TITLE: Frothy Goodness

AUTHOR: Laragh

RATING: PG-13 (certain chapters will be NC-17, this is your warning!)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters, Joss does. I may totally disagree with what he did with them, but alas, he still owns them.

SUMMARY: A spilt coffee leads to so much more as Willow and Tara bump into each other one fateful morning. Fluffy, falling in love type stuff!

SPOILERS: None. No demons, no hellmouth.

FEEDBACK: Go for it.

Grande Triple Latte with an extra pump of foam. Every morning, the exact same drink at the exact same time. 8.35am. Although today she was ten minutes late. Willow Rosenberg's first thought was of concern for the tall blonde woman who's coffee order she had memorised, but then she realised how ridiculous it was to be concerned over the whereabouts of a complete stranger.

It had been two months since Willow first noticed the blonde-haired bombshell and one month since she had begun purposefully going to "Emma's Coffee" fifteen minutes earlier every morning just so she could make sure to catch sight of her. By Willows logic, it would be approximately 14 weeks and 3 days before she would actually be able to gather the courage to speak to her, but that didn't take into account possible variables such as a phone call from her parents, which was sure to knock her self-esteem down a few points.

So, it's perfectly okay and not at all creepy if I just keep sitting here and sneak a glance or two.

It took a loud bang coming from her left, which a quick look determined to be a container of sugar sachets being knocked to the floor, to snap Willow out of her blonde-haired-goddess-induced daydream.

"Shit!" she exclaimed after looking at her watch and seeing the time, she realised that if she didn't move fast she was going to be late for work, and she had a performance review sometime in the next month so that really wouldn't look good.

She smiled sheepishly at the other customers, got up from her corner table and ran out the door and towards her office building.

Okay, pull yourself together, Rosenberg. You've got computers to fix.

Tara Maclay hated mornings.

No, that's a lie. I just hate THIS morning.

She woke up late, then barely had enough time to shower before grabbing a cup of coffee in her favourite coffee shop and racing to the office.

Being a department head in one of the largest multi-national corporations in America, Evanston Dynamics, had its perks, but she was already facing resentment from some of the others in her department from being promoted ahead of some who had been there longer. Arriving dishevelled and late wouldn't help her any.

"Hey, Steve," she greeted the security guard at the front reception

"Morning, Ms. Maclay," the stocky guard responded, "you're looking well today."

He gave her a genuine smile and Tara couldn't help but smile back.

"You're a terrible liar, Steve," she said as she swiped her access key, "but I'm glad you try."

She got in the elevator and took a swig from her coffee, the extra double shot of espresso pepping her up a bit. As the liquid went down her throat, she considered the fact that she hadn't had a chance to spot that cute redhead she'd been noticing in Emma's for the last little while. She realised this made her decidedly unhappy, then shook her head to get rid of that thought. She didn't even know the girl.

But maybe that could change…don't be silly. She probably already has a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. You don't know anything about her. Except that's not true. I know she's special.

She pondered this as she felt around her bag for her Blackberry.

God, could you get anymore deluded? You're obsessing over a girl you haven't said two…

Her thought process was cut short as she realised her little electronic friend wasn't in her handbag. Or any of her pockets.

"Crap," she cried, glad there was no one else in the elevator.

Okay, calm down and think. I had it this morning in the kitchen, and then again in the coffee shop when my 'you should already be at work' alarm went off. I put it down to take my coffee and…never picked it back up

"Great," she muttered, pressing the ground floor button.

Steve was surprised to see the young department head getting back out of the elevator and shot her a curious glance.

"Left my Blackberry. Won't be more than 15 minutes," she told him, running out the door.

Stupid, stupid, could this day get any worse!

So lost in her own thought, she didn't notice the figure rushing in front of her, and it took another moment to realise that she and her handbag were both on the floor and her coffee was currently leaving a puddle on the concrete. And there was another woman scrambling to gather everything up beside her. Only when she heard the woman begin to apologise did she snap to attention and reach for her bag.

"…so, so sorry, I totally wasn't looking where I was going. And I mean, I don't normally just go ploughing straight into people, I look at where I'm going, I swear, but I'm all distract-o girl today and oh my god are you hurt, you're hurt aren't…"

Willow trailed off as she realised that she'd crashed into, and oh god, possibly hurt none other than her blonde-haired beauty. And she was speaking.

"No worries, really I'm fine. Are you okay?"

"I, uh, I…"

It was then that Tara finally looked up and was equally shocked to see the cute redhead from the coffee shop. Without even thinking, she started speaking.

"Hey, I know you. You go to Emma's coffee shop, right? I've, ah, s-s-seen you around."

She added the last bit shyly, for the first time realising that she was actually talking, and cursed the accompanying stutter. She stood up straight and looked at the redhead's soft features.

She's really beautiful.

Willow was too busy watching the blonde's lips to realise that there was sound coming out of them. She snapped out of her trance long enough to catch the last bit. She felt a pang of hope as she stood up to meet the blonde's gaze.

"Yea! I mean, yes, yes, I've seen you too. I, ah, actually was building up the courage to maybe, you know, ask you out for coffee? But then I, um, realised how stupid that would sound, you know, in an actual coffeeshop…" She trailed off, thinking she must sound like the world's biggest loser.

Can't even string a sentence together, moron.

"Really?" Tara was surprised that the redhead had not only noticed her but was also too shy to say something.

At the small nod from the smaller girl, and filled with a newfound confidence that this amazing goddess had wanted to ask her out, she did what she considered to be one of the bravest thing she had done in her 25 years.

"How about I make it easier for you then?" She smiled at her lack of stutter, "Would you maybe, have dinner with me tomorrow night?"

Willow's head shot up in a second.

"Really? Yes, yes, I'd love to!"

"I'm Tara, by the way."

"Rosenberg! I mean, Willow, Willow is my name, Willow Rosenberg is my full name and I'm just gonna shut up now."

Well done, spaz. Get a date with your dream girl and then ruin it before it even starts. And wow, what a name. Tara. T-A-R-A. It's beautiful. Like her.

Oh my god, she's adorable. And I've got a date with her!

Her Blackberry completely forgotten, Tara shot her a beaming smile and felt a sense of giddiness and joy she hadn't felt…well, ever, she realised.

"Well, Rosenberg-comma-Willow, how does eight o'clock sound? I could, ah, m-make reservations at Luigi's?"

She still wants to go out! Oh god, she could take me dumpster diving and I'd say yes. But Italian does sound nice. Hmm, Luigi's does that incredible fettuccine…oh god, she's staring at you, quickly, respond.

"That sounds great. Really great."

"So, I'll meet you there? 8pm?" Tara asked, her earlier confidence slipping a little.

"8 o' clock. Luigi's. I'll be there".

Willow was beaming and still a little in shock that this was actually happening. She was actually going out with Tara. Her smile got even bigger just thinking her name.

"Terrific. Oh, and it's Maclay, by the way. Tara Maclay."

"Well, Miss Maclay, I'll see you tomorrow night," Willow said as she began to walk away, towards work.

"Yes you will," Tara said as she watched the retreating form.

Nice ass, too

Willow chose this moment to turn back and smile. Giving a little wave, Tara turned around, red-faced at being caught staring, and kept on her way to Emma's.

Arriving there, still smiling, she was able to retrieve her Blackberry from the helpful barista behind the counter. Figuring she was already going to be a little late, she may as well get another cup of coffee, since her last had ended up on the sidewalk.

Walking back to the office, she noticed her spilled coffee and got that sense of giddiness all over again.

With an extra jump in her step she waltzed through reception, gave Steve a huge smile and got ready to start her day.

Steve, perplexed at seeing a second woman walking in so happy and seemingly floating in the space of fifteen minutes, just sat there with a bemused smile before getting back to work.