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Kurt stepped into his dorm room and let out a contented sigh. It had been great to see his family again, but he had missed the familiarity of his room at Dalton, and he had missed the flurry of sights and sounds a building full of boys offered. As though proving his point David chose that moment to come bursting into Kurt's room blowing loudly into a New Year's party horn.

"Happy New Year!" David bellowed grabbing Kurt into a one-armed hug.

Kurt removed himself from the embrace gingerly and eyed his new friend, "David, New Years was two days ago."

"But I didn't see you two days ago, did I?" Davud grinned evilly before blowing into his horn again—loudly.

Clutching his ears Kurt shooed David out of the room. The momentary silence was interrupted by knocking at the door.

"David, I swear to GaGa I am going to—" Kurt wrenched open the door to find a very perplexed Blaine.

"Uh…bad time?" Blaine's words were cut off as Kurt threw himself at Blaine's chest. Blaine squeezed Kurt back grinning widely, "miss me?" Blaine laughed.

"Only a little," Kurt mumbled into his boyfriend's chest. He had forgotten how good Blaine smelled—like cinnamon and vanilla, but there was something undeniably Blaine that Kurt couldn't put his finger on. He loved it.

Blaine finally broke the embrace and looked down as Kurt let out a squeak of protest. Blaine smiled at the thought that Kurt liked being so close to him. "How was your Christmas?" he asked, throwing himself down on Kurt's bed.

"Oh, you know, forced celebration with relatives that smell questionable as never been my thing," Kurt retorted. Blaine looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, okay I loved every second of it!" Kurt whined before sitting down next to Blaine. "It was just so nice to be with them again. It was like nothing had changed since I left and we were still all one big family, you know?"

"Yeah I get it" Blaine said calmly rubbing Kurt's back.

Kurt looked up and smiled. "So how was your Christmas?"

"Pretty great. My sister and I put on a show for our cousins. It was adorable" Blaine said with a laugh.

"I can imagine" Kurt said softly.

Blaine looked down at his boyfriend, "now, serious question time- are you free tonight?"

"I think so, why?"

"Nothing important really" Blaine teased.

"Blaine, tell me what's going on!"

"Oh it's just our first date"

Kurt's eyes grew big, "really?"

"Only if you want to..." Blaine said suddenly hesitant.

"Of course I want to!"

"Good!" Blaine said his charming smile back in place, "I'll see you at 6" Blaine leaned in and kissed Kurt on the nose before making his way to the door.

Flustered, Kurt nearly forgot to interrogate Blaine, "wait, where are we going?"

Blaine shook his head, "Not telling, it's a surprise...but be sure to dress warmly." With a wink he left. Kurt flopped down onto his bed, wondering what on earth he had done to get such an irritating, albeit adorable, boyfriend.

By 5:30 Kurt was panicked. Dress warmly? How warm? Should I do layers or one oversized sweater courtesy of Alexander Wang? Sighing Kurt tore through his clothes for the 10th time. How could he have nothing to wear? After two mediocre outfits Kurt finally decided on a pair of black skinny jeans with a charcoal cashmere sweater, and a chunky navy blue scarf. He studied himself in the mirror—warm and yet stylish, he thought, giving his reflection nod of approval. A knock interrupted his preening and Kurt ran to get the door. He threw it open to reveal Blaine standing there looking deliciously thrown together. He was wearing worn light blue jeans, and a tight fitting black v-neck sweater. He makes it look so easy, Kurt thought, a little jealous. His eyes traveled up Blaine's outfit and stopped on his hair—it was the most out of control Kurt had ever seen it. Normally slicked back, Blaine's hair had become a tangled mess of black curls Kurt's fingers itched to touch.

"Do you approve?" Blaine chuckled.

Kurt jolted realizing he had been so distracted by Blaine's outfit he hadn't even said hi.

"Oh, oops, I uh…got distracted." Kurt said sheepishly.

Blaine reached out and pulled Kurt into a hug. "Let me assure you that the feeling is mutual." Blaine whispered into his ear, "now we better go."

Blaine reached down and grabbed Kurt's hand.

Blaine practically dragged Kurt out of the school, his hand grabbing the younger boy's tightly.

"Whoa, Blaine, slow down. My fingers are losing their feeling," Kurt said, teasing his boyfriend.

"Oh sorry," Blaine said dropping Kurt's hand.

Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand back, "I didn't say let go" Kurt whispered.

Blaine smiled in response and continued to lead Kurt, but at a more leisurely pace.

Together they walked around to the back of the school to where there was a clearing surrounded by some trees. Off to one side there was a gazebo decorated in twinkling white lights.

"Blaine," Kurt breathed, "what is this?"

"Well since Dalton is such a prestigious location in the area a lot of locals like to have weddings here," Blaine said, walking towards the gazebo.

"I wouldn't doubt it," Kurt said looking around, "wait, are we allowed to be here?"

"Yeah the Dean doesn't care if we come here, just as long as there isn't a wedding and we don't destroy anything." Blaine said, pulling Kurt up on to the gazebo. "Sit here please, well I set everything up."

Kurt did as he was told, than watched quizzically as Blaine pulled two red and white checkered blankets out of his backpack, followed by a few tubberware containers and Blaine's laptop.

"What is all this?" Kurt asked excitedly.

"A winter picnic," said Blaine spreading out the first blanket. "Here get comfortable."

Kurt lowered himself down on to the blanket as Blaine fiddled with the computer. Suddenly the angelic voice of Judy Garland was floating out of the speakers and Blaine had lowered himself next to Kurt, wrapping the extra blanket around them. He started to open the food revealing grapes, crackers and two pieces of chocolate cake.

"Sorry about the food, it was the best I could convince the cooking staff to give me," Blaine said worriedly biting his lip.

"Blaine, this is…"

"…too much?"

Kurt reassuringly squeezed Blaine's fingers, "no— it's absolutely perfect."

Blaine looked up at Kurt with bright eyes, "so are you" he said quietly.

Kurt's heart nearly burst out of his chest—how did he deserve all of this?

"You're not so bad yourself," he said jokingly.

They picked their way through the food laughing and chatting, sometimes just sitting in amiable silence enjoying the company. Abruptly Blaine stood up and reached his hand down to Kurt, "want to dance?"

Kurt merely grinned and felt himself being pulled up next to Blaine. Blaine's arms snaked around his waist, pulling him closer. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck, and they swayed slowly with the music. After a few songs, Kurt's head had slipped on to Blaine's shoulder and Kurt gave a little sigh.

"What is it?" Blaine asked, looking down at the brunette.

"This is all just so wonderful and perfect and I honestly can't believe I deserve any of it. That I deserve you," Kurt said, sighing again.

"Trust me, Kurt," Blaine said protectively, "you deserve all of it. More, even."

Kurt pulled out of their embrace and looked into Blaine's sparkling hazel eyes then ever so slowly closed the distance between them. His lips brushed softly against Blaine's. Blaine responded almost instantly closing any space in between the two of them his lips gently, but urgent against Kurt's. Kurt tangled his hand in Blaine's hair deepening the kiss. Blaine flicked his tongue out in response, gliding it against Kurt's lower lip. Kurt gasped slightly, but smiled into the action, parting his lips pleasurably. They stayed this way for what felt like forever, but eventually they broke apart desperate for air. Blaine rested his forehead against Kurt's happily, and they continued to sway slowly, wrapped in each other's arms.

Kurt tried to remember that moment forever—it was lovely, it was perfection, and it was his first real kiss with the boy he loved.