Authors note:

So this is my first Klaine fanfiction (my first fanfiction ever actually). I meant to post this sooner, but I had to wait out my newbie probation time :S I really hope you guys like it! I wrote this because I felt that Blaine and Kurt were good enough friends that they would exchange gifts, and I really wanted to see what that would look like in term of preparation.

I have a couple more chapters prepared, the next being Blaine's side to the gift hunt, let me know if you want to see them up! :)

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Kurt Hummel's collages were a thing of legend. Nobody else could put mixed media together in such a pleasing aesthetic. Several members of his former Glee club had made requests for a piece of his work and now had his collages hanging in their rooms, displayed like art work. His collaging wasn't a secret either. He had a whole sketch book devoted to bringing together the latest issues of Vogue, Elle and Flare (of course he got two copies of every magazine he purchased—one to destroy for the greater good of his art, and one to glorify, completely untouched).

When Blaine found out about Kurt's pastime, he called it cute. He even seemed impressed with Kurt's latest work in which Kurt had combined the works of the great Marc Jacobs with Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana in a runway trend inspired number.

With all these contributing factors Kurt reasoned that Blaine wouldn't find it creepy if Kurt gave him one of his collages for Christmas. Except for the fact that Kurt was planning a collage of a different nature then his usual fashion inspirations. Kurt had originally been planning on making a friendship collage with pictures of him and Blaine, along with other little hints of their relationship thrown in—a cut-out of Katy Perry (complete with lyrics of Teenage Dream); a spread of Marion Cotillard Vogue shoot; the border was the distinct Dalton red and navy piping; and pasted at the top was the courage mantra Kurt had originally hung in his locker.

Kurt's thoughts wandered while he diligently worked. This will be nice, Kurt mused. It will show Blaine how much I appreciate his help with all my troubles; tell him that he was the perfect mentor. Kurt's mind hitched at that word, mentor. That's what Blaine is, Kurt scolded himself, it's foolish to expect anything more, not at this point. The reality of the matter was Kurt had no clue what his relationship with Blaine was anymore. He did consider Blaine a mentor, but he was also falling head over heels in love with the older teen. And Blaine…well Blaine was confusing. Blaine drove over an hour to McKinley to help Kurt face Karofsky. He would laugh and joke with Kurt about Vogue. Blaine would text Kurt words of encouragement throughout his day, letting him know that he wasn't alone. But Blaine has also been distant ever since you came to Dalton, Kurt reminded himself. Sighing Kurt finished up his art. If nothing else, it will remind Blaine of our friendship, Kurt thought bitter-sweetly.

However, when Kurt stepped back and studied his labour-intensive project he felt a little queasy. Although his handiwork was impeccable as usual, Kurt realized that his collage showed much than just friendship—it had somehow become a visual display of his adoration (okay, love) for Blaine. He stared at it disbelievingly—was he really that obvious? If he gave it to Blaine, there was no way he wouldn't see that Kurt had a crush on him. The real question was if Kurt had the courage to give the collage to Blaine—knowing it would be a declaration of love.

Biting his lip, Kurt wrapped the collage up and shoved it under his bed.