A is for Anguish
The map large and creased

B is for Balan
Beset by a beast

C is for Chinchilla
And toasty warm cloaks

D is for Dalair
A city of orcs

E is for Eldar
And all elven kin

F is for Flaw
And her faden demon

G is for Gemynd
And Gaius and glaive

H is for Harkke
A dark forest cave

I is for Infidian
A lush verdant land

J is for Jush
Marquis in command

K is for Knights
And their goat-scented breath

L is for Lars
Who sings at your death

M is for Mithril,
Or so you are told

N is for Norton
And panning for gold

O is for orphanage,
Okart and Oerthe

P is for Paladins,
noble from birth

Q is for Quarry
But watch where you land

R is for Rosemary,
Seller of pans

S is for Snowfolk,
Who live in igloos

T is for Tantallon,
Trolls and tattoos

U is for undead,
But how do they die?

V is for Virgis
Where uncloaked men cry

W is for Wimpy
It may save your life

X is for Xaerre
With claws like a knife

Y is for Yarbreaux
Who likes fancy shields

Z is for Zhou
Who can help you gain skills