"Feel that sun boys?" Sass stretched smirking. He was in high spirits. He hoped that their escape had Jackie spinning. They had taken something as well. They had stolen a trombone case that Sass had guessed belonged to Jackie being as it had a sticker that said "I belong to Jackie Dewey." Wheezy had it slung over his back holding on to the handle.

"You know this case is oddly heavy. I don't think this is just got a trombone in it." Wheeezy said between drags of his cigarettes.

"Why would she carry it around anyway?" Psycho pondered.

"Hmm…maybe it's got a secret in it. Know what? Let's open the damn thing." Smarty smiled.

" Can't do that." Wheezy sighed.

" Why the hell not?"

" It got a code lock. If were gonna open it we gotta force it open." Wheezy laid the case down.

" Stupid, open it." Sass waved. Stupid stepped on the top to keep it from moving and shoved the gaint nail in his bat into the crack. He pushed on the bat and the locks fought against his weight. It moaned loudly as it gave away.

"Good job. Now let's see what we got…" Sass knelt down and lifted the lid.

It was full of guns. He had never seen guns like these. The case had a Beretta, a M-16 rifle with a extra clip, a Glock, a silencer for each gun, and a sniper rifle ( a Stealth Recon Scout .338).

" Dang. What else she got in this thing?" Wheezy reached into a pouch on the lid and pulled out five fake IDs…all with Jackie's picture.

"These are all fake. Now I wonder if Jackalyn is even her real name! Lets see… she's been Karla Sheen, Tammy Lee, Jennifer Green, Lucy Harris, and Jackalyn Cha…something… The last names hard." Wheezy said as he flipped thruogh them all.

"What the hell is she doing with all this? It's like shes some kinda psychopath!"

" I dunno but I knows is that she ain't who we think she is." Sass lit a cigar from his caot pocket and wonder who Jackie really was…

" God damn them!" Jackie punched the car leaveing another dent.

" Jackie I'm sorry! This is all my fault! I shouldn't have left them alone! I'm so sorry…" Biscuit cried.

" It's not your fault not of it is. They decieded to run. You didn't say hey run! Did they take anything Slick?" Jackie walked to beside Slick who had searched the car for missing items.

" Just their crap and…..your case… Jackie they took your case." Slick shut the trunk as Jackie leaned on the car and stared at the sky and it's gayly smileing sun.

" I hope to god they didn't open it…" Jackie muttered. " Looks like we'll be late to work girls!" Jackie sighed.

" What why? What for?" Blair asked.

" Cause we got a fugitve case on our hands… " Jackie smiled as she stared the car and they all headed back home.