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5: Alpha

Shizuru led Tomoe and her group to the first party room in the back of the club. There was something off about not-so-merry band. Tomoe seemed peculiar than usual, smiling like a succubus that spotted her next meal. The rest of the clique was questionable, especially the ten men. The two girls seemed to be there just as a front as far as Shizuru was concerned. The men were a different story, though. They were dressed respectable enough, wearing tailor-made suits, all of which were black. Their stern expressions were out of place for the club. The fact that they focused ahead made them seem more like bodyguards, which would make sense for Tomoe...if she had ever shown up with guards before. Tomoe also had not bothered to explain who the gentlemen were, acting as if they were her guests. The way Tomoe handled them was just suspicious.

With each step that she took with the large crew, Shizuru's heart beat just a little faster and nerves began bothering her. It was a bizarre feeling that she could not fully comprehend, but she was certain that she was anxious over being with these people. Again, it was more the men than anything else that made her suspicious. Their reactions or lack there of to what was happening in the club and how they focused ahead made no sense to her. Once more, she considered that they might be bodyguards; Tomoe was a heiress, after all. That possibility was not easing her growing distress, though.

As butterflies seemed to multiply in her stomach, Shizuru actually considered turning around and delegating the task to someone else. Of course, that would upset Tomoe and probably cause some trouble, but even she was making Shizuru desire to run. There was something about the way that the green-haired heiress was clutched onto her arm; it seemed tighter than usual. It was as if Tomoe had captured her, she thought. That belief was only blustered when Tomoe looked up at her and there seemed to be something beyond mischievous dancing in her eyes. Shizuru's heart beat just a little bit heavier.

"We're going to have so much fun, Shizuru-onee-sama!" Tomoe proclaimed with a grin that sort of crawled onto her face.

"I should hope so," Shizuru answered with forced smile. She hoped the smile was one of her usual ones and did not make her discomfort obvious. The thought to bolt off and return to her "Natsuki watch" continued to weigh on her as she walked the slowest she had in her life.

"This party is going to be sweet," Tomoe said, expression still troubling to her guide...or possible captive.

The more Shizuru thought about it, the more trapped she felt. It was like the men were surrounding her, pressing her, making sure she could not go anywhere. Yes, they were spaced apart where it seemed normal, but she could tell otherwise. She was confident that she could make it back to the main hall if she truly wanted to. The thought was very tempting, in fact. Yet, she pressed on, considering that her earlier depression might somehow be effecting her thinking. She was not sure why pining for Natsuki would make her uncomfortable with Tomoe, but it was the best that she could come up with for the uneasy feeling. Besides, running would be strange now since they were at the party rooms.

The five large party rooms were down a black hallway and Shizuru felt like the corridor had swallowed her. The darkness felt consuming and invading. For a moment, she actually trembled while reaching for the latch to the slide the door open. Suddenly, a flash of light brought her out of that odd revelry.

There were flashes of light and blaring music for effect in the rooms. Of course, the rooms were sound-proof too, so no one party ruined another. The rooms were available to any patron with at least ten people and willing to pay for food and drinks. Company was not mandatory, but most patrons liked to have their favorite companions brought in too. Tomoe seemed to just want Shizuru there because she did not request any other companions. This just made the uneasy feeling that Shizuru had grow. As far as she was concerned, she was alone with Tomoe.

Inside of the room, Tomoe and her party made themselves comfortable on the leather couches and posh divans that were around the room. There was chilled champagne already in there and the food was brought seconds after they all sat down. The rich meal was laid out on several low tables. Shizuru tried to keep track of where Tomoe's people were moving around the room, but found it difficult since Tomoe was demanding her attention with wanton caresses. For the first time, Shizuru was not able to block out how disgusted she felt from being pawed at by the younger woman. I want to leave here. I want to be with my Natsuki.

"You must know how much I want you, Shizuru-onee-sama," Tomoe whispered into Shizuru's ear. She then nipped the earlobe so temptingly close to her lips.

Shizuru grinned while discreetly swallowing to keep down the bile rising in her throat. "Ara, ara, Tomoe-chan certainly is eager. But, we have all night for those sorts of antics," she pointed out. She hoped that she could get Tomoe drunk enough to just have the girl pass out before the younger woman got anymore demanding. If not, she would tell the green-haired girl in no uncertain terms that she was not for sale. She was not a companion and she definitely was not going to do anything beyond her job for money.

"I want to do it all night," Tomoe growled into Shizuru's ear before actually licking the older woman's cheek.

Shizuru damn near gulped and fought against the urge to wipe her face. For the moment, she did not want to insult Tomoe, doing her best to remain professional; as far as professional went with her vocation anyway. She always knew that one day Tomoe would start acting on her desires, especially since Shizuru had strung her along for months now. Unfortunately, unlike most people around the club, Tomoe did not seem to realize that it was an act whenever Shizuru was with her. Tomoe seemed under the impression that Shizuru gave her attention freely and willingly, not because the club offered a bit of fantasy to whoever could afford it.

"I've been saving myself for you, Shizuru-onee-sama," Tomoe said, pressing herself against the tawny-haired manager. She ran her hands up and down the older woman's sides.

"Tomoe-chan, I couldn't…not with so many people around," Shizuru said coyly, going so far as to force a blush to her cheeks. She prayed that would buy her some time. I need to think of some way out of this without costing the club a valued, yet quite delusional, customer.

Tomoe nodded and turned to her guests. "Out!" she commanded, a vicious, threatening look on her face.

Shizuru's heart sank as Tomoe's party filed out of the room with that simple word, not even protesting. It seemed expected almost. She turned to look at Tomoe and saw a glint in her eyes that told her it more than likely was expected. It was then that Shizuru realized that she had been set up. Damn it!

"Tomoe—" Shizuru tried to say something, but she was cut off by the green-haired female.

"There are no more excuses, Shizuru-onee-sama! You're going to do exactly as I say," Tomoe ordered and then she directed crimson eyes to a pair of men standing guard at the door. She also motioned to the two men positioned behind Shizuru. She stared Shizuru down, smirking to show that she was in full control of the situation. "Do you need to see why you are going to do exactly as I say?" the younger woman asked. The men put their hands in their jackets, suggesting just why it was in Shizuru's best interest to do what Tomoe said.

Shizuru forced out a brilliant smile. She then gracefully held her hands in front of her as she often did, wanting to appear normal. "Of course not, Tomoe-chan. All you need do is ask me for what you want," she lied in a cheery tone. She just needed to buy some time until she could get out of the room without ending up injured or dead.

"Good. Now, the first thing I want you to do is open that bag down by your feet," Tomoe said, motioning to one of guards. He leaned forward and dropped a small duffel bag at Shizuru's feet.

The older woman nodded and picked up the bag. She wondered what it contained, but guessed that it had something to do with whatever Tomoe had planned for their time together. Placing the bag in her lap, she unzipped it and gasped. It was full of toys—and not the kind she expected to see in a sex club.

"What do you want me to do, Tomoe-chan?" Shizuru asked, trying to keep an odd tremble out of her voice. Her eyebrows were hidden underneath her bangs, but were curled up in distinct confusion. The happy grin on Tomoe's face did not help clear matters up. What kind of kink is this girl into?


Natsuki snorted, blowing out heavy air that was visible as she made her down the dark hallway. Panting, her mouth open and teeth on display, she scanned the hall, eyes starting to glow. Her hands were tensed and her fingers all spread far and bent. She was able to clearly make out two large figures yards away from her, one in front of a room and the other across from him in front of another room. Natsuki went directly to her left, totally ignoring the man on her right.

"Move," Natsuki ordered, her voice completely unrecognizable. It was only a growl, barely understandable.

"I'm not allowed to let anyone in there," he informed her, not even bothering to look down at her.


Taking hold of the man's lapels, her sharp nails tore into the cloth and anchored her grip. Natsuki flung him down the hallway and he impacted the solid wall. He hit so hard that it could be heard over the music and shook the building slightly. She did even bother to look, knowing he was unconscious. She reached for the doorknob, but she did not get a chance to turn it as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Get off!" Natsuki roared, sounding inhuman, kicking the man in the gut and spending him flying back.

His back hit the door that he had been guarding and he went through the wood, hollering in pain from the assault. She went back to the doorknob, ready to rip the door out of the wall now, but was distracted as voices screamed at her to stay away. Listening was not on Natsuki's "to do" list right now, so she proceeded anyway.

Two men tackled her from behind as she entered the room and two others caught her as soon as she crossed the threshold. They piled on her, trying to drag her down to the floor. The snarl that escaped her was downright animalistic and the tension in her face seemed to pull at her skin, making her features seem longer. Her mouth refused to close completely and it almost looked like all of her teeth were pointed. The four men had a problem keeping her down, but they were about to have their problem get much worse in seconds.

"What the hell is going on?" Tomoe demanded to know, her face twisted into an ugly sneer.

Natsuki struggled enough to be able to look up and figure out if she was too late—not that that would mean a damn thing as far as her mission went. It would affect her anger, though, and it damn sure would make for an even more horrible situation for the unlucky bastards holding her down. Blazing green eyes shot over to Tomoe and Shizuru. Tomoe was holding a baby rattle for a reason that Natsuki would never figure out and Shizuru's shirt was open, as was her front-clasp bra.

Natsuki could practically hear Shizuru's heart pounding in her chest from fear and nervousness. She could see the same emotions in those rose red eyes. But, there was also a spark of hope in those eyes. Natsuki would not let her down, she silently vowed. Her attention turned to Tomoe and she could smell the desire from the younger woman. The scent assaulted her worse than any man could.

"BASTARDS!" Natsuki hollered at the top of her lungs, sounding like she was howling at the end of the word.

She flung the four men off of her as if they were throw pillows. Pushing up from the floor, she rocketed off, hitting Tomoe like a cannonball. She tackled the girl so fast that it looked like Tomoe disappeared and reappeared at the back of the room, being slammed into the thick wall. Tomoe was pinned there by a crushing grip from Natsuki. The green-haired girl did not even know what was going on. The pain did not even register yet as the pale hand clutched her windpipe.

"Who the hell told you to touch my Shizuru?" Natsuki demanded, growling in the end and showing off an impressive set of sharp, elongated canine teeth.

Tomoe could only gag, the pressure on her throat too much for words to work around. Her eyes bulged with agony and fear. Natsuki could smell her nervousness and panic, feeling her pulse pounding against her palm. But, there was still that linger aroma of Tomoe's desire that was driving Natsuki out of her mind. Tomoe grabbed at the hand, trying to get the madwoman holding her to let go. Her attempt was futile, finding the strength too much. Opening her mouth, she seemed to be trying to speak, but again, found it impossible to do so.

Natsuki did not care for the answer to her question. It did not matter anyway. She only squeezed tighter, wanting to end the girl in her grips thanks to her rage and what she viewed as disrespect to her and to Shizuru. She probably never would have let go, even if Tomoe died in her arms, but a shot rang out in the room. The blaring sound echoed off the walls, sounding as if it was a canon going off. The noise barely hit the sensitive ears of the biker, but the sound was not the thing that matered. Natsuki fell back against the wall, releasing Tomoe as she toppled over.

"Natsuki!" Shizuru screamed, moving to help the biker. One of the men grabbed her as soon as she was up. She struggled against him, but he put an end to that by putting his gun to her head.

"Shut up!" he ordered, gripping Shizuru harshly around the arm. If she was lucky, she would get out the situation with just the bruise on her arm, she thought.

A dark, deep chuckle from the other end of the room caught their attention. Natsuki put her head up, revealing the coldest green eyes anyone in the room would ever see. A bent smile adorned her face, showing off what looked suspiciously like fangs. The expression also seemed to pull at her face even more. Her hair seemed to be standing on end as if electrically charged. A pale, crooked hand with long nails clutched her shoulder, scarlet poured out in between her fingers.

"I'll cut your fucking hands off before I let you touch her," Natsuki informed him with a deadly seriousness to her voice that made everyone pause for a moment.

"Oh, yeah? Well, what if I just shoot this bitch right now?" he declared, trying his best to look haughty, but there was something about Natsuki's expression and tone that made him want to piss his pants.

A snort was the only indication that Natsuki heard and then she was up. She hit him just like she hit Tomoe, but with even more force. Shizuru yelped as she hit the ground, banging the back of her head on a low table. Her vision was a little fuzzy for a moment, but she made sure to stay conscious because of everything that was going on. Her brain worked with her, remaining functioning in case Natsuki needed her or if the circumstances got worse.

"What did you do to me?" the man shrieked as he climbed to his feet. A bloody torso greeted all those that looked upon him. Slash marks cut across his chest, through his suit, and clearly through his flesh. Near his neck, millimeters from the jugular, there appeared to be teeth marks in his flesh, like he had been bitten.

Natsuki stood up, pale fingers dripping with blood as if she dipped them into crimson paint. There was also blood smeared on her mouth, hanging from her lips. All the of the men and Tomoe stared in disbelief, but the men instinctively pointed their guns at her. Tomoe crawled over to Shizuru. The biker did not even seem to notice the weapons, tracking Tomoe's movement with sharp green eyes.

"Get away from her!" Natsuki roared.

"She's mine," Tomoe declared as she wrapped herself around the back of Shizuru, making sure that her hands clutched onto Shizuru's breasts.

"Natsuki, behind you!" Shizuru pointed to the danger creeping up on the biker.

The ebony-haired woman turned just in time avoid getting shot and out of the corner of her eye she could see Shizuru trying to untangle herself from Tomoe. Natsuki could not take the sight of Tomoe pawing at Shizuru and she knew that if she and Shizuru were going to make out of there alive, she needed to do something.

"Let her goooooo!" Natsuki released a long howl, as if frightening away all of the energy in the room.

The most incredible thing then happened. The very air around everyone felt charged with electricity, which then seemed to gather around Natsuki before being sucked into her entire being. Natsuki's hair grew longer, not just on her head, but all over her body. Her body bulked up, tearing through her clothing. All of her muscles became thicker and larger. Her face elongated, her nose growing longer until it was a muzzle, like a dog's nose. Her eyes glowed a pure, hot white as her fingernails turned to sharp claws and her feet changed into paws. It was then they all realized that Natsuki transformed into a massive onyx-colored werewolf right before their eyes.

Shizuru could not believe what she was seeing and was almost certain that she hit her head much harder than she suspected. This had to be some sort of nightmare, she thought. Natsuki could not possibly be some giant monster! She did not have time to formulate more thoughts on the matter as the huge beast moved. It seemed like it was all fur, teeth, and claws as it struck out at men in the room, snarling and howling as it moved.

Everything that happened after that was pretty much a blur. Shizuru was able to get Tomoe off of her, several shots rang out through the room, Shizuru was able to take down one of the men, and then everything went black for her. The saying was true: you never hear the one that gets you.


Green eyes fluttered open, taking in a familiar white ceiling. A groan escaped a dry throat and chapped lips. Every muscle seemed to throb dully, going in time with a steady heartbeat. Natsuki pushed herself up to rest against her pillows. Her eyes closed as her hands labored to move as they slowly went to hold her head to make sure her temples did not fly across the room, like it felt like they were trying to do. If her headache got any worse, she thought that her whole skull might explode. She could only think of a few times that came close to the torment that she was currently feeling.

"Is Natsuki awake?" Shizuru called from outside of the bedroom. Natsuki could not figure where in the apartment Shizuru might be.

"Yeah," the biker croaked out. Blinking hard, she hoped it would help clear her head. No such luck. "I think…" She was not totally sure she was alive, so she was not too certain that she was awake. It certainly seemed like she should be dreaming if Shizuru was in her apartment. But, then again, there was no way that she would be in such pain if it were all a dream.

The door was nudged open and Shizuru entered with a tray in her hands. She was wearing nothing more than one of Natsuki's tee-shirts, showing off fantastic legs. For a second, Natsuki's baser instincts took over and she imagined those legs locked around her neck.

"How's your shoulder feeling?" the older woman asked curiously, crimson eyes focusing on Natsuki's prone form. The question took Natsuki's mind from the gutter.

"Shoulder?" The question came out as if she did not know what such a thing was. Natsuki glanced down, remembering that she had been shot last night—a direct hit to the right shoulder. The area was covered in a white bandage for a reason that she could not recall. Shizuru might have done that, not knowing I wouldn't need it. Raising her hand and giving one good yank, she tore the bandage away.

"You shouldn't—" Shizuru tried to protest, but the shorter woman was already done.

"It's fine. Trust me." Natsuki was not surprised to find the wound gone since she healed pretty quickly when she was in her wolf form. She turned her attention to Shizuru, who eyed her shoulder before strawberry irises focused on her face. "How's your head? I bandaged it up good last night?" the biker inquired with soft concern.

Shizuru nodded, tapping the bandage around her head. "Natsuki took very good care of me," she replied, placing the tray in front of Natsuki. She propped it up on the short legs, making sure it was sturdy. It was not just bandaging her head, but also the bruise on her arm was taken care of thanks to Natsuki.

"Um…that's good. I'm a little fuzzy on what happened last night. I let my emotions get to me…" Natsuki admitted, eyes downward and shame coloring her cheeks.

The older woman eased in next to Natsuki on the bed, their bare arms brushing against each other. Natsuki's cheeks colored more and then she blinked hard. Cautiously and rather shyly, she glanced over at Shizuru. She remembered not too long ago, Shizuru had been in that same spot, sleeping peacefully, cuddled up against her as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Natsuki felt like she should say something, but she did not know what to say.

"Natsuki, you should eat," Shizuru gently urged the younger woman, reaching out and running her fingers up and down the biker's arm.

Natsuki nodded; she was starving. Shizuru had served her a simple hot porridge, but that was good enough for her, especially since she could barely boil water on her own. She bypassed the spoon and slurped right from the bowl, drinking the whole thing down in one breath. She sighed when she was done and noticed out of the corner of her eye, Shizuru was smiling.

"Um…it was good…" Natsuki muttered, eyes again down and searching the bedding. "Thanks…"

"It was no trouble. I was very happy to cook for Natsuki. Although, now I suppose I should have made more," Shizuru commented with a small smile, glancing at the clean, empty bowl.

"Sorry…it's just…"

"I know, high metabolism. I suppose I understand why now," Shizuru said softly. Her tone was very understanding.

Natsuki laughed uncomfortably. "Uh…yeah…takes a lot of energy to…um…yeah…"

"Natsuki," Shizuru said, taking the pale female's hand in hers. She paused and glanced down at their hands, slightly amused to see that her hand was actually bigger than Natsuki's. Interlacing their fingers, she held onto Natsuki's hand tightly. Little did she know, but the gesture said more than any words could. "It's fine," Shizuru promised strongly.

"It is?" the biker asked in a shaky tone.

There was a solid nod. "It is. I still like Natsuki very much."

Natsuki's eyes went wide. "You do?" Her voice trembled even more than before.

"Natsuki, you rushed into a dangerous situation and revealed a deep secret that could have possibly scared the hell out of me, just to save my life, or at the least my virtue. I just…I wish I could tell how you that makes me feel, but there aren't any words to express it. I feel as if I am…special to you…"

"You are," Natsuki insisted before she had a chance to think about what she was saying. A blush invaded her cheeks as soon as she realized what she said, but she knew it was true. "I've never lost it like that for anyone, Shizuru. I always try to keep perfect control, but seeing her touch you like that…against your wishes and against your will…forcing you to…and those men endangering your life…I couldn't help myself…"

"And it's fine, Natsuki," Shizuru repeated, feeling it was safe to curl up just a little closer to the biker. She put her free hand on Natsuki's abdomen and unconsciously rubbed Natsuki's belly. "You are special to me too. I am more than glad to have you in my life."

Natsuki smiled from the caress and those words. She brought her hand up to cradle Shizuru's head against her shoulder. She was careful of the bandages on Shizuru's injured head. Thanks to all of the adrenaline and other hormones pumping through her body last night, what happened was sort of a blur to Natsuki, but she did remember the moment Shizuru got her injury. A shot sounded through the room and the tawny-haired woman fell. Natsuki feared that Shizuru was dead, so she acted quickly to just get Shizuru out of there. She scooped Shizuru up in her arms and charged through anyone or thing in her way. She was not even sure if they followed her or not, not paying attention to anything behind her. Once they were outside, she saw that the bullet only grazed Shizuru in the space between her head and her ear. Because of that, she took Shizuru home with her instead of to a hospital.

"Should you go to a hospital for this?" Natsuki asked, just in case, lightly fingering the bandage on the tanned head.

"No, it's fine. It doesn't even really hurt. I thought you would need the hospital more than I would."

"Um…no. When I'm like that, I heal almost anything pretty fast. It's your head I'm worried about. You sure you don't need to go to the hospital?" the biker asked to be sure.

"I am quite sure. When I felt it, though, I thought I was done for. I think that's why I fainted. All I could think was that I had gotten you involved in this horrible situation and then had the nerve to die on you when you came to clean up my mess."

Natsuki smiled a bit. "There was no way that you knew that would happen. I'm sure you've seen Tomoe dozens of times and she's never done anything like that. The reason I knew was because I noticed the bugles in their jackets…my eyesight is a little better than most people in the dark. I also had the added advantage to smell something off about them. They were sweating too much for men going into a strip club and I could tell it wasn't from anticipation. The hint of gun powder and metal touched my nose too. I even heard some of their conversation from a distance and Tomoe was talking about finally taking you, whether you liked it or not. The men were there to make sure that happened, I guess. But, I only knew because of my advanced senses. So, really, my wolf instincts were the only thing that kept me in the loop."

"Well, either way, thank you for doing such an incredibly brave thing for me, Natsuki."

Natsuki nodded. "I would do anything to keep you safe," she vowed.

Apparently, that honest admission was the right thing to say. Shizuru snuggled up closer to her and Natsuki was able to tell that Shizuru did not fear her at all. Everything was all right, just as Shizuru promised. Taking a deep breath, Natsuki settled back into her space and held Shizuru close.

"I am so glad that Natsuki wandered into the Obsidian Den, even if she was not so interested in me at first," the tawny-haired woman commented in a whisper, hand still lazily caressing Natsuki's stomach.

"Really?" the biker asked, not really skeptical, but incredulous. She could not believe that someone like Shizuru wanted to be with her.

"Hmm…Perhaps I should show Natsuki how grateful I am to have met her."

Poor Natsuki had no idea what Shizuru meant until she seemed to hovering over Natsuki. Shizuru then made it clear as she leaned down quite slowly and her eyes drifted shut as she placed the sweetest, gentlest kiss to Natsuki's waiting lips. While Natsuki was frozen for just a second, her eyes closed too and she reveled in the feel of Shizuru's mouth against her own. Cream-colored arms came up around Shizuru's neck, pulling her closer. Smiling against Natsuki's lips, Shizuru drew back a little to avoid taking the kiss further than she wanted to. Her smile grew as Natsuki's eyes opened at half-mast and she seemed to be in a lovely daze.

"Does that give Natsuki a good idea of how grateful I am?" the older woman asked, appearing quite impish.

"Uh…I think that does," Natsuki answered.

Shizuru put a finger to her chin and seemed to think things over. "I don't know. Natsuki doesn't sound convinced. Perhaps I should do it again."

Natsuki did not object, even though she did blush at the thought of kissing Shizuru again. The club manager leaned down for another tender kiss, which was immediately returned. It lasted a little longer than the first. Shizuru pulled away first again and then settled her head on Natsuki's shoulder.

"Was Natsuki convinced there?"

A small, but confident smile worked its way onto a pale face. "I'm not sure. You might have to do that a few more times."

A delighted laugh escaped Shizuru. "I will do that as often as Natsuki likes," she vowed.

"Are you sure?" Natsuki asked, sounding a bit insecure there. "I mean…You know…I am not normal and everything."

"To me, Natsuki is quite perfect. But, it will obviously take much, much more convincing. I shall oblige."

The biker chuckled a bit, quite pleased that Shizuru was not offended by her. Shizuru expressed her gratitude with a few more kisses before settling in next to Natsuki. They drifted off to sleep after remembering to get the tray off of the bed. Natsuki was awakened by the sound of her door being opened. Immediately, she knew who was there, mostly because of scent. She groaned and rubbed her eyes as she heard familiar footsteps trudging into the apartment.

"Natsuki!" Mai called out, sounding quite upset.

"Shit!" Natsuki hissed, knowing that if the feisty redhead came into the bedroom, she would never hear the end of it. She slid out of bed, careful of not disturbing Shizuru—quite a feat since she had to untangle their limbs.

"Natsuki!" Mai called out again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Natsuki replied, shutting the bedroom door as she exited the room. She silently prayed that Shizuru stayed asleep.

"Natsuki, what the hell did you do last night?" Mai demanded to know as soon as Natsuki was in view. She guessed that her friend was sleeping in since Natsuki was wearing a plain white tee-shirt and sweatpants that she used as pajamas.

The biker stopped in her tracks, seeing that Mai was not the only person that came to pay her a visit. Mai, Takumi, Akira, and Mikoto were all back in her apartment. Nothing good ever happened when they all just showed up. Very quietly, she gulped and considered how she could possibly escape the situation with her sanity in tact.

"Last night, at the Obsidian Den, there was gunfire in the back rooms and a lot of injured people claimed a wolf-girl was the reason for it. Thankfully, no one believed them because no one believes in werewolves, but I happen to know one and she also happens to be a girl. I also recognize your claw and bite marks and there were plenty of those to go around as people from the back rooms filed out of the place. What were you doing at the Obsidian Den?" Mai demanded again, glaring at her friend and pointing a very authoritative finger. Natsuki was happy that finger was not loaded.

"Um…" Natsuki rubbed the back of her head. "Would you believe some other wolf-girl did it?" she asked shyly with an awkward half-smirk. It was worth a shot; she was not the only werewolf on the planet, after all.

"Natsuki," the redhead said in a stern voice. She was backed up by a deep glare from her brother. Natsuki gulped, not used to being in the metaphoric doghouse with Takumi as well as with Mai.

"Okay, okay, okay!" Natsuki put her hands out in surrender. "The truth is…I changed by accident?" She wanted to slap herself in the forehead with how stupid that sounded. She had known Mai for years and Mai had known she was a werewolf for almost just as long. The last time she had accidentally completely changed was when she was in diapers. Yes, she had a few slips every now and then, but never a total transformation.

"Natsuki, you will tell me the truth now. What were you doing at the Obsidian Den?" Mai ordered, pointing at Natsuki in a manner that made the older girl flinch.

Natsuki could only wonder when Mai had become the dominant force in their group, but she knew that sometimes the fiery redhead was damned scary. On occasion, if Mai was angry enough or felt like Natsuki had messed up enough, she could actually make Natsuki cower. Such behavior tickled Natsuki's parents, but perplexed and occasionally troubled Natsuki.

"Ara, ara, perhaps I could answer that one," Shizuru commented as she came up behind Natsuki and wrapped her arms around the slightly shorter woman.

Mai's expression fell from furious to shocked and Takumi mouth pretty much hit the floor. Akira and Mikoto did not know what was going on, but they were just shocked that Natsuki actually had company. They did not even know the biker knew people aside from them, let alone knew a girl well enough to have her in the bedroom, wearing only a tee-shirt at that!

"Fujino-san, what're you doing here? Anh-san was looking for you all last night!" Mai pointed out.

Shizuru let loose a very dramatic sigh and went so far as to put her hand to her forehead as if she were going to faint. "I suppose I am a bad supervisor, leaving all of the work to Anh. How were things last night after all of the unpleasantness?" she asked curiously. She was not surprised by Mai's formal address toward her while informally using Anh's given name. Anh often insisted upon it and her teasing was beyond merciless if her wishes were not adhered to.

"Anh-san was able to handle things, but she was very worried about you. She thought you might have been injured by the gunfire because you were in one of the back rooms. By the looks of it, she was right," Mai explained, motioning to Shizuru's head with her hand.

"Natsuki was brave enough to save me from serious injury from the men that caused the gunfire," Shizuru said, pressing herself against the biker a little more. This earned what suspiciously sounded like whimper from Natsuki. Her friends obviously heard because they all eyed her strangely for a moment, but then Mai picked right back up on the matter at hand.

"Okay, what happened exactly?" Mai inquired. "And Natsuki how do you know my boss?" Her attention was back to her friend and she looked down right suspicious of the ebony-haired biker.

"Uh…look, Mai, I don't wanna lie to you…" Natsuki trailed off, not intending to say anything more than that apparently.

"Natsuki, be honest with your friend," Shizuru said, gently patting Natsuki on the upper arm. Really, her hand wanted to go much lower than that, but she doubted it would be good to embarrass the shorter woman anymore than she had.

Natsuki sighed. "Fine, not like she could get anymore pissed with me anyway. Mai, I met Shizuru when I went up to the Obsidian Den to check it out." That was enough truth; after all, Mai knew about her first trip up there.

"You picked up a girl at a strip club?" Akira asked in disbelief.

"It's not like she's a stripper or anything! She's a supervisor!" Natsuki huffed, snorting through her nose.

"Fuijino-san, I think you should call Anh-san to let her know you're all right. She was almost frantic last night while she was getting everyone else out of the building because she couldn't find you," Mai explained. Natsuki noted that she seemed to be off of the hook, but she was not going to breathe a sigh of relief until her friends were out of the apartment.

Shizuru nodded. "I'll call her immediately. Do you know what happened to the gun men?"

Takumi chimed in. "They were all arrested for carrying illegal weapons, endangering the public, and a host of other charges."

"Was a green-haired girl arrested with them?" Natsuki asked.

"Yes," he confirmed with a nod.

Natsuki grinned. "Good."

Mai's gaze narrowed in on the biker. "Natsuki, you still owe us an explanation as to what happened."

"Right, right, right. Uh…" Natsuki tried to figure out how to tell what happened without making it seem like Shizuru was a stripper or prostitute or something else like that. Once she figured out how to do that, the rest of the story was easy. Mai and Takumi backed her up on the fact that Shizuru was the manager too and they were somewhat familiar with her personality, so that was a plus. Thankfully, by the end of whole sorted tale, Mai was no longer upset. But, she was in mother-hen mode.

"You two should be in bed after such an ordeal! Fujino-san, you really should go to a doctor to get your wound looked at!" Mai gently commanded them.

Natsuki rolled her eyes while Shizuru appeared quite amused by Mai's actions. Eventually, Natsuki was able to coax her friends out of the apartment, after talking Mai into making food anyway. Well, it did not take much cajoling since Mai was certain food would help them both recover. Since rest would also help the recovery, it was easy for Natsuki to get her friends to leave without a fuss from any of them. She and Shizuru curled up on the sofa while Shizuru contacted Anh to find out what happened at the club and what was going to happen. She cuddled into the biker when the phone call was over.

"So, Tomoe and all of her friends were arrested and since it's the weekend, they can't make bail until Monday. She thinks it might be a good idea for me to take some time off while this is going on, even though Tomoe is being banned from the club for the rest of her life," Shizuru reported.

Natsuki nodded. "Good idea. I'd like you where I can keep an eye on you," she said, pulling Shizuru closer to her.

The club manager laughed. "I think that I'll keep an eye on you." She wrapped her arms around the biker and caressed her stomach. "This gives me a chance to cook for you like I promised."

"And gives me time to prep you because my mom wants to meet you," Natsuki added.

Shizuru chuckled again, but she stayed and that was good enough for Natsuki. Through it all, Shizuru stayed. And through it all, Natsuki supported Shizuru, even when she went back to work at the Obsidian Den, and especially when she quit in order to go back to school. She even supported Shizuru when Shizuru decided to open a restaurant and a "gentleman's club." She just never looked at the stage.


The end.

Thanks for reading my story. I am returning to my padded cell for now. Hopefully, there are more stories to come.