This is a random, PWP, yuri thingie. The wonderful Cliscia let me borrow an idea from her, so I'll be meshing whateverthecrapthisis with her idea.

And please. PLEASE, for the sake of porn without plot, ignore all illogical thoughts/actions/whatever. Also, Touzouku is taller than Malik, so there.

This was so incredibly awkward to write. I've never written girl-on-girl before, so this was an interesting experience.

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The coast was clear.

She trembled in her hiding spot, her breaths shaky, her knees knobbing together. Yes, she was quite alone, which is what she wanted. It was perfect. It was too perfect. The golden opportunity she had so coveted had been handed to her on a silver platter, but...this...absolutely terrified her.

There was that hesitance. That unsure feeling in the back of her mind, the feeling of, was she really ready to do this? Was she willing to do it? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, she wanted this! It's what she'd been waiting for this whole time!

The time was now, and Malik couldn't afford to lose any of it, any of what had been handed to her. If she ever hoped to get away with had to be done NOW. She needed to swallow the nerves, bite down that scared feeling, and just do it.

The locker room on the girls' side of the gym was completely barren. Not a soul was in sight (or at least, not from where Malik could tell anyway.) She'd been here for a long time, almost two hours, just waiting, waiting for all of those giggling girls to gather up their backpacks, brush all their hair out, complain about how awful some boy in the hallway had looked at them funny, before the noise died down.

Malik waited. She didn't want to do this just yet; she had to make absolutely sure nobody was here. Error was not an option, and Malik was quite renowned for her carelessness. No...this time for sure, she would do this right.

Stepping out from inside the bathroom stall, Malik peered around the empty room, still trembling, still unsure of all of this. How could she do this? She still couldn't believe herself, that she had skipped out on the bus, that her older sister would worry about her when she returned home, that she had waited so long, avoided so many people, just for this little opportunity.

Never would she have been able to do this at home. Nobody left her alone long enough for her to do anything, and besides, sharing a room with an older sister wasn't enough alone time for something like this. This was...this was insane.

No, no, this was her best bet. This was the best chance, the only chance. God, she was so stupid, was all she could think of.

The showers were empty, the stalls cleaned out (she even managed to avoid the cleaning lady), and not a sound could be heard apart from her own nervous breathing.

Once she was positive the locker room was hers for the taking, Malik sucked in a huge amount of air, and then dug into her purse, pulling out the object that was responsible for all of this, the very reason she was here.

It was her own curiousness that had gotten the better of her. Malik was curious about sex, and what teenager wouldn't be? She was tired of hearing all the time about her friends who were fucking their boyfriends and bragging about how wonderful orgasm was and what an amazing experience it was. Well...Malik had no boyfriend, and her so-called friends knew this, but...why couldn't she experience orgasm? What made them so special? This was so new to her, she felt so stupid and silly in this lonesome little locker room all by herself, standing there in front of the bathroom stalls holding a dildo. It was almost surreal. But, this was haunting her. She kept having dreams. Erotic dreams. Ones that usually caused her to wake up in a cold sweat, a tingling feeling lingering down in her most private areas. It had been a good feeling, just from dreams, but there was never really an...OH WOW feeling her friends kept talking about. Today was Malik's day to have an OH WOW feeling.

So, having no boyfriend to test things with, she would do the next best thing. And who said only men were the best lovers? She'd heard some things about female lovers as well. If the time ever came, Malik wouldn't be opposed to experimenting, but that could be saved for later.

Malik was concentrating on the thing in her hands now, trembling again. This was it. Sh-she was so nervous. What would this feel like? Would she even do it right? What if she couldn't? She was such a virgin, she didn't even know what she was doing, even after hearing everything of how it was done, even knowing the things she did...she still didn't know anything.

Just find a good place. Yes...that was it. That's all she had to do. Just find a place that feels good and keep at it. Come on. You can do this. D-don't be scared.

Despite her thoughts, Malik was terrified.

But...she couldn't afford to waste anymore time. She was surprised as hell her cellphone hadn't rang yet, but it would be soon if she didn't get this over with. Already, time had been wasted with her just standing there staring at the dildo.

A shower stall was picked at random, the curtain closed, and Malik tried to calm herself, making her way toward the bench and sitting down, right underneath the showerhead. She took a deep breath. Just relax. Th-this would be easy. Just find a good spot. What if it didn't work? What if she went through all of this for nothing? Keep at it. Don't give up. No, it would work. She would make it work.

She stared at the dildo in her hands. It wasn't very big, and was made of glass; very smooth and blue, the way the sex shop employee suggested for her, saying it would give her pressure. She didn't plan on sticking it into herself-that was taking it a bit far, but...she figured just playing with her clit would do the job. She'd never done it before, so...she would just have to play.

Malik hitched up her skirt, rising off of the bench to pull it all the way up around her waist, already feeling the embarrassing heat rise to her face. What. Was. She. Doing? But, the dildo was already down there, she looked up at the white shower curtain as she pressed it against herself, just to find something to stare at, not wanting to watch herself doing something like this to herself. She was a little surprised at how hard it was, not knowing how that was supposed to do anything, but after moving it around, it became apparent: A sensitive area was hit, and Malik's back arched.

What. Was that? Oh God, that pressure. I-it was a good spot, a good spot! She pressed it harder against her clit and oh God-it was amazing already. She never dreamed it would feel this good this fast. Her dreams made it seem like it took so much longer, but then, she was never directly touching herself and this was real-not a dream. Rubbing it around, around, pressing, Malik was getting off, fast, faster than she imagined she would, faster than she thought possible, and through her panties. No, no, those had to go, she had to touch it directly. Skirt hiked up and Malik panting, her panties were pulled down fast, and she gulped in air when she pressed the glass against her exposed flesh this time. It was...

No, no, no, she lost it. Dammit, dammit, FUCK! Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. Where. Was. That. SPOT. She just had it! Malik was flustered, her face almost dripping with embarrassment at how quickly she lost the good spot, and she was angry at herself for losing it. She was so stupid. How was it possible for a feeling that wonderful to be lost that fast? No, NO, she would NOT accept this! It must be found again. She would stay here in this damned shower stall all night if she had to!

Swears made their way through her gritted teeth, but Malik bit her tongue, not knowing why she was fighting so hard to be quiet. There was no one here. Just her. Just Malik. And she just lost the best feeling she ever had.

The glass was pressed against her again, hard. Maybe too hard. She grunted, having not meant to squash her privates so much. She was just so...starved of that feeling already. It was like an itch. A very persistent itch. Malik was addicted before she even realized.

Being more gentle this time, the dildo was again pressed back against her clit and she spread her legs to get better access, to get all of everything down there. The side of the glass became boring very fast, so Malik tilted it so that the rounded tip was massaging her and that was very good. The tip was just right, it a step up. The siding got her ready, the tip came in for the kill, getting her off more and more, and...just a little more. It was touched to the inside of her lips and she pressed everywhere down there, rubbing, pressing, rubbing, pressing, rub- There was so much to feel, so much more than she imagined.

It was there. That feeling she'd only felt in dreams, the dreams that never let her climax, the ones that only ever allowed her to experience a sliver of what her friends had. Malik hardly realized she was moaning. It was just-God, she had to moan! There was no way of keeping in a noise when this feeling was so intense, so tightening and...God, just like a fucking itch!

The glass dildo was pressed harder and harder, just above her vagina, just underneath that soft and sensitive area of her clit, and Malik needed friction. She moved her hips in synch with the movements that were worked on the dildo, and created her own rhythm. It worked for her, and she needed to go faster. The feeling was building up...up..up, up, upupupupUPUP! The more she pressed, the harder it got to deal with it. It was...s-so tight, s-so AMAZING. More moans, and she was close! She was so CLOSE! Orgasm was just in her reach! She could almost see it, that wonderful feeling, the feeling of an explosion! Itch, itch, she pressed harder, and harder, and HARDER, GOD, IT WAS THERE!

Her back arched even further as all of the feelings, everything she had worked it up to, everything just exploded. It was wonderful, her orgasm, it was one of the most wonderful things she'd ever felt, but...that feeling lingered, even after she came, the feel-good feeling was there, and Malik took advantage of it, rubbing the glass against her now wet privates.

The two hour wait was worth it. Everything she went through, everything, just for this one little opportunity, even if it didn't last as long as she would've wanted, it was worth it.

Malik let out a sigh of relief, forcing herself to remove the dildo from down there. It was enough, and she couldn't afford to waste anymore time here. But, GOD, that was wonderful. And she was tired, spent from it, and could already feel the creeping feeling of soreness from so much exertion in her thighs. It was time to go. Letting out another small sigh of relief and content, Malik stood on shaky legs and straightened her clothes to their proper place, grabbing her purse beside her before stuffing the dildo back into a pocket. She wondered if she would be able to do this again. God, she sure hoped so. The only problem would be getting alone here again. If her parents and sister questioned her, she could always lie and say she had to stay for a project. Lying was something she hated, but...this would be worth the risk, that feeling.

Once her belongings and everything were all neat and tidy and back in place, Malik made to push the curtain back, but something stopped her, and she felt every single fiber of her being freeze in place. The curtain was swaying just ever-so-slightly, just so much that a tiny crack was seen from the side. Occupying this crack was a face, a dark purple eye framed by black eyelashes were staring back at her, and Malik almost threw up.

Someone had been watching her. F-for how long...God, please say they just got there!

She screamed when the person threw the curtain back, revealing another taller girl Malik didn't know. H-how long had she been there? God, God, DAMMIT, Malik was so stupid!

The girl smirked at Malik's shaking form, and Malik stood there and cried like a baby when the girl spoke, still smiling. "You're quite the virgin. That made you feel good?" It was said like Malik was an ignorant child and she was put off and embarrassed at the condescending tone. dare this girl...but, maybe Malik deserved it. She was so stupid. She shouldn't have done this! Now this girl was going to tell everyone, and Malik would never be able to show her face in school again.

What could she do? The taller one was still smirking at her, and Malik was just standing there, trembling and shaking like a leaf. "P-p-please don't tell." It was all she could think of. And she was so pathetic, begging like this, was all she could do. "Please...please, don't tell."

Her brain hardly registered what happened next, it was just so...surreal. Long and slender fingers gently nabbed her chin and hoisted her face up where she was staring into those purple eyes of the taller girl. The white hair and dark skin really made her look exotic, not that Malik's white blonde hair and equally dark skin were any different, but...the girl wasn't bad-looking. In fact, she was quite beautiful. And just from having her chin nabbed by her, Malik felt a little calm when their skin touched. Was that normal?

"You know..." The girl squinted her eyes, like Malik was a puzzle she couldn't quite figure out. "You're kind of cute." It random and forward.

Heat rose to her face, but nothing came to mind for her to say. Wh-how was she supposed to answer to that? It was a compliment, so she supposed it was only mandatory to say thank-you or something. "Um..." Nothing coherent came out. She was still frozen. Th-the girl was getting closer. Was this really happening? Had Malik really come all the way here to masturbate, and was now standing here with an older girl, standing so close to her, their lips...just...not...quite touching...

"I'm Touzouku. I already know you. You're Malik. Yeah, you're that shrimpy girl always digging her head in books. Heh..." Touzouku chuckled, shooting the still-stunned Malik a warm smirk. "It's always the quiet ones that are the most devious."

The older one's legs moved a little closer and Malik began to feel somewhat uncomfortable. This was a dream, just another one of her strange and erotic dreams.

"I won't tell." Touzouku's lips were mere inches away. "I promise." A little closer. "But..." Malik was still unmoving. "I need a little something." Closer. Malik was scared. No...why should she be scared? Th-the girl was beautiful, and Malik had long ago accepted that she was bi, so...why was she terrified? Unknown, this was so unknown and foreign to her. She really was such a virgin. "'re quite beautiful, you know?" Lips, getting closer. It was all Malik could concentrate on. They were dark. "I can make you feel so much more...than what you were doing." And then they touched. Malik was in awe. This was her first kiss ever, her first real kiss, and it was from a girl, an older and much more beautiful girl.

Touzouku was taller, so she had to bend to reach Malik, and that left Malik with a little less than any sort of control. With Touzouku on top, she could force her down, and that's what she was doing. Malik kissed back, Touzouku slipping her the tongue. It was warm and wet and large and Malik gave her all back, dancing with the taller one, opening her mouth for more access. This was surreal. She wasn't really doing this, but she didn't care. If it was a dream, then it was a good one.

Those long and slender arms of Touzouku's wound around her back like a snake, pulling Malik closer as they deepened the kiss. It was a lot more intense than Malik ever dreamed. She'd always imagined her first kiss would be with a boy out on a dock somewhere, overlooking a lake or something, and they would share a quick and awkward kiss before giggling like children. Never would she have even fathomed she would be in the girl's locker room after school, making out with another girl in the shower. This was a lot better than her silly little thoughts.

Malik groped the taller girl as the kiss continued. It had turned sloppy as they fought to breathe, but continued nonetheless. Her hands traveled up the girl's flat stomach, sliding up and feeling of the curves. Her uniform made her figure look all wrong. Even from where Malik could feel, the girl was thin. Very thin. Almost as thin as she was. Ignoring the passing thought, Malik's hands continued their journey until they reached Touzouku's breasts. Oh, even a moron could tell Touzouku wasn't lacking in the bosom area. Malik couldn't help but feel a little jealous. She was so flat-chested, it wasn't even funny. With the kiss still in progress, Malik sucked on the older girl's lips and gave her breasts just a tiny squeeze at first. Touzouku moaned at it, so she continued, deciding to be greedy for once and take as much of them as she could grab. It was awkward trying to feel them through her shirt, not being able to get the full feel of them, and Malik finally broke away from the kiss, suddenly desperate for the other girl to be naked. Right. NOW. S-she wanted to feel of her, God, she needed that contact!

Almost as if reading her mind, Touzouku smiled at her, her cheeks a faint pink, making her look very sexy, and without any words exchanged, without anything having to be said at all, the older one grabbed the hem of her shirt and within seconds, tugged it over her head, exposing her pink bra that barely covered her breasts.

Malik wasted no time. She was even surprised at herself, always usually the shy and introverted one, and here she was, pressing this taller and older girl to the wall of the shower, wrapping her arms around her waist, and laying her head on her breasts. Touzouku returned the sort of awkward hug, fiddling with the back of Malik's bra through her shirt, but Malik smirked to herself, liking the thought of being fully clothed and having this one presented before her. It made her feel more in control, and even though Touzouku came onto her, kissed her first, Malik wanted to initiate some things. Maybe she would hand the control back over when she got bored. It all depended. She didn't know what the hell she was doing, she had never done this before in her life, God, she just masturbated for the first time, but here she was, already. It was like Touzouku was a drug and Malik's pure instinct just kicked in. Her body knew what it wanted.

After reaching around to unclip Touzouku's bra, Malik greedily pulled it away until the girl's chest was fully exposed to her. Malik smiled, and looked at the other's face as she took a breast in each hand, circles around the erect nipples with her thumb. Touzouku leaned her head back and moaned a little, another wave of pretty red blush gushing on her face. It was good, and...she was already addicted, Malik needed more, she needed more of those moans! Pressing Touzouku a little further against the wall, one of Malik's legs made its way in between the other girl's, lightly brushing against her crotch, but purposely not touching anything important. She would get to that later. Or maybe...not at all. She knew nothing of what this girl liked, and she didn't want to look stupid just jumping in without being able to get her off. No, her breasts were fine for now and Touzouku seemed to be enjoying that anyway.

Malik massaged them, absolutely loving the way they felt so perfect in her hands, and the way Touzouku moaned every now and then, just to let her know she was doing good. Up and down, she moved them in different directions, sometimes just squeezing them, sometimes pressing them together, and then other times rubbing her hands in circular motions on top of them. That seemed to be the most pleasurable for the other, but Malik was cruel in knowing that, and seldom did it.

This continued for some time until Touzouku's moans turned into tiny yelps after having her nipples pinched so much. Malik reached up, still not saying anything to her, and kissed the other once more, as if in apology. It was a light kiss this time, more of a peck, but she gave more to Touzouku's cheeks and neck, sucking a little, feeling like she was about to pass out from the intoxicating aroma of the girl's perfume. It was s-so amazing. All of this girl had to be kissed, Malik just couldn't leave anything untouched.

It wasn't until Malik felt her shirt being lifted that she felt she had done all she could. Touzouku was ready to give back, and Malik was willing to let her do whatever she wanted. An almost wry smile from the other, and Malik's shirt was pulled off, tossed to the floor and forgotten, along with Touzouku's bra and shirt. Malik felt a little embarrassed when Touzouku reached up like she had done her and grabbed at her breasts a little, seeing as how she really didn't have a whole lot to grab, but Touzouku said nothing, just smiled, and tugged Malik's already unhooked bra free the rest of the way.

The two girls were now both exposed from the waist up to each other, Malik having now switched positions with Touzouku so that she was the one against the wall this time, and let the white-haired one have at whatever she wanted. She just lay back, amazed and a little shocked when Touzouku started with her mouth, right at her chest. Malik understood, though. It would give her more feeling since she was smaller. There wasn't a lot to grab, but Touzouku's tongue sure work its magic on her. It was absolutely AMAZING when that hot tongue crept out, the tip of it barely scraping Malik's nipple, and dammit, she wanted more! She moaned for it, heat rising to her face just out of spite of it all, but the other girl could already read her body language. She must've done this before, but even an idiot could see the look on Malik's face and know she thirsted for more.

Touzouku gave. Her tongue continued its groping of Malik's breasts, seeping out, the whole thing this time, and lapping up like Malik was a smorgasbord. This was so wonderful. Malik couldn't think of anything else she'd rather be doing now. Being alone with an older and much more beautiful girl in a shower stall...Malik was in heaven. She was just happy right now.

But, she wanted more feeling. And Touzouku promised to give that to her, not just on her breasts. They had already been worked to their limit, getting raw from the other's tongue, but Touzouku still had more up her sleeve.

She smiled at Malik before suddenly moving away from her and toward the curtain, leaving the smaller one plastered against the wall and agitated, starving for more feeling. The curtain was drawn back just enough for Touzouku to reach into her purse on the other side and pull out something long and pink with a black end on it. The tip was curved just a little, and from where Malik was standing, she could see it shining in the light from above. Touzouku turned back, her smile wider than ever, and twisted the black end of the pink object. Malik felt a tiny flock of butterflies enter her stomach when she heard a tiny little motor go off inside the thing.

Touzouku finally spoke after so long of neither one saying anything. "You should get one of these. It's a lot better than those old regular dildos."

There was no hesitation from Malik, just slight uncomfortableness, when Touzouku pressed the vibrator to her crotch. The feeling was instant and Malik hissed at it. The entire vibrations coming from the thing wracked her entire body, and she could almost feel her teeth vibrate from it. It good.

Touzouku continued to tease her with it, never actually touching an important area (and besides, Malik's panties were still on), but she did eventually move them to the floor where she could be on top of her and have better access to Malik's most private regions.

The light hanging above Malik's head was blinding, but all of her focus was on the vibrations shooting up through her body. It was wonderful-all of it. And when Touzouku finally stopped teasing her long enough to pull her panties down, Malik felt ten times more from the vibrator than from her little glass dildo when the other pressed it to her clit. It was instant, the feeling, and Malik bucked, doubling at her middle when a good spot was pressed so quickly. Her heart beat in her ears, deafening her, and the butterflies returned, but that wonderful feeling down there overshadowed everything else until Malik concentrated only on it. She was surprised Touzouku didn't have to move it so much, just tilt it a little, or pressed harder, for the good feeling to surface, but the vibrations just made everything seem like it was being stimulated.

Malik needed more. She bucked up a little with her thighs, hoping Touzouku got the hint, smiling when she did. The little black dial was twisted further, and the vibrations increased. Malik thought she would die right there and be in heaven, the feeling only intensified, ten-no-fifty times better than when she did it with the dildo.

"Does it feel good, Malik?" Touzouku's voice broke through Malik's concentration, and she moaned, wanting more, wanting even harder vibrations. God, it was just so good. Then, "Tell me you want it. I need to hear you say something, Malik, I can't read your mind."

She was being cruel, like Malik had earlier, but she didn't mind. If just for more of the feeling down there, Malik would do anything for her right now. "M-more...auuhh...more." It was so embarrassing to say, Malik having rather gone through this in silence, but...the feeling! And Touzouku being cruel and the vibrator and the kisses and the groping and the...GOD!

The little black dial was twisted as far as it could go, and Malik really did feel almost every inch of her body vibrate along with it. The feeling, that itching feeling, the one that outshined all the others, didn't take long at all to surface. No, it rose quickly, and Malik panted when it did, trying to concentrate as hard as she could on keeping that feeling, but...b-but, it was so hard! It was overwhelming and she couldn't take it anymore! It just crept up and up and UP AND UP AND UP AND GOD YES, SHE WAS MOANING AND SCREAMING FOR MORE! No, no more! No more! IT WAS TOO MUCH!

Everything rose as Malik climaxed a second time that evening, moaning when she did and shouting Touzouku's name, Touzouku who just stood there, applying the little pink vibrator to Malik's clit while smiling the whole time.

"You're so cute." Was all she said afterwards, while Malik lie there panting and exhausted. The taller one reached over to her as she panted and caught her breath, giving her a quick kiss to her cheek. "You're so cute." Was all she said.

This is a two-shot, so another chapter is on its way. I just felt bad because half of this one had to be rewritten, and I wanted to go ahead and get it up. Anyway, that was my first time writing girl porn. I FAILED, DIDN'T I? Well, next chapter is Mariku's turn, so we'll see how that one turns out. (HINTHINT BDSM TIME.) He's Mariku. What else did you expect?

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