while Gokudera just grunted as he read a book. Kyoko smiled. "Um, konichiwa. Can I talk to Haru for a minute, if that's okay?" Haru got up. "Of course, Kyoko-chan! You can tell Haru anything!" Kyoko whispered a few words into Haru's ear and Haru shrieked, "HAHIII! HARU CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" KYOKO-CHAN! THAT'S GREAT!" Kyoko blushed, smiling. "Yeah.."

Tsuna looked at them curiously. "What-what's the matter?" Haru enthusiastically replied, "Tsuna-san! Kyoko-chan has a boyfriend now desu!" Shock ran through Tsuna, and time seeme to slow down. No way... Kyoko-chan... is dating someone?

Yamamoto grinned. "Eh, who?" Kyoko smiled. "Y-Yoru-kun." Gokudera smiled a bit. "Congragulations. DId you tell Turf Top?" Kyoko smiled. "I'm going to now. Onii-chan knows Yoru-kun. Yoru-kun's in the boxing club, after all. Hehe, ja, I'll be going now!"

Haru sighed. "Aaah, how great. If only Tsuna-san and-" Haru glanced at Tsuna. "T-Tsuna-san? What's the matter? Are you okay?" Tsuna was pallen, thoughts running through his head. dating...Yoru-kun...Boxing

"Juudaime!" Gokudera looked alarmed. Even Yamamoto looked worried. "Tsuna?" Tsuna tried to crack a smile. "N-nothing. Just... a little shocked that Kyoko's dating Yoru."

"Eh? Kyoko and Yoru? Bother you? Why?"

Gokudera scoffed at Yamamoto. "Baseball idiot, don't you see? Kyoko is part of the Family. Of course he'd be worried about her!" Tsuna shook his head. "No, not just that. I actually... like Kyoko..chan." His cheeks flared alnd sorrow could be seen in his eyes. "

"Since I met her, she was so... nice. Like an angel from heaven. BUt I knew I'd never have a chance. So I never said anything." Gokudera and Yamamoto looked shocked. "You..Tsuna," Yamamoto began. "Juudaime? You liked.. Kyoko? Turf top's little sister?" Tsuna nodded. They gave a little gasp (A/N: AHAHAHA :D Such a girly reaction!) "I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT!"

Yamamoto glanced at Haru. "Oi...Haru. WHy are you crying?" Sure enough, tears were running down Haru's cheeks. "Baka woman, why are you-" Gokudera was cut off by Haru's sniffs and little sobs. Tsuna was shocked that Haru was crying. She usually didn'. Well, he hadn't seen her cry since their Family had gone to the future and faced off Byakuran!

"Haru...I-" Haru choked out. "is heart brok-" Haru stopped, clenching her hand. "Haru will go help Bianchi-san in the kitchen." Yamamoto's eyes were focused with concentration, the look he usually had before he threw a fast pitch. Gokudera shook his head, still a little shaken by what he had just seen.

"Woman are so weird."

Yamamoto spoke. "Ehehe," He started off, with a tiny little smile. "I actually have something to say. About Kyoko and Haru. And you Tsuna."

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