Eight Years Later

Willow stepped off the elevator and saw her girlfriend leaning against the doorframe, staring into the apartment. She walked up and wrapped her arms around her mid-section, resting her head on her shoulder.

"That was the last box. We're all packed up."

Tara nodded, then sighed.

"It's just hard, you know? I grew up here…I met you here…I went through college and med-school here…and now I'm leaving. It's like a piece of me is staying here with it."

"You're only renting it out, baby. We can come back when you finish your residency. And we've got a house waiting for us in Boston, fully furnished, rented house with a driveway and a garden and everything. And you, missy, got into one of the best residency programs in the country. So you can learn all you need to there, then we can come back and you can help all the people with fertility problems in the Big Apple. This isn't a forever goodbye to this apartment. It's a 'see you later'."

"We've had some good times here…"

"We've had the best times here. A wonderful, fantastic nine years. But we're starting a new chapter now."

Tara sighed again, she knew Willow was right, the past nine years together had been fantastic. After they had graduated from NYU, Tara had started med-school and Willow had started interning at the Wall Street Journal, where she been looking to pursue a career in financial journalism.

When Tara had been offered a place in the residency program at Boston Memorial Hospital, she had interviewed for and gotten a position as a weekly columnist for The Boston Globe, reporting on the financial situation the country and New England are were in, with a human angle - making it relatable to the everyday person.

She'd sent in her first column already and it would be in the next edition of the paper, and would be working from the Boston office once they arrived at their new place of residence.

Craig had moved to Queens three years previously, when he and Ben had broken up, but the two boys had been able to remain close friends and worked together at the same offices, Ben as a PA and Craig as an IT consultant, but the four of them still hung out and went clubbing whenever they could, not letting strenuous work schedules getting the way of their friendship.

Willow too was sad to be leaving New York, she'd really grown to love the city, but she knew as long as her and Tara were together, she'd be happy. If nothing else, the past nine years of their relationship had proved that.

"You're right, my love. As ever," Tara sighed, "So I suppose now we just wait for the people renting to show up and hand the keys over."

"Why don't we go for a walk in the park? The new people aren't here for about another hour."

Tara grinned, hidden from her girlfriend, before adopting a neutral look and turned in the redhead's arms.

"I'd love to go for a walk. Stretch our legs out before the drive to Boston."

"It's only four hours," Willow chuckled as they closed the door and walked down the stairs, out of their building and towards the park, "And I'm the one driving. With the ridiculously large trailer behind us because someone freaked out when they thought about someone else sleeping in their bed so now we have to lug it all the way to Boston."

"That is our bed, Willow, has been since we 'moved in' together after your England trip. And I don't want to come back and live in that apartment knowing other people have been using it for their own naked fun. It's ours."

Willow smiled happily and took Tara's hand as they walked into the entrance of Washington Square Park, surrounded by trees and people.

"Well I can't argue with that. I like keeping our bed ours too."


They strolled through the park in relative silence, enjoying just being around each other, until Tara piped up.

"So, I was thinking, when we get to Boston…"

"Yeah?" Willow asked, resting her head on the brunette's shoulder.

"You wanna get married?"

Willow stopped dead in her tracks and turned to gape at the other girl. Tara saw her stare and chuckled a little.

"Guess I should do this properly," she said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small velvet box, before getting down on one knee. She opened the box and held it up, revealing a diamond ring, glinting in the sun, "Willow Danielle Rosenberg, I love you more than anything. You make me happier than I've ever been and I want to spend the rest of life with you. Will you do me the greatest honour of marrying me and becoming my wife?"

"I..I…I…" Willow spluttered, in shock, "I don't know what to say."

"Say yes!" someone called from the small crowd that had gathered around them, pulling the redhead to her senses.

"Yes, yes, of course I'll marry you!" she said, holding her left hand out, trying to control the shake.

Tara slipped the ring onto the other girl's finger and stood up, pulling her into a hug and spinning her around. There were a few claps from the crowd for a minute before they all continued on their way, leaving the two girls still spinning.

"I'm gonna pass out from dizziness in a sec, baby," Willow said, holding on tight.

Tara stopped her motions and stood them both still, swooping down to kiss ardently for several long moments until she pulled away and looked the smaller girl in the eye.

"You sure you wanna marry me? My hours are gonna be crazy and I might get cranky-"

"You get cranky now," Willow grinned, cupping her fiancée's cheek, "And I'd marry you in a New York minute."

"How about a Boston minute?"

Willow chuckled and stroked the brunette's cheek with her thumb.

"That too. Baby, I've known you…been your friend…your partner…your lover…and your love…for almost ten years. I think it's about time I add wife to that list."

"Wife," Tara breathed, "You're gonna be my wife."

"And you're gonna be mine…"

They met again for a passionate kiss, until Willow pulled away, tugging Tara's hand.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?" Tara asked, breathlessly.

Willow stopped to lean over and whisper in the brunette's ear.

"I wanna make love with my fiancée."

"The apartment's all packed up."

"But our bed is in the van."

Tara saw her fiancée's train of thought and gave her a sensual half-smile before running back towards the street, Willow on her heels with their hands still joined. It only took a few minutes to get to the large trailed parked outside their building and Willow opened the sliding door, both of them jumping in before closing it again, leaving them in darkness.

"I did not think this through," Willow said as she felt her way around their possessions.

"It's in the right corner," Tara said, "Over-ooff."

The brunette fell over something, bringing the redhead with her, and both of them landed on the bed, still with a sheet over the mattress but bare of any blankets or pillows, those packed away somewhere else in the trailer.

"I love you so much," Willow whispered into the darkness.

Tara manoeuvred them both onto the bed fully and slipped her shoes off, then used her foot to kick Willow's as well, making sure they both stayed at the foot of the bed, before finding the redhead's cheek with her hand and bringing their lips together for a deep kiss.

"I love you too," she said between kisses, "And I'm gonna spend the rest of my life showing you."

"Yeah?" Willow asked as her hands found their way to the brunette's belt buckle, loosening it before working on the button of her cargo pants.

"Oh yes," Tara replied, her hand reaching under the redhead's skirt, dragging her panties down her body, "I'm gonna marry you…and be with you…and hold you…and love you. For the rest of my life."

She emphasised her final promise by thrusting two fingers inside her fiancée, while shimmying to try and rid herself of her pants.

"Oh, Tara, yes, yes, I'm gonna love you too, forever, all my life."

The redhead, not being able to wait to get the brunette's panties down, let two fingers glide into her wetness through the fabric, finding her throbbing clit straight away, rubbing over it firmly.

Tara grunted and curled her fingers inside her lover, hitting against her sweet spot as she stretched her probing digits like she knew the smaller girl liked, nine years together making her an expert on all areas of pleasing the other girl.

Willow groaned as she felt her fiancée's fingers do their magic, giving her indeterminable amounts of pleasure and moved hers down, circling the older girl's entrance for a moment, biting her lip and throwing her head back in pleasure as she felt the copious wetness there, before plunging three fingers inside.

Tara gasped and started moving her hips, moaning loudly, feeling herself reacting to her lover's touch immediately.

"Oh, Willow…oh I'm gonna come…come with me, come with me."

"Kiss…me…" Willow panted and felt soft lips on her own, coupled with contractions around her fingers.

The duel sensations were enough to set off her own orgasm and their kiss was broken as her back arched, head thrown back in pleasure.

"Oh Tarrraaa!"

They both quivered and convulsed for another few minutes, moaning loudly when a strong aftershock hit, until they both calmed and gently extracted their fingers, before wrapping their arms around each other.

"Magnificent, superb, amazing, insert-chosen-synonym-for-fantastic-here," Willow said after a moment.


"That works too," the redhead giggled, then sighed softly, "If that is any indication of what married life is gonna be like…"


"Can we get married tomorrow?"

Tara laughed and tightened her hold.

"Whenever you want, however you want. Craig might want to be our flower girl though. All I care about is becoming Mrs. And Mrs. Rosenberg-Maclay."

"Dr. and Mrs," Willow corrected, grinning, "I'm gonna be Mrs. Dr. Tara Rosenberg-Maclay."

"Well, I'm gonna be the wife of the most successful financial journalist in all of Boston. America. The world. Hey, you can do our taxes for free."

"I do our taxes now, anyway…"

"Yeah, but you have to do them separately. Now we can do them all together-like 'cause we're gonna be married."

Willow smiled and brought her hand up to her face so she could admire her ring, the darkness making it difficult, but she could make out the silhouette, smiling as she did so.

"Tara this must have cost a fortune. And as we've just established, I do your taxes, I know how much you make."

"Remember I told you last year that I cleared out the last of my grandmother's secret account for medical school? You know, so that I wouldn't have any student loans to pay off?"


"Well I did. Mostly. Considering how much was in there, the amount left wasn't even a fraction of the original. But it was still enough to buy that ring five months ago and to give you whatever kind of wedding you desire."

"Five months?" Willow asked in disbelief, "You've been planning on proposing for five months? Why did you wait?"

"I didn't want you to feel forced to move with me if I ended up matching somewhere really far away."

"See, now that's where you're a dummy. 'Cause I'd follow you absolutely anywhere. We made a promise not to be apart, remember?"

"I remember," Tara whispered softly, "And we've done pretty well keeping to it so far."

"Yes we have. And I'm going ring shopping tomorrow for you too."

"You don't have to get me-"

"I want you wearing my ring as much as I want to be wearing yours. So shush."

"Yes, ma'am," Tara replied and made better use of her mouth by leaning forwards and meeting her fiancée's lips.

They kissed soundly for several minutes, softly caressing each other until Willow pulled back, murmuring into the brunette's lips.

"We have to hand over the keys."

"I know. But I like how we said goodbye to the city."

"Not goodbye-"

"I know. See you later. We'll be back, I know we will. Or maybe we'll fall in love with Boston."

"Maybe we will. We have a whole host of options available to us. What's important is that we're gonna decide and live them together."

"You and me against the world," Tara chuckled, "Come on, lets get dressed."

They both sat up and felt around for their clothes, Willow searching more broadly.

"You better not have thrown my panties somewhere that I'm never gonna find them 'cause there's no way I'm driving to Boston command - oh here they are."

Tara giggled and stepped back into her shoes before taking Willow's hand, placing a small kiss on her palm and guiding them back to the door, pulling it upwards and jumping off. The redhead locked the trailer again and glanced to the side, seeing two women waiting outside their building.

"I think they're the new tenants. You talked to them on the phone, right?" she asked her fiancée.

"Yeah, well, one of them, Kate Samuels. She seemed nice. Guess this is really it, huh?"

"Do you want me to do the handover? You can just wait in the car."

"No, I think I need to do it. Make sure I really believe someone else is living there now."

Willow gave the hand in hers a squeeze and walked them both over to the two girls, who she guessed were in their very early twenties and smiled.

"Kate Samuels?"

The taller of the two girls nodded and extended her hand.

"Yep, that's me. Oh and this is my girlfriend, Sarah."

All four girls smiled at each other and they chatted for a few minutes before Tara handed over the keys and the new occupants officially moved into the building. Willow started walking them back towards the car and bumped her fiancée's shoulder playfully.

"Well at least we can sleep easy knowing that."

"What?" Tara asked, confused.

"Rainbow deck lives on."

The End