This is it…no turning back… A female weasel thought to herself. She clutched a golden pocket watch in her hands looking at it. Her color was a odd shade of silver and her neck and belly marking were pure clean white. Her eyes were a clear teal color an dher figure was petite. Her short blonde hair waved in the warm mid summer wind. She had friends with her. Five of them to be exact, all female. She brushed a hand in her hair.

"So why are we here again?" a weasel with jet black long hair and sporting a rather skimpy outfit sighed.

" Well this old storage house is getting destroyed starting a midnight tonight. To make way for a stupid mall. And this could be my last chance to see something."

" Like what?" the black haired weasel asked.

" How about we stop asking questions and just look and see?"

" Yikes. No need to get snippy…"

The blonde weasel said nothing and walked up to a chained up doors. She pulled out a old key hidden in her white dress shirt. She pushed the key into the lock and turned it hearing the tiniest click. The chains fell to the ground making loud noises of metal brushing metal.

" Hey help me push" she said to her cohorts. They obeyed and heived the old doors open. They creakedas they opened.

"Okay. This is good. We can just slip in" smiled the blonde. They all quitely stepped in.

"This place is giving off a strange aura…" a weasel said with brown hair with ends dyeed a nice shade of purple reaching for a slender bag carrying something.

" No. No weapons. Try to keep calm please…" the blonde took the other weasels hand away from the bag.

" And your right I feel it too…." The female weasel looked around and suddenly heard the doors slam shut again.

" Oh man…are we stuck here now?...I hope that was the wind…"

" I don't think so. It took all of us to push those doors a tiny gust can shut the doors." A weasel with wild hair in shades of red and black and wearing gothic attire.

" Shh…I think I'm hearing something…" the blonde waved her hand telling the others to shut it. She listen turning her ears in different ways .

" I swear to god I heard some one whisper…" she murmured.

" Yeah you did. You heard me."