"Nii-sama!~" lilted Lili as she waltzed into the room with a red paper plate.

Vash looked up from the gun he was polishing. "Hai, Lili?"

Giggling, she skipped up to him. "Try one!~"

"What is it?" the boy inquired, staring at three very interesting, albeit suspicious-looking, objects on the plate.

"It's a Pop Tart!~" she happily replied. "America-san gave it to me."

"A-America?" Vash was always a little skeptical about anything from the loud, obnoxious, overly-confident blonde.

She nodded. "Mhm. Now try one!"

Vash looked up from the plate to her back to the plate before reaching out with a shaky hand and picking up one of the strange pastries. "Do I have to?"

"Mhm!~" she nodded again.

He let out a small groan in reply.

"Please?" she urged, putting on the cutest pout she could imagine on her thin face.

Again, an uninterested look was the reply. "I refuse to eat any—mmph!" he was cut short as Lili shoved the food into his mouth.

His face was a mix of anger, confusion, and disgust as he was forced to chew and swallow. "Liechtenstein!" he gacked. "That tasted terrible!"

"It was gonna get cold, silly!~" She broke off a piece of her own and daintily ate it. "Yum!"



"You have some… crumbs on your face."


He began to wipe them off. She giggled again.

Vash was going to need his gun if America was going to introduce any more absurdities to his sister, he thought.

After trying and failing to dispose of the last pastry, Vash was finally able to shoo Liechtenstein away for a much-needed nap.

Little did he know, as he slept, his ever-loving sister tenderly placed the plate on his nightstand.

The untouched Pop Tart lay on the plate, Vash's next victim.

Needless to say, he was going to get a very rude awakening.