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"Live Free or Twi-Hard"

"What're you doing later?" Dean asked into his cellphone, talking to Sunny.

After that heartbreaking experience at Sunny's motel, they decided to work on their relationship as friends before rushing back to where they left off. Dean still had a lot of making up to do before Sunny could trust him again.

"Uhh, I got a lead on some mysterious killings taking place a state away. I'm gonna check that out." she replied.

One of the conditions of the friendship was keeping their distance from each other, meaning they couldn't work together on every hunt.

Dean couldn't say he was happy about it but didn't dare protest it, since she had been doing hunts without him for months after he ditched her, not to mention years before they even met.

"Alright, then. Me and Sam are on fang-watch tonight...I just thought I'd let you know and see if you wanted in." he shrugged.

Sam walked out from in the bathroom, his towel wrapped around his waist and his body moist from the shower. He lifted his head, mime-asking if she was joining them. Dean burrowed his brows and shook his head. Sam shrugged and proceeded to get dressed and towel dry his hair. Dean turned away from his brother quickly.

"Dude!" he groaned, he had just been aroused by the sound of Sunny's voice over the phone. Now he found himself grossed out by his little brother's naked ass behind him. As he made his way into the bathroom, he lowered his voice so Sam couldn't hear.

"So, uh...when am I gonna see you?" he asked, trying not to sound too sexy, he didn't want her to think he was pushing or rushing anything. He heard her chuckle softly and smiled to himself.

"Well?" he sang.

"I don't know, Dean. Soon." she replied, smiling too.

"Would you consider it rushing if I said I can't wait?" he asked, biting his lip. She paused, thinking about it.

"No." she said, finally. Before he could go on with the flirting, she began speaking again, "Listen, I gotta get going. I'll call you later, okay?"

Before he could reply, she hung up, leaving him to say goodbye to silence. He clicked end and stared at her picture on the screen, back when she was happy. When her hair was long and dark with that cute chunk of bleach blonde. He smiled weakly at it then dropped it. The beautiful, smiling girl in that picture was gone. That girl is now guarded and scared. Hurt and...different. She's not the same as before and he blamed himself.

"She coming with?" Sam's voice broke into Dean's thoughts.

"Uh, no. She's busy." Dean replied, shoving the cellphone into his pocket.

"Oh." was all Sam said.

The following day, while examining the corpse of the latest victim in her case, Sunny heard her phone ring in her purse. She reached in and pulled it out, knowing who it was. She sighed heavily when she saw Dean's name and picture flash on the screen, then answered it.

"What's up, Dean?" she asked.

"What are you doing right now? Where are you?" he responded with questions. His voice sounded urgent and stressed.

"I'm in the middle of investigating a body...why, what's wrong?" she replied, worriedly.

"I need to see you. I can't explain it over the phone." he said. "Can you meet me right now?"

Sunny looked over at the dead body laying on the slab. Once a man with three young children and a loving wife, now brutally slashed to ribbons. His entire torso was dug out and deep scratches decorated his face. It looked like the work of a wild animal, and that's what was confirmed as the cause of death in the autopsy report.

"Dean, I'm a step away from solving this case, can't it wait?" she half-whined.

She could hear Dean sigh sadly on the other line, then a sniffle. "Yeah, look, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to-" he started but she cut him off.

"I'll be there in an hour, okay?" she assured, softly.

"Thanks, Sunny. I really appreciate it." he said, quietly, as if he was keeping the conversation secret from someone.

She hung up the phone and tapped it against her head multiple times before exiting the morgue, her high heel shoes clacked against the linoleum as she quickly walked down the long hallway.

Sunny met up with Dean at a motel about an hour later. He waited in front of the check-in office, standing under the canopy to stay dry from the rain that had began pouring down minutes before she got there. She got out of her car and jogged towards him, stopping when she saw his face. He looked terribly troubled and deep in thought. Something awful obviously happened last night, she could see his dark circled eyes were glazed over, as if he had been crying. She stepped under the canopy and shook out her hair with her hand. He looked over her outfit with wide eyes. She wore a light gray, skin tight dress skirt that hugged her hips and fell at her knees, a white form fitting, buttoned shirt that was to be worn under a matching blazer but she had taken it off before driving. She gave the outfit a little style by wearing a black tie with bright purple polka dots. He could see her neon blue bra through the shirt now that it was damp.

"My God, Dean, what the hell happened?" she asked, both shocked and concerned.

He looked up at her and let out a deep, trembling sigh.

"If you knew something about Sam that he didn't want me to find out...you'd tell me right?" he asked, ignoring her question.

"Wha-?" she started but he went on.

"Is Sam hiding something from me? Do you know something that he's not telling me? Anything at all?" he pressed.

Sunny shook her head in confusion.

"No. Not that I know of. Why? What's going on, Dean?" she asked again. "What makes you think that?"

Dean sniffed and looked around, as if he felt he was being watched.

"Can...can we get a room...please? I need to-...please?" he asked, his eyes were big and confused.

Sunny nodded, understandingly and began walking towards the office.

"Yeah, of course." she whispered.

Once inside their room, Dean turned the light on and took off his jacket. He threw it on the chair in the corner and sat on the couch. Sunny did the same and sat next to him. She couldn't imagine what had made him so upset that he would question his own brother.

"Dean. Are you alright?" she asked, pressing her palm against the side of his face. He felt burning hot under her cold skin. "Tell me what happened." she whispered.

He sighed again and looked at her.

"A vamp jumped me last night...and turned me." he said.

Sunny's eyes went wide in shock. "You're a vampire now?" she asked.

"No...no, Samuel found an antidote and cured me...I'm human again." he assured. "Before that though...when the vamp forced his blood in my mouth. I thought Sam just...couldn't stop him in time."

Sunny tilted her head in confusion. She didn't understand what he was getting at. He told her how he infiltrated the vamp's nest and developed certain vampire powers. He described Sam's whole attitude towards the situation and how he didn't seem freaked out at all about the fact that his older brother was a vampire. Then, claiming he didn't know about the cure when Samuel brought it up. He left out what happened at Lisa's to avoid making things more awkward.

"God, you must've been miserable...being something you hate." she said, shaking her head.

"Yeah...I practically begged Sam to kill me." he chuckled, softly.

"So what happened after you escaped the lair?" she asked, getting up and grabbing her duffel. She unzipped it and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.

"We went back to the motel and Samuel gave me the antidote...that's when things got freaky." he answered, taking the bottle from her after she sipped and passed it.

She sat back down and tilted her head, listening intently.

"I got sick and passed out...but then these weird visions came to me. There was blood and these little girls. Vampires, I guess but...I don't know, something about them just bothered me." he explained. He took another sip before handing it back to Sunny, who took another sip.

"So, what's that have to do with Sam hiding something?" she asked.

He sighed, heavily and shook his head.

"Right before I woke up, I had a flashback to the alley I was being turned in. The vamp kicked the crap out of me and slathered his blood all over my mouth, I thought Sam hadn't made it to me in time but...I saw him. He just...stood there, watching. He didn't even try to stop it...and the look on his face- Like he was enjoying what was being done to me." he added.

Sunny widened her eyes in shock and gaped at him.

"God...are you sure?"

He gave her a frustrated look and snatched the bottle back, taking a large gulp.

"Sorry...it just doesn't sound like something Sam would do." she burrowed her brows, thoughtfully.

"That's exactly my point, Sun! There's something wrong with him, I don't just know it, I feel it!" he exclaimed. "You've been hunting with him for six months, you never noticed anything...different about him?" he asked.

Sunny went to speak but only shrugged regretfully.

"To be honest, I wouldn't have noticed either way. My head hasn't exactly been screwed on right lately, Dean. Plus, he was in Hell. Just like you came back different, he did too. Not everyone copes with trauma the same way." she pointed out, then took another sip from the bottle. Dean shook his head, vigorously, in disagreement.

"No, this is different. Traumatized or not, he wouldn't have just stood there while his brother was in trouble." he muttered.

"If there is something wrong with Sam, we'll figure it out. Okay?" she comforted, softly placing her hand on his. He looked up at her and smiled, softly.

"I didn't know I hurt you that bad." he whispered, sorrowfully.

She scoffed in disbelief and raised her eyebrows at him. "Are you fucking serious?" she demanded, hoping he was joking. When she he wasn't, she shook her head and gulped down some whiskey.

"Of course you didn't, Dean. Do the words 'In Love' mean anything at all to you? I mean, really?" she scowled.

"I'm sorry." he said quickly, as she ended her sentence. "I was stupid. I was wrong. I am a terrible person. If I could take it all back, Sunny, I would in a heartbeat." he swore, taking her hands in his and squeezing them.

"I know I have no right to ask but...if you could just give me another chance-" he managed to say before getting cut off.

"Dean-" she protested, getting up, but he cut her off this time.

"Just hear me out, please." he begged, pulling her back down next to him. "Give me a chance to make it up to you...to prove my love." he requested, his eyes pleading with hers.

She thought about it, staring into his eyes and seeing how much he wanted this second chance. Almost needing it. After finding out Sam did nothing to help him that night, he felt he couldn't trust him. His own brother. Never mind his grandfather and the others. Sunny was the only person he could trust with his life now and he needed her not only to feel safe, but to feel like he belonged somewhere. With her.

"Do you still love me?" he asked, quietly. Hopefully.

She hated seeing him like this. She definitely wasn't used to it. He was scared and a total wreck, not his usual charming, care-free self. She couldn't turn him down. She did still love him. She did want to be with him.

"Of course, I do." she answered, whispering.

He leaned forward and kissed her, capturing her lips and embracing her tongue with his. He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her close, his other hand slid up her back and stopped between her shoulder blades. He lied back, slowly, never pulling away from her lips as she laid on top of him. Suddenly, she pulled away and held herself up by her arms.

"If you ever hurt me like that again, Winchester, I swear to God-" her threat was cut short when he pulled her into a slow, deep kiss.

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