Christmas Miracle

ItaHina/AU/Modern/Supernatural: This is a gift-fic for EmbraceDiversity (AKA Catriana) for the holidays and because she is so awesome. I have been writing about ghosts lately, so I thought I would try angels this time.

Disclaimer: Not mine, it all belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.


Hinata truly loved the holiday season and it was by far her favorite time of the year. She loved all of the lights, the decorations and the Christmas music playing in the stores. Most of all she loved the spirit of kindness that flowed over the earth and how much nicer everyone seemed to be around this time of year.

From the corner of her eye, she saw two women fighting over a pair of jeans in the aisle of the Macy's department store she was in. Disturbed by their ungenerous behavior Hinata decided to go somewhere else a little more cheerful.

Okay, well some of the time people were nicer to each other, she had to admit to herself, trying to be optimistic.

Under the cloak of invisibility and eager to put that ugly scene out of her mind, she fluttered to another section of the store while humming "Away in a Manger" determinedly to herself.

Her heart began to sink when she hovered close to a young mother with her five year old son. The mother seemed stressed out and appeared to be taking out her frustrations on her young son.

"Jonas, I thought I told you to stop touching everything!"

The little boy began to cry at his mother's tone of voice and Hinata felt sorry for him.

She moved closer to him and was surprised when the boy's jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide as he gaped at her.

Oops, she thought as she had accidentally lowered her cloak of invisibility, and in that state innocent people, mostly children, could see her.

Shooting a flustered grin at the boy she lifted her hand and waved her fingers goodbye before vanishing completely right before his eyes.

The black-haired boy gasped before he began to tug violently on his mother shirt sleeve. "Mommy! Mommy!"

"What?" His harassed mother snapped with an inpatient look at him.

"I saw an angel, she was standing right over there," he told her in awed tones as he pointed excitedly to the spot Hinata had just vacated.

His mother rolled her eyes and turned away from him. "Oh god Jonas! Stop talking nonsense, angels aren't real."

"But Mommy…" Jonas sputtered. "I saw her, she had white fluffy wings and…"

His mother whirled around so fast her short, fake, pink hair practically stood up on its ends as she bent down and got in his face, and pointed her finger in his chest. "They-are-mythical-creatures… and one more word from you about it, and I am going to take you to a psychiatrist – do you hear me!"

Beginning to feel very uncharitable towards the young mother, Hinata was about to do the forbidden and show herself to prove she was real when a dark-haired man came up to them.

"Uncle Itachi, I saw an angel!" Jonas told his uncle with excited eyes that pleaded with him to believe him.

The man, dressed in an exquisitely tailored suit and long black cashmere coat turned and Hinata got a better look at his face and felt her breath catch in her throat. She didn't normally notice anything about humans beyond the state of their hearts, whether they were good or bad people, but with him it was unavoidable.

He was utterly drop-dead gorgeous in a classical and perfect sort of way. His hair pulled back into a pony-tail suited him perfectly as it served to emphasize the elegance of his angular face.

As she continued to stare at him a frown slipped over her face puzzled that his bearing was extremely calm, but not in a peaceful sort of way. Her observation about him made her curious so she examined him closer.

She shivered when she delved deeper into the core of him, and felt his soul was cold as though he had put to death all trace of human emotions within himself. He definitely was not someone who had found inner peace.

Yet, Hinata was relieved when she noticed a tiny spark of light remained in him as he looked patiently at his young nephew and knelt down gently next to him.

"Mommy says they aren't real, do you believe in angels?" Jonas asked his uncle with serious eyes that reminded his uncle so much of his deceased younger brother it made his stomach clench in pain.

"No Jonas, I don't believe they exist," he told his nephew firmly before patting him awkwardly on his little shoulder. As he stood up he shot a glance at the boy's mother.

The two of them shared a look that clearly said they were both in the dark about where this odd behavior was coming from.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jonas spotted a pearl colored feather on the floor and reached down and picked it up with a happy grin. As his hand clenched around the iridescent little feather, he had no doubt angels were real. Glancing up quickly at his mother and uncle he saw their attention was directed away from him and he stared at it in wonder as he held it in front of his eyes.

The luminous feather was proof that angels were real!

"Come Jonas, I will buy you an ice cream before I have my driver take you and your mother home," Itachi said as he turned to leave. This conversation was making him uncomfortable and he didn't want to spend one more minute in his brother's widow's company than was necessary.

He absolutely despised the bitch, but loved her child, so he put up with her for his sake and for Sasuke's sake. Years ago when Sasuke was still in college, Sakura had caught his brother in a weak moment, and a one night stand had ended up with her getting pregnant.

Not wanting to abandon his child, Sasuke had reluctantly married her, but ended up dying a year after Jonas was born in a freak car crash. The phone call informing him of his brother's death still haunted him to this day.

No, he didn't believe in angels - if they were real, then why didn't they protect his brother from harm?

He opened the door to the busy mall and saw on the sidewalk was a young dark haired woman ringing a bell, collecting money for the Salvation Army.

Hinata followed the family outside and felt drawn to the young woman who smiled almost angelically toward everyone who walked past her, whether they dropped any money in the bucket or not.

"Merry Christmas," she said with a cheeful smile after someone dropped a five dollar bill in the red bucket.

Now there is someone who understands the true meaning of Christmas and love, Hinata thought as she gazed at the young woman. As she explored deeper into the core of her heart, she could tell the human had led a hard life, but had an inner peace to her that only a few people ever obtain in their lives.

Itachi was unusually touched by the woman's smile, and opened his wallet and dropped a hundred dollar bill into the bucket. The girl gave him a sweet, but somewhat awed look after she got a good look at his face.

"Itachi," Sakura whined. "Aren't you being overly generous, I mean, there are better charities out there if you want to do some real good. The poor will always be with us, so I never waste my money on lost causes like them. Instead, I found a great charity that supports women who have had tragic results from plastic surgery."

Visibly restraining himself from rolling his eyes in front of his poisonous sister-in-law, he looked around for an ice cream stand to take his nephew to. His eyes opened wide in fear when he saw Jonas was just about to step off the curb into the oncoming traffic.

"Jonas, no!" He yelled while racing after him and he saw a flash of light and the Salvation Army bell-ringer dart into traffic behind his nephew and grab him from behind and swing him out of the way to safety, just before a large truck was about to run into her. Feeling as if he was moving in slow motion Itachi tried to pull her out of the way, but was too late.

The driver of a large truck tried to stop and his foot desperately pressed against the brake, but he couldn't keep his truck from hitting the young woman. His stomach clenched in sickening dread as he watched her fly through the air and land on the pavement with a loud thud.

The sounds of screeching tires and screams from pedestrians and busy shoppers filled the air as Itachi could only look down at her pale face in horror. Not having much in the way of medical skills, he quickly pulled out his cell phone and began calling for the paramedics to come. Soon he saw with relief, people with medical backgrounds in the crowd begin to perform assessments on her.

Sakura quickly hugged her little boy (her meal ticket) before launching into a vicious tirade as she pointed toward the street. "You see that, she is hurt... and it is all your fault…you are just like your father was. You never care about anyone else, just yourself - you selfish brat."

Jonas's fists balled up in pain and he began to cry and rub his eyes. He didn't mean for anything bad to happen. He had dropped his angel feather and didn't want to lose it. So without even thinking he had chased after it as it floated on the wind.

"I'm sorry Mommy…is she going to be alright?" He asked in a teary voice as he watched people crowd around the young woman and begin trying to help her.

"How the hell am I supposed to know that, but don't worry, your uncle will take care of it," his mother said airily as she began to drag him toward the limo that was waiting for them at the end of the curb.

Hovering over the young woman, Hinata was visibly shaken and crying and felt like the failure she was. She had tried to stop it from happening, but the best she could do was alert the woman who was closest to the street that Jonas was in danger. At the last moment she tried to stop the truck from hitting the young woman, but she was too late…just like she always was.

In heaven, she had the highest death/accident rate for the precious ones she was assigned to protect out of anyone. It was not a statistic she was proud of. Especially since she tried so hard to protect them, but something always seemed to go wrong. A groan tore out of her as she felt like she was cursed.

No wonder her superiors stopped assigning people for her to watch over and protect, because things like this always had a way of happening to her. The other angels even gave her a nickname behind her back.

She was called The Oops Angel.

Panicking as she watched the life begin to slowly recede out of the sweet young woman, Hinata began to pray and intercede on her behalf. "Please… let her live and take my life instead."

Immediately she found herself in the celestial world in-between, where angels watched over the earth with her superior, Kurenai, standing in front of her with her hands on her hips while she shook her head sadly.

"I…didn't mean for it to happen…I'm sorry, I will do anything to make it right…please tell me how I can fix this!" Hinata pleaded as she fell on her knees.

Kurenai gave her a soft look as Hinata had always been one of her favorites. Because no matter how bad her luck was, she always had such a kind heart and meant well.

"Shhh Hinata, I know," the elder angel said soothingly as she took her hand and made her rise. "A decision has already been handed down from above, the young woman will be coming home to heaven, and you will take her place on earth."

Hinata began to cry, that wasn't exactly what she had been hoping for, the young woman was too young to die.

"Kurenai, why can't she live and I die? She is so young and was so kind toward others while she was on earth."

"I know it seems hard to understand, but we all agree it will be for the best," Hinata's boss pronounced to her with a look that told her arguing with her would be a very bad idea.

The blood was rushing wildly in her head as she had a feeling there was going to be more to this than stripping her of her halo and making her human.

She didn't have long to wait before Kurenai began to explain the rest of her sentence.

"While you are on earth we will give you one task, and if you are successful you will be allowed to return to heaven and live amongst us once again."

Hinata had a feeling it was going to be difficult and she soon found she was right. "I will do anything you ask, Kurenai, what is it you want me to do?"

"The young man you met at the mall, Itachi Uchiha. His brother has asked for a miracle for him and the Master still believes there is good in him. He is very wealthy and powerful, and over the past few years he has hardened his heart off toward everyone, except his young nephew. And has been consumed by pain from the loss of his brother."

Hinata listened to her boss with a sinking heart as she had a feeling he was going to be nearly impossible to change…people like him who stopped allowing themselves to love others, and lived only to make money usually were.

This kind of miracle seemed to be utterly beyond a failure like her.

She looked around as the skies around them began to grow dark and gray and the celestial lights around them begin to dim.

"Your assignment is to teach him the true meaning of Christmas…" she heard Kurenai's voice say before she began to fade away.

"I will do my best," Hinata said with determination and tried not to wince when her gossamer wings disappeared and her lovely halo stopped glowing and fell off of her head with a loud clank.

The last thing Hinata remembered before the penetrating darkness overtook her was Kurenai telling her that she would be watching her…

Author's Note: I am working on my other stories and will probably be posting the epilogue for DTBR within a few days. Regarding this story, I hope to have it finished by Christmas.

Oh and btw, I happen to believe in angels:)