Oh beautiful, for forests vast,
For nutria and roc,
For sweeping plains with centaurs bold,
And inns with doors which lock!
Infidian! Infidian! For e'er I'll call you home,
And forage there, 'neath dragon-lair, like an exploring gnome!

Oh beautiful, for thraxi hyf,
For soldier and for drone,
For scary high guards by the queen
Down in a sandy hole!
Infidian! Infidian! Pristine insectoid arms
Shall grace the walls of all your halls, and the chinchilla farm!

Oh beautiful, for t-maps large,
For Archpriest and for Lich,
For mighty smiting paladins
And random thraxi hyfs!
Infidian! Infidian! With treasures now you shine!
I'll wander, dazed, my eyes a-glaze, until they all are mine!

Oh beautiful, for Eagle Clan,
For Arkuldash's name,
For haunted ruins by a lake
Where many have been slain!
Infidian! Infidian! Veloxoletum's land!
Remember, friend, or meet your end - dotimes 100 stand!