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"Dear Mum, I think the name Hannah is horrid, like your new boyfriend. Also, on the 'choose who Katie will live with' thing, I have decided.

I am moving to China to become a Nun.


Katherine Bell, Chinese Nun."

I read the reply to my Mum's letter to Angelina in the common room a week later. She's still slightly mad at me for the rumours about her and Snape and even though she hasn't admitted it, for 'dating' Lee, but I think for the most part she's gotten over it. Lee and I, on the other hand, have finally come to an agreement about our situation. We date for one last week, and then break up publicly in the Great Hall on Friday night.

Thank Merlin it's Friday night finally. I don't think I could have managed one more day with that boy. I swear, yesterday, he kissed me! And in front of everyone in the Great Hall, no less! Shoved his tongue down my throat and everything. I've brushed my teeth and washed my mouth fifty times, and I can still taste his slimy lips.

He said it was because we were starting to look fake, but I know he secretly couldn't help himself. I am damn hot, not going to lie. But still, it was uncalled for, and very inappropriate! I mean, what would people think?

Oh, wait, that's what they're suppose to thinkā€¦ Right.

But back to the letter going to my deranged mum.

"So I should send it then?" I asked Angelina, who's staring blankly at me, as I tie it shut with a strand of string. She blinks and rolls her eyes at me.

Standing up, she says, "Katie Bell, you don't deserve a mum," before stomping out of the portrait. Across the room, Lee notices and doesn't hesitate to follow after her. I sigh. I can't even keep a fake boyfriend interested.

As I stand up myself, I hear some first years giggling about me and Lee.

"See! First she turns Kyle gay, and now Lee is chasing after another woman! It's rather sad," the blonde girl says. She looks like a eleven year old prostitute-gone-clown, with all that make up on and her lack of cloth on the skirt she's wearing.

Scowling, I stomp over to her, letter in my left hand. For a brief moment I consider hitting her with it, but then I decide against it. Wouldn't want to harm the poor parchment. So instead, I glare down at her. "Why don't you go gossip about something else, you little brats."

She looks slightly frightened, and nods and scampers away with her little posse. I watch them go with a sense of pity filling me. In three years, she'll be a foot taller and a hell of a lot scarier to her class mates.

Shrugging, I turn and walk out the portrait. Oh well, their problem.


Later, when I walk into the Great Hall for Lunch, I spot Lee and Angelina sitting side by side. George and Alicia are snogging beside them, and the only open spot is beside Fred.

"Hey guys," I say, moving to sit down beside Fred, but he puts his hand on the seat.

"This seat is taken," he says, and I laugh, thinking he's joking, because, um, helloooo, there's no one sitting there, but Alicia looks down at her plate, Lee bites his lip, and Ange and George give me looks of pity.

"What?" I ask, my laughter ceasing. If Ange, the girl who practically hates me now, is looking at me with pity, then that means either Fred suddenly hates me, or the seat really is taken.

Before any of them can respond, Lavender freaking Brown sits down beside Fred. "Hey, Freddie," she coos, and I feel sick. "Thanks for saving my seat."

"No problem, love," he smirks, but he's looking at me.

I suddenly get it. He's trying to spite me.

The thought makes tears sting at my eyes, and the fact that none of my friends tell him what an idiot he's being hurts nearly as bad. So I turn and I walk out of the Great Hall, and I don't stop until I'm in the girls bathroom.

I lock myself in a stall and I cry, and for the first time in my life, I'm not hungry, and I don't have a stupid joke to crack.


Hermione Granger, of all people, finds me crying fifteen minutes later.

"Are you okay?" She asks, worry in her voice even though we hardly know each other and I've called her a know-it-all a million times. She's standing right behind the stall door, and I know she can see my feet and hear my crying, so it's no use pretending I'm not there, and not crying.

I bite my lip. "Ye-no." I sigh, wiping at my face, as I stand up from the ground, before opening the stall door. "No," I say again, my eyes trained on my hands.

"It's Fred, isn't it?" She asks, tilting her head to examine me for a moment, before she hands me some toilet paper from the stalls behind us. At my look of confusion she admits, "I saw what happened out there. That's kind of why I came in here. This was me, my first year, crying in the bathroom." She murmurs, her eyes glazed over at the memory.

I frown.

"I'm sorry." I say. "For calling you all those mean names and such; it was bitchy of me. And here you are, being nice, and just... thanks." I murmur, offering her a smile as I wipe my eyes.

The fact that she's so willing to come in here and help me out, even after everything, makes me smile, despite my mood.

"It's okay," she says, shrugging her shoulders. I'm about to protest, but she changes the subject. "Fred's in love with you, Katie. That's why he acted like that." She says wisely, and my eyes widen, but for some reason I'm not very shocked.

"What? No," I deny, my eyebrows furrowed. "We're just friends."

"But he wants more. Has he been acting weird around you? Has ever gotten jealous over you and Lee?" She asks, and I shrug, but it's all starting to make sense in my head.

Fred's in love with me.

"And you're in love with him." Hermione says, one step ahead of me.

"I..." I try to deny it - I want to deny it, because what? He's my best friend. Like a brother. But suddenly, those excuses are flimsy, and just that - excuses.

"I'm in love with Fred Weasley," I gap, and Hermione smiles.

"Good luck, Katie."

I nod, "thanks again, Hermione!"


I run to catch up with the guys, just as Dinner begins. My cheeks are flushed and my nose red from the cold of the Owlry, where I decided to write my Mum a real letter for once, a serious one, where I explained to her that I thought her divorce with Dad was just her running away from problems; that she was acting like a child by doing all of this stuff, and that she needed to work it out with Dad before she went around sleeping with guys from her yoga class.

Now, I feel good, having finally been real with her and myself.

Now, it is time to be real with Fred. I burst through the doors of the Great Hall, the last person there, ready to run towards Fred and proclaim my love.

There is only one problem - a bucket of green slime falls on my head. In front of the whole school.

The bucket hits my head hard and lands with a loud clatter beside my feet, probably leaving a bump, slime gets into my eyes and mouth, and tears sting at my eyes. I hear laughter around me, and know that everyone has seen it.

I'm frozen, petrified. Then I swallow hard, choking on the slime in my mouth that tastes like buggers, and move my hand to my face, to wipe my eyes. When I can finally see again, my eyes search the crowd, expecting to see Fred, ready to punch the git who had done this to me.

Except, I realize a moment too late, as I watch him double over in laughter, that he is the git who did this to me.

And I probably deserve it, because I'm the idiot who thought he cared.

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