Title: Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.


"I think I should come - just in case there's a medical emergency," Bones grumbled anxiously. Kirk's best friend had been hovering since the last away mission – when he nearly died saving the young son of the Emperor from an assassination attempt. Spock's quick actions to get him to safety and Bones's superior medical expertise were the only reasons he was still alive.

And so his best friend harried and shadowed him constantly during his recovery. If Kirk had been at all claustrophobic, he definitely would have had a panic attack by now.

"It's an uninhabited planet, and Spock had Scotty run so many tests I think my chief engineer is about to mutiny," Kirk replied with his most charming smile – he would need it, to convince his worried best friend to give him space. "So we're pretty sure there are no animals larger than 50 pounds or so anywhere on the surface. And there will be a full security team, just in case."

Bones mumbled something about redshirts being unable to take care of themselves, let alone their captain. Kirk didn't think that was quite fair, but he wasn't going to argue with the doctor right now – not about anything that didn't involve Bones staying on the Enterprise and giving him space to breathe.

"Spock will be there too. You trust Spock, don't you?" Kirk asked, already knowing the answer.

"Well, I don't like the guy, but he keeps you safe. Mostly. When you let him," the doctor replied, scowling.

"We'll all be careful, Bones. I promise. You just enjoy that live comm I know you have scheduled with JoJo," he said with a smile, slapping his friend on the shoulder lightly and heading for the transporter room.

Bones sighed, but Kirk knew he was relieved that he wouldn't have to cancel on his daughter.

"You better bundle up, though. And Spock too – that desert dweller is going to get frostbite if he's not careful!" the doctor told him. Kirk just nodded obligingly as turbolift doors cut his friend off.

The turbolift stopped at Deck C, and Spock walked in. His science tunic was pulled across his broad shoulders, and his uniform pants showed off his strong, lean thighs. Spock nodded in acknowledgment when he saw him, eyes dark and intent. The sight of him made Kirk's palms sweat a little bit, and he fidgeted as he fought off the urge to just sink his hands in that perfect hair, ruffle it up as he pulled Spock's lips down to meet his own…

And the hell of it was: Spock had absolutely no idea what he did to him.

…which was probably a good thing, because the Vulcan nerve pinch always gave him a bitch of a headache.

Spock came to stand beside him. He always stood so close – if they just shifted the slightest bit, they would be touching. He so badly wanted to shift – to touch. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears just thinking about it, and he hoped Spock did not hear it as well.

His first officer would probably make him go back to medical bay for an accelerated heart rate… Wouldn't Bones get a kick out of that?

"Captain," Spock acknowledged with a nod.

"Hey, Mister," Kirk greeted with a smile, tearing his eyes away from the smooth muscle on Spock's neck that always called to him - just asking him to bite it. "Fancy seeing you here."

Yeah, James Kirk was smooth.

"Fancy, Captain?" his first officer asked, raising his eyebrow.

Kirk just sighed in exasperation, shaking his head.

"One day I'm going to make you sit through a really, really long marathon of old Terran movies with me, and I'm going to explain everything so you won't be able to pretend you don't understand any of the illogical human idioms I use," he fake-threatened.

Well, half-fake. It might be nice to spend that much time with Spock – though, of course, his first officer would deem a movie marathon an inefficient use of his time.

"Will that be an order, Captain?" Spock questioned.

Spock turned his head, locking their gazes - and Kirk just couldn't look away. Those eyes were dark like rich chocolate, and behind them was the most brilliant, fascinating mind he had ever known. And the most beautiful heart, even though he hid it behind his logical Vulcan façade.

Well, that, or Kirk was just romanticizing the guy because he was head over heels in love. It was definitely time to lay off the Harlequin holo-novels, because he was not standing here before a mission pining after his Vulcan first officer's heart.

He wasn't.

The turbolift doors opened to the transporter room, startling Jim out of his staring contest with Spock. He tried not to blush as he stumbled out, a little shaky on his feet.

Kirk would say that he was so fucked – but well, he wished.

"Ready, team?" Kirk asked, smiling winningly as he gathered his crew together. Everyone was already there, waiting on him and Spock.

"Aye, Captain."

It was a mix of red and blue and gold – segregated by color. As hard as Kirk tried, it was hard to get the different groups to socialize and not form cliques like teenage girls. Chekov and Sulu were standing off to the side, gold shirts setting them apart. Spock had walked over to the science group to go over the various protocols with his blue shirts, and the red shirts were huddled near Scotty asking about transporter safety. The mission before last, there had been some gender switch issues.

But Scotty hopefully had all those glitches worked out, so they could beam down to the planet without issue.

"Alright everyone, please put your thermals on. I don't want Doctor McCoy to complain about anyone getting frostbite," Kirk said, half-seriously. His crew complied, pulling coats, hats, and gloves from their packs. Spock and a couple of the science team had scarves, as well.

It didn't take long for everyone to be ready and in the beaming position on the pad. Spock stood at his side, as always. But he was still too far away, because if it were Kirk's choice?

They would be touching constantly, body and mind, so entangled with each other that nothing and no one could ever separate them… But it was a futile wish, and Kirk had a mission to complete.