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Summary: "Its kiss and tell, not kiss and run!" Castiel didn't know he was starting a game when he gave Dean that innocent little kiss on the cheek.

It wasn't unusual to see Castiel Novak walking with Dean Winchester. It also wasn't unusual to see Dean's arm casually slung around Castiel's shoulders. It was a way to include the shy, somewhat awkward boy into a conversation. It was also to make both boys feel safe. Dean was protecting someone. Dean needed to protect someone. He had that trait, that protective streak, running through him fiercly. He also needed to feel secure. Castiel provided him a way to show everyone- and himself- he was protecting someone. He also enjoyed having Dean's arm around him. It made him feel safe.

"What did you get Sam this year?" Castiel asked Dean. He always walked Dean halfway to class before he had to go his own way. The only acceptation was when one of them was absent.

"Some nerd thing he wanted," Dean shrugged. "Did you get me anything?" Castiel smiled.

"I might have,"

"Might?" Dean scoffed. "Then I might have gotten you something too."

"But I might not have," Castiel continued with a smirk. Dean looked surprised before shoving his friend playfully.

"If you don't get me anything I'm withholding your Christmas present," he declared. "Oh, hey man, I got to go." He gripped Castiel's shoulder as a way of saying goodbye. He was about to turn away when Castiel looked up.

"Dean," Dean turned back to face Castiel and slightly chapped lips met his cheek.

"Mistletoe," Castiel said before turning to go to class. Dean put a hand to his cheek, staring after the other boy.

"Dude, what are you doing? You're going to be late to class," Sam said.

"Mistletoe, Sammy, mistletoe," Dean grinned, putting his arm around his brother and walking with him.

"What are you talking about, Dean? There's no mistletoe," Sam said, looking back where Dean was with a frown. "Are you going delusional? And it's Sam."

"But Cass said- oh that sneaky littleā€¦ wait until I get him back," Dean said. "Where'd he go?"

"Ran to class," Sam shrugged.

"Ran?" Dean quoted.


"Its kiss and tell, not kiss and run!" Dean scowled.

"Dean, people are staring," Sam said, moving away from his brother. "Go to class."

It was unusual, however, that Dean was staring into space with a hand on his cheek. It was also unusual for Castiel to burst into the classroom, looking disheveled and out of breath before the warning music came on for the bell to ring. It was unusual to see either teenage boy looking anything but cool and collected.

Do you remember the first kiss?
Stars shooting across the sky
To come to such a place as this
You never left my mind

Although, Dean Winchester running into class, just seconds before the bell rang, wasn't that unusual.

Me: So I eventually plan to do the same thing Castiel did- kiss the boy I like on the cheek and say there's mistletoe... and then run. I don't know how said boy should react but what do the rest of you think? About the plan and the story?