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Chapter Two

Kirihara Akaya x Ryuuzaki Sakuno

Prince of Tennis

It was the third week that Akaya had seen Sakuno on the same bus as him, of course, that was if he included the time where he briefly sat next to her and conversed for like, two seconds.

"Hiya Sakuno-chan, whatcha got there?" he asked the brunette when he saw that she held a bag that seemed like it was full of food.

"Ah, Akaya-kun, ah... well, I brought some food for the team 'cause I thought that, uh, that, y'know, with all that practice... you'd get hungry," she replied, obviously embarrassed, "ah... it's alright if no one eats anything I suppose, because it's impolite for me to be doing things of my own accord... oh no, it's really impolite... I'll go find a trashcan to throw it out right now-"

Akaya stopped the girl before she did anything drastic, "no, I doubt the team would mind," he grinned, "and even, if they don't like it, then that's their own fault, more yummy food for me!"

Sakuno giggled at Akaya's silliness. Watching the girl laugh next to him, made his heart soar.

"So, what kind of food do you have in your little hands, Sakuno-chan?" he asked, feeling that his own belly rumble slightly.

"Ah, well, since I don't know what the team likes and dislikes, I just sort of made a little of everything..."

The second year ace stroked his chin in thought, "clarify for me."

"Ah, ano, I had some extra rice left, so I made some Onigiri, and I made some traditional food for Sanada-san because he looks like the type to eat traditional foods... and Jackal-san came from Brazil right? And Brazilians like spicy foods, yeah? So I made spicy foods for him... and because I really didn't know what Niou-san, Yagyuu-san and Yanagi-san liked, I just made anything that came in mind... oh, and I made some pastries for Marui-san, since I heard he had a sweet tooth."

"Understatement of the century," Akaya said, rolling his eyes.

"Hmm? What was that?"

"...Nothing... ah, we're here, come on Sakuno-chan."

They both got off the bus and advanced to their destination.

"Sakuno-chan, how about me and you go shopping after practice, instead of you going shopping during practice."

She cocked her head to the side "...why?"

"Well," he scratched an invisible itch on the back of his neck, "well, because you have all this food here with you and wouldn't it be a hassle if you took it along with you? And besides, shopping's always a lot more fun when you have people to come with you."

"Oh, I see, well, I suppose that's alright too."

Akaya heard someone snort from behind the two. "What a lame excuse, I bet you only want Sakuno-chan there because you want to hoard her for yourself AND have some extra time with her afterwards," sniffed a displeased Marui followed by Niou and Jackal.

Niou laughed alongside his friend, "and the brat wants to show off his awesome tennis skills as well, right Marui?"

The red-head nodded in agreement, then, he smelt something... wonderful. Tasty. Completely Mouthwatering.

His eyes immediately locked on the bag in Sakuno's hands.

He inched towards the brunette slyly as she inched back, "say, Sa-ku-no-chan~... is that- is that what I think it is...?"

Her initial reaction was to cower in fear for this semi-familiar boy was suddenly invading her personal space, "ah...ah, ano... there are sweets," gulp, "...sweets in this bag... uhhh..."

She couldn't look at the puppy dog face Marui was giving her. It was too cutesy and too blinding for her innocent eyes.

"...you can have some if you want."

The glutton snatched the bag out of her hands and rummaged through its contents, "let's see what we got here... hmm, some bentos, onigiri... boring. Ah, CUPCAKES! Oh! And Cookies!" he hugged the bag suddenly and looked back at Sakuno with stars in his eyes.

"Sakuno-chan! I knew this was meant to be! You- you... you are perfect! It was no coincidence that we met. As the famous Yuuko-san from xxxHolic said: 'there is no thing as coincidence, there is only inevitability'. We were made for each other Sakuno-chan!"

Akaya slapped him across the head in annoyance, "oi sempai, what's with this over-familiar way of addressing Sakuno-chan, you barely know her!"

A vein burst on Marui's forehead, "and you've known her for what? Five conversations? I don't think you're the right person telling me that I'm too familiar when you barely know her yourself, brat."

"At least I ain't hovering over her like some completely obsessed stalker!"

"I'm not hovering! And I'm not stalking!"

"You two, stop arguing, you're scaring Ryuuzaki-chan," chastised Niou.

The two boys glared at each other before proceeding.

"Stupid Glutton."

"Stupid Brat."


"Seaweed-haired idiot!"

"What was that?"


Prince of Tennis

Marui looked at the cupcake in interest. The top was covered in pink cream and pictures of the Rikkai regulars were decoratively placed on them, the left over cupcakes had tennis balls on them.

"Sakuno-chan, did you make these?" asked a curious Akaya, staring at the cupcake in awe.

"...Uh, yes, I did Akaya-kun..." Sakuno answered back, twiddling her fingers together.

Marui took the first bite before the regulars, he slumped to the ground, and everyone stiffened.

"...Marui?" asked Niou tentatively, glancing back and forth between the red-head and the cupcake in his hands.

Tears formed in the boy's eyes and the rest of them glanced suspiciously at the goods.

"These... these are the best cupcakes I have ever tasted!"


Akaya took the next bite and he brightened, "these are awesome Sakuno-chan."

Before they had realised it, Marui had finished his and was pleading for Sanada's one, which, he, surprisingly enough, decided to eat himself.

"...Ahh, Marui-san, I have some extras... if you'd like."

The glutton's face shined, "call me Bunta-kun!"

Prince of Tennis

It was the Monday following the Saturday, and the Rikkai tennis team were conversing about their new acquaintance. The team had, strangely enough, become attached to their long haired friend, and they all found... completely and utterly odd, considering their reputation as hard faced, non-attaching type of guys.

"Sakuno-chan is nice, ne, fuku-buchou?"

"She is, but she's very soft spoken," interjected Yanagi.

Marui's eyes glistened, "but isn't that what makes her cute? Her Soft spoken-ness and her Clumsiness? And the fact that she can cook is just a HUGE plus!"

"...Dude. What are you? An Otaku? She's a person, not some kind of anime character," Niou sighed, worrying about his friend's health.

"This is like a shoujo manga though," Marui continued on, "like, the heroine meets a boy, in this case, our brat, and he falls in love with her, but she's in love with SOMEONE ELSE! Dun-dun-dun, that someone else is the brat of Seigaku, by the way, and then, the handsome best friend (me) of the former brat comes in and sweeps her off her feet and they all live happily ever after!"

Everyone fell down anime style, "what kind of shitty shoujo manga is that? The girl gets with the first guy!" Niou exclaimed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I agree with what Niou-sempai said, and since when are you my best friend?" Akaya pitched in.

Marui wrapped an arm around the boy, grinning from ear to ear, "come on A-ka-ya, we're totally best friends, I mean, if I'm not, then who is? Niou? Pssh, that guy would deceive you in two seconds flat, Jackal, well, let's say he's not best friend material-"

"Hey, I resent that!"

"-Yagyuu, oh man, let's not start on him, Yanagi, he'll just blackmail you into giving him some juicy info, and Sanada-fuku-buchou and Yukimura-buchou? What are you? Some kind of masochist? They're like the princes of Planet S."

Akaya stroked his chin in thought, "you do have a point there sempai..."

"I know right, I'm not a prodigy for nothing."

"But still. No."

Marui sighed.

Jackal, recovering from the harsh words Marui said asked Akaya if she was going to the next practice.

"I think so; she said she had to buy some rice, so I'm coming with her to the shops."

Sanada sighed, "have you all forgotten?" the team looked at their fuku-buchou in interest, "next week is when Yukimura is going to be discharged, so, we're all going to the hospital to welcome him back."

"But Sanada-fuku-buchou, shouldn't we let Sakuno-chan and Yukimura-buchou meet? That's killing two birds with one stone, right?"

"Yeah fuku-buchou, better now than later, when we're not there, who knows what the Prince of S is going to do to her by herself!" exclaimed Marui.

Niou chipped in, "I agree, And I don't think Yukimura-buchou would mind if we introduce him to a cute girl," Niou laughed, "he might make this love square into a love pentagon."

Akaya's eyes widened, "he couldn't... he couldn't possibly fall for Sakuno-chan, right? Right?"

Niou shrugged, enjoying the current situation, "who knows, you and Marui fell for her at first sight, right...?"

"We should let Ryuuzaki-chan meet Yukimura, Sanada, it would be good data to have," said Yanagi ending the conversation.

Prince of Tennis

"A-Achooooooo," sniff. Yukimura wiped his nose with the sleeve of his pyjama shirt.

"Yukimura-kun, are you coming down with a fever?" asked a worried nurse who was currently on duty, rushing to his side to take his temperature.

The boy looked outside the window and smiled, "no, I don't think so, someone must be talking about me..."

Prince of Tennis

Two girls walked down the halls of Seigaku, one adorned a shirt and banner that read out 'RYOMA-SAMA' and the other blushing heavily next to her.

"Sakuno, is it just me, or are you a lot cheerier?" asked a nosy Tomo, as they went through the school.

Sakuno touched her cheeks, "how so Tomo-chan?"

"It's just that, well, you're... glowing."

"Red I suppose."

Tomo laughed, "well, that, but I dunno, there's something different about you, something good happen lately?"

Sakuno thought back, "I made some friends on the weekend," she smiled.

"Really, what are they like?"

She thought about Akaya and the words came out instantly, "well, one's very happy-go-lucky, even though everyone thinks otherwise, he's very helpful and makes me smile," then, she thought about the self-proclaimed prodigy and she blushed, "umm, the other is very... how should I say, well, he's like Eiji-sempai I suppose, and he likes to eat sweets."

"Does he go 'Nya' as well?"

"Well, no, but it would suit his image," she thought about Niou, "one of them, well, he's very tricky, you never know what he's thinking, and when you think you do, he completely goes the other way! And then there's a guy who likes to collect data, like Inui-sempai and one is a complete gentleman, and one is very friendly, he's like an older brother, and well, the last one is kind of scary, but he's nice in his own way."

"Ah, so like Tezuka-buchou," Tomo nodded in thought.

Sakuno sweat-dropped, "yeah... like Tezuka-buchou."

"Wait a minute, for each of those explanations, you said HE!"

Sakuno was hoping that Tomo wasn't that sharp to figure that out.

"Oh my gosh, you met like," she started counting with her fingers, " seven guys! This is like a shoujo manga, before you know it, these guys would be vying for your attention."

Sakuno sweat-dropped for the second time that day, "Tomo-chan, I wouldn't go that far..."

"Unlikely as it may seem, these types of situations have their own genre. Where there's one girl and for some reason every guy she meets falls in love with her even though she's totally normal and can't do anything special."

"Gee, thanks, way to boost my ego Tomo-chan," Sakuno said sarcastically to her best friend.

"Haha, sorry, I didn't mean you Sakuno, but anyway, reverse harem is getting very popular lately, like La Corda d'Oro, and Starry Sky, oh, and my all time fave Stray Love Hearts."

Sakuno was starting to believe that this reverse harem genre was a load of-

"Saa... what's this I hear about reverse harem?" asked Fuji, walking behind the two girls, unbeknownst to them, the girls had been actually followed by the prodigy for a while.

"Well, Sakuno here has made seven boy fall in-"

The loud mouthed girl was silenced by her best friend who was blushing slightly at the presence of her sempai, "nothing Fuji-sempai, ahh! Is that the time? Me and Tomo-chan have to leave! Right now. Ja Fuji-sempai!"

The long haired girl rushed out with her friend in tow, and the brown-haired boy watched them in interest.

"Saa... this is interesting..."

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