Lion and the Rabbit
Chapter Six: Relations


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Her whispered words afterward made his heart skip a beat, "Thank you, Sesshoumaru."

Instead of turning around and taking her again, the taiyoukai ordered another cup of coffee as he sat down at the table.


She pressed a tender kiss to the kit's head as he yawned and cuddled against her breast, his ear just above her heart. Sesshoumaru watched it all with a critical eye - following her every movement as she prepared the child for bed. She smoothed his hair back with all the care and adoration any mother would show her own blood. His gaze wandered to Rin whom was curling into her own 'nest' of blankets, her cinnamon hues hungry for something the miko would most likely scorn. After all – Rin was his responsibility not hers.

A cough from his sibling had the miko turn her gaze upward. Inuyasha's tawny orbs darted to the little ningen girl as a silent conversation ensued.

Kagome turned toward the little girl and she wordlessly opened her arms.

Rin ran into the embrace and he heard the sniffles from his position across camp loud and clear as though he right there beside the child.

The miko shushed the girl and tucked her in right beside the kit where the three slept warmly throughout the night taking solace in one another's company.

Sesshoumaru was left to admit that it was not the first time that the miko had surprised him and he had no doubt it also would not be the last.


Sesshoumaru did not wait long for the miko to return to the table. Her eyes bright with the tears that she had shed but her countenance was distinctly more relaxed, a fact he took immense pleasure from considering it was he whom relaxed her. The waitress that had been taking care of them had been watching the duo with hawk eyes considering what she had heard in the bathroom and the generous amount of money she had been given. The moment Kagome took her seat, their food had been brought out nice and hot as though it had just been cooked. No words were exchanged as the waitress set their food here and there and left with a perky, 'enjoy your meal'.

"Can you tell me more about Shippo?" Kagome asked after a few moments. Sesshoumaru nodded his head as he began to pour syrup along the pancakes he ordered.

Kagome nibbled and picked at her food as the taiyoukai began, "He was a good man – good youkai – you would have been proud of him; Inuyasha and myself certainly were. He never used his powers to hurt others despite his nature to do so. Kitsune are tricksters and their tricks can be harmful and their sex drives can be lethal. Shippo never took a life that didn't deserve to be taken in honor of the ningen mother that taught him youkai and ningen alike could be just as bad as the other but that there was also good within both races. For the first thirty some odd years you were gone, he trained with myself and Inuyasha in the West. He left with Kirara seeing as the tajiya had passed sometime before. He went abroad for a while and when he returned about hundred and fifty years later he had a hanyou child with him – his child." He heard the light gasp and saw the smile brighten her features. "It was a boy that he had from an English woman that he had fallen in love with. She was killed by some ningen disease or another and he brought the child back here in order for him to understand more of his Japanese roots and be around the Japanese youkai.

The child lives to this day and age and he resides in Okinawa running the medicinal branch of my company. We speak often and he never ceases to inquire about the woman his father loved dearly. You, of course. He has your son's curiosity. He is hanyou though and he appears as a man in his early thirties."

"What's his name? What does he look like? Can I meet him?" her questions were spoken rapidly, tossed out one after the other and he understood. Shippo had been her child in a sense and she had just found out he no longer lived but he did leave a piece of him behind.

"His name is English… Nathaniel. He prefers to be called Nate." He gave her a pointed look before continuing, "Blonde hair – very fine, long like youkai like to keep it, his mother's hair. Shippo's eyes though with hints of blue. Minus the hair he could be Shippo – same features and all and you can meet him if you would like. In a week or so I'll be calling a meeting of all the branches not here in Tokyo for a meeting. You could even meet Inuyasha's daughter."

There was another moment of silence and he allowed her moment of contemplation.

Kagome may have wanted Sesshoumaru on an intimate level and had erotic thoughts about him several times since her days traipsing through time but Kagome had always loved Inuyasha despite his faults and what he had done to her. She loved him. He had loved her and it was a regret that Inuyasha lived with until his death – letting her return home that last time. Inuyasha and Kagome were meant to be together. Fate had made it so the moment it allowed Inuyasha and Kagome to be the only ones to travel through time. At the time their love had been born of desperation, companionship, her need to save him, and his need to save her… but it was love nonetheless and you never forget that first love. The thought of meeting the daughter of someone she had once cared for so greatly caused an ache to swell within her but at the same time acceptance. She had moved on and so had he.

"I would like that. Would you be there as well, Sesshoumaru?" she asked softly. He nodded his head watching her facial expressions, reading her eyes.

"Did you not want me to be?" he inquired back just as soft.

Kagome shook her head at him, "It's not that, I'm just curious. You yourself said it, Sesshoumaru." She reached across the table and gripped the hand not occupied with slicing his food. "We were friends in the past. I would like our friendship from then to carry onto now. Is it possible do you think?"

Golden hues glanced down at the dainty hand gripping his own and he offered her a nod and a slow smile, one that made her breath catch in her chest, "You still have a penchant for asking ridiculous questions."

Her response was her own smile that had a similar effect on the taiyoukai.

"Where does this leave us?" she asked quickly before she lost her nerve. She had never thought it would possible for her and Sesshoumaru to end up as they had last night but fate had a way with toying with people and throwing them together as well as tearing them apart. In this instance they were thrown together and both sides took advantage of their situations the night prior and again in the restaurant bathroom but if their friendship was continue then they needed to see where their sexual encounters left them – rather Kagome needed to see. She was ningen and as such she had different thoughts on sex and partners.

"Wherever you would like it to leave us. I am not opposed to the idea of intimacy with you, Kagome." Her name was but a rumbling purr that had a shiver along her spine.

"Do you want a relationship?" Kagome asked lightly, lips curling downward at the corners.

Golden hues revealed nothing as they he murmured a light, "Perhaps."

Her own gaze darkened and she huffed, "Look, Sesshoumaru, I want something we both want. It is not as though I don't know you. I do. We spent quite some time together in the past. You are still the person that taught me of old Japanese literature and history that was ancient even for you. You couldn't have changed that much in five hundred years…" There was a moment where she paused and she turned her searching azure gaze to him. "… have you?"

There was a moment where he wanted to say 'no' he was not the same youkai that he had been when she had known him. That would have been a lie. He was younger then than he was now, a little brash in some areas. He was colder and a mite more unfeeling in the past but his emotions were still his own for the most part. The truth was he had undergone major changes in life. How could one live five hundred years and not change?

So he opted for the truth, "I have though, Kagome. I have changed for the better and in some cases for the worst but it is up to you to decide whether you think it worth it to find out those changes."

There was silence as she picked at her food and it broke his heart somewhere deep within. He didn't love her – no – but he cared for her. They had been friends in the past and he hadn't called many by that name. Once he didn't believe in love but she had taught him through her relationships with others that it could make one stronger. Despite his outward cool appearance, he was deeply anxious to know what her response would be.

A minute passed.

Then two.

She was silent… as was he.

Her azure hues flickered up at him through sooty lashes and she leaned forward.

"Are you asking me forever?" she asked lightly.

There was a moment of contemplation before he responded, "Not forever, Kagome; I ask you only for now."

Her smile was blinding and she nodded her head, "Then I would like to see where we end up, Sesshoumaru. Would you?"

Tentatively he reached his hand across the table and held her cheek within his palm. She nuzzled it for just a moment, turning her lips to press against each finger. He could make no sound, only choke on words as he nodded his head. That was sufficient enough for Kagome because she dove into her food with gusto and a chatter that reminded him of days spent in a long forgotten past.

He didn't love her, not at all… not yet.


The duo trekked from the little café and Kagome turned to Sesshoumaru as the valet went to get the car.

Her voice was gentle as she spoke, "You never brought up Rin." She murmured slowly.

"You didn't ask." He responded though there was a tightness around his eyes she ached to soothe.

"What happened to her?"

"She died young for a youkai and yet old for a ningen. She lived happy with a ningen lord and produced many children."

Kagome smiled lightly, relieved someone had a good ending to their feudal life but she knew Sesshoumaru would not have allowed the girl he had taken in to suffer in any way. The valet came around and Sesshoumaru tipped him as they entered the vehicle. Once inside and off in Tokyo, the taiyoukai turned toward his miko and inquired lightly, "Where to?"

"I have a test to study for so I should probably head home." She sounded almost wistful when she said it and Sesshoumaru arched a brow.

"Do you not want to study?" he asked slowly.

Kagome shook her head as she stared out the window, "Not really. We didn't get to talk much about everything."

Understanding dawned upon the taiyoukai, "Ahh. How about this? I have some work to attend to but only for a few hours. Around dinner time I will return with food and we can stay in and you can ask all the questions you want about my life and I'll ask all about yours."

Her eyes were bright when she responded with nod and a light, "Deal!"

Sesshoumaru chuckled at her delight and shook his head following her very poor directions to her own apartment building. Her apartment building was quaint, no doubt somewhat small considering her student status, but he knew it would be clean like the miko herself. He parked out front under a shady tree in the fairly empty lot, people no doubt running errands before traffic became too heavy.

"I'm apartment 306!" she beamed, leaning across the center, pressing her lips to Sesshoumaru's cheek. She was about to pull away when she found clawed hands weaving into her hair and cradling her head. Sesshoumaru tsked lightly and shook his head at her confused look, "Come now, miko, we can do much better than that."

She had a moment to process before his lips enveloped hers in a kiss that was both sensual and exciting. His tongue parted hers and swept into her mouth, caressing her tongue and taking in her every taste. His unoccupied hand moved to rest at her waist, his thumb running light circles over her skin. His concealment charm fell lightly revealing the claws and fangs, something Kagome took full advantage of.

She maneuvered her tongue so that she nicked it on a sharp fang allowing a few drops of blood to be added to their kiss. Sesshoumaru breathed deep, feeding at her mouth, suckling her tongue, and letting loose a masculine moan of appreciation. Her felt her wicked smirk against his lips and he returned the gesture by pulling her shirt up and flicking one of her lightly bruised nipples. She gasped in response and it was his turn to give her a wicked smirk. He cupped her breast, kneading, claws caressing and digging into her pale flesh. She arched into him, murmuring a soft, "Tease." against his lips.

His hand cupping her head dug into her ebony hair and yanked hard backward, arching her throat to him. He growled lightly and nibbled and suckled her neck, her fading marks darkening at ministrations. She reached a hand forward and cupped him through the track pants. His growl was louder as she began to stroke. He hummed his appreciation and allowed her more room to adjust her position however rather than continue, she took the opportunity to slip from his grasp and leap out to door. Blinking away the haze of lust, Sesshoumaru looked at the unoccupied passenger seat.

Kagome laughed at his expression of disbelief, "You shouldn't tease, Sesshoumaru. I like to get even." She offered a smile and blew him a kiss as she ran inside the building.

Staring after her swaying ass, Sesshoumaru shook his head and with an amused sigh silently promised himself, later.

Revenge would be sweet and no doubt his.




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