~The creeping lure of darkness clung to every corner of the warehouse. It hid behind crates and boxes, threatening to engulf anyone who even came close to it. The damp that was seeping into the walls gave the place a musky disgusting smell. She didn't want to breathe in deeply for fear of it latching onto her lungs. She continued to take small shallow breaths as the thought passed through her head.

Juliet O'Hara was afraid.

The sickening feeling in her stomach, the tightness around her lungs; her heart. She was so scared that she would make a wrong move, that things wouldn't turn out as they should. All of her training at the Academy was supposed to have prepared her for this. It hadn't even come close. But she knew she had to force her limbs to move forwards. The feeling of dread was sticking to her like glue.

She could feel it; knotting deep within her stomach and once again bringing the feeling of nausea to the surface. She had already thrown up once tonight, outside when she had been left on her own for a few seconds when they recieved the news. She just knew that someone was going to get hurt, shot, killed... She knew it in her bones. And she knew in her heart who that someone would be.

He wouldn't be as lucky this time.

She clutched her gun firmly even though her palms felt slick with nerves, as she crouched low against the wall. Her ears were ringing with the sound of Carlton in the distance, telling her- No; warning her to stay put this instant or so help him he would shoot her himself. He didn't need his partner getting herself killed tonight as well. He would say it was because he didn't want to have to train up a rookie, but Juliet knew he was worried about her deep down. She was worried about herself. Every fibre of her being was telling her to stay where she was until the situation had been dealt with. It was basic training.

But she couldn't.

No amount of training could make her stay here when he was in danger. She couldn't- No, she wouldn't just stay still while he was up there with a god damn maniac. Not him. Anyone else and she might have considered thinking; making a plan. But her mind was racing so quickly that she couldn't piece anything together. A plan was out of the question when there was so little time.

God, why did he have to get himself into danger all the time? Why couldn't he just follow a simple order to not go in without back up? Hell, he'd even had the gall to flirt with her over the phone while she pleaded with him.

"Please, I'm begging you-"

"Jules, thats kinky. Are you sure you should be getting me all worked up like this?"

She'd hung up on him for that. If he got hurt, or worse... The last thing he would have heard from her was a dial tone. She had to make him understand that she wasn't mad at him. She loved his flirting.

She had been worried, not angry.

Gus was somewhere in the distance, his back pressed against the grimy wall of the warehouse much like herself, only without the privilage of a weapon. She knew that given the chance, Gus would be trying to sneak off to find a way to his best friend. Gus acted like a coward sometimes, but Juliet knew he had a heart of gold when it came to certain people. He had tried to rush in earlier when they arrived, shouting something about 'covering him'. Lassiter had dispatched two Officers to tackle Gus to the ground before he got himself shot.

Peering around the corner of her hiding place, she watched the two men high above them. they were on a metal walkway that had been drafted onto one wall of the building years before, most likely to allow the workers access to the office and store rooms at the top. The stairs on either side had been chained off and how either man had gotten up there Juliet would never know.

Everyone had their eyes on the men now; one was shaking badly. The standard issue handgun he was carrying was pointed towards her friend and every now and then it would wobble precariously. She could see him watching it with unease. Shawn Spencer held his hands at eye level and she could see his lips moving, his voice fast and low. He was trying to talk Joe Mason down. Trying to get everything to end peacefully.

Juliet wished that she could hear him, hear the low timbre of his voice that had so often sent shivers down her spine when he wasn't looking. But there was something in that glazed look that Mason wore. There was something about the way the darkness clung to everything in the high room; how the echo was resounding around her head.

Juliet knew that he was going to die.

Even though she was expecting it, when the sharp snap of the shot rang out she jumped. Her gaze snapped back up to the walkway high above them as everything fell silent. For a moment she was relieved. Shawn still stood on the shaky structure. But he was looking down at his chest in utter surprise. He staggered once, twice.

Joe Mason raised his foot and slammed it into Shawn's chest as the screaming began. Shawn took one last step backwards and over the chain. She could hear Gus scream Shawn's name somewhere in the distance and Lassiter exchanging gunfire with Mason. There was so much shouting. It made her dizzy. Everything was making her dizzy.


By the time Shawn had hit the ground Mason was gone through a back entrance and Lassiter was yelling frantically for the paramedics. He even pushed a few people into the crates as he ran to Shawn's side. Gus was on the ground, his sobs and unintelligable words echoing in the high room. Juliet got him first, skidding on her knees and ripping her pants as she fell.

A mournful cry of agony resounded from somewhere.

She wondered briefly where such a heart wrenching sound, gut twisting sound could have come from; before she realized it was coming from her own throat, lungs burning as she wailed over him and hot tears scorching her face. She lunged for his lifeless form and pulled him into her arms with what little remained of her strength.

Lassiter was taking control of the situation as best he could and she thanked God for him because she could break down now.

He was telling them to give her space. To give them space.

Gus was still crumpled and blubbing out heart breaking sobs of Shawn's name. His best friend. His best friend. Juliet stroked Shawn's hair, wet with blood, as she held him close.

He was still warm.

Her voice was weak as she begged him- pleaded pathetically with him to stop being so silly. To wake up so she could finally lay that kiss on him that she's wanted to for so long. She would buy him as much pineapple as he wanted, let him play with the Police Radio and re-arrange Lassiters desk. She told him how much he still had to do. He still had to tell her that thing he'd been practically bouncing about this morning. He still had to take her on that hot air balloon ride he'd once teased her about and admit to Gus that he'd cheated off of every single one of his test papers in high school. He still had so much left to live for. So many adventures that he still had to lead them into.

All he had to do was wake up. Just wake up.

But deep in her heart, she knew he was already gone.

Something was soaking through the knees of her pants and it took her a second to realize she was kneeling in a pool of his blood. The thought only served to make her nauseated and horrified as she sobbed brokenly against him. She knew the paramedics were waiting in the wings to declare him dead at the scene. To take him away from her the second she showed any signs of letting go. But she didn't move from his side. If she could just hold onto him for a little longer then she wouldn't have to accept it. She could pretend for a little while more. Shawn was supposed to be indestructable, untouchable. He was supposed to be the hero, the guy who swept in and saved the day every time. Who whisked her off her feet and rode her into the sunset.

He should be sitting up and cracking some dumb joke about how crappy a shot that Joe Mason was. It would make her laugh as the relief swept over her and she would scold him for scaring her so much. He would shoot her that innocent puppy dog look and pout while Gus was going mad at him for wandering off alone. And then he would kiss her finally, fingers tangled in her hair and her heart beating wildly as he grinned.

But he didn't. The story in her head stayed where it was.

He remained still and it shattered Juliet's heart.~

Juliet O'Hara jackknifed herself awake, the tears that she had been bawling in her nightmare now seeping out into reality and flooding down her face. Her heart was pounding, hammering against her chest and it took her breath away momentarily. It was dark in the living room and for a split second she had no idea where on earth she was. Her sleeping bag rustled noisily as she sat up, her body shaking from the dream and then from the cold. The new position helped her regain a little of her breath.

She looked around the unfamiliar room, trying to establish her whereabouts.

A loud, shuddering snore from across the room made her look around and her eyes landed on Carlton; who was draped ungracefully across an armchair. His head was thrown back against it and his mouth was hanging wide open, allowing those disturbingly loud snores to escape every few seconds. He looked oddly peaceful while he was sleeping, the lines on his face vanishing to leave him looking a lot younger.

Everything came crashing down on her then and she remembered where she was and the events of the last few hours. Her mind raced, trying to establish fact from fiction in her head because that dream had played tricks with her memory. Most of the dream had been entirely correct.

The creepy abandoned warehouse, that sinister maniac Joe Mason, Shawn standing on that walkway with his hands raised and the heart stopping moment that Joe had squeezed the trigger of his shaking gun.

Juliet had seen it all from behind the boxes and crates. That part had happened as well. She could still remember the sickening smell of damp. She'd been watching the events, her own gun trained on Mason just in-case. But then the gun had gone off and Shawn had crumpled to the ground. One terrifying moment had passed as time ground to a standstill and Juliet vaugly remembered a flash of rage going through her as she let off several rounds in Mason's direction. Lassiter had started firing as well, calling for the paramedics as he did.

But of course, the big idiot had been perfectly fine. Mason was a terrible shot as they'd suspected and even at such close range he'd managed to miss. The bullet had gone wide and flown over Shawn's stupid head, pinging off of a pipe and then harmlessly leaving a hole in the red brick wall.

Shawn had ducked.

The resulting confusion in the crossfire had provided a perfect cover for Joe Mason to escape from the police. But even as Gus was deciding whether or not to choke or hug his best friend as he climbed down, all was not well. If Mason was still on the loose, then it didn't take a genius to work out that he'd be coming after Shawn and Gus again. Hence the much protested 'sleepover'. It had been arranged by the Chief to take place Henry Spencer's house, which was hopefully still unknown to Mason.

Thanks to the duo bursting in on Mason taking care of another witness, they had unwittingly made themselves loose ends in his mind. And if there was one thing to be said for Joe Mason, he took care of all the loose ends.

After the scare that she'd had today, Juliet had almost too willingly volunteered to stay with them. Lassiter, as a concequence had also been co-erced into it. Shawn had reminded him of the fact that they were having a sleepover all night, getting on the Head Detectives nerves until Carlton had finally pushed the psychic off of the arm of his chair, sending him sprawling. Shawn had taunted him from a distance for the rest of the night.

All evening he'd sat in the same chair, with the same sour look on his face. Henry had been equally displeased about the situation and the 'house invasion'. As much as he loved his son, Shawn was a pain in the ass a lot of the time.

Juliet had smiled at the feigned look of hurt on Shawn's face.

Although it had taken a while, the relief had eventually set in and everyone had relaxed. With two armed guards on patrol and a police car driving by every half hour, Lassiter had even had a beer or two. Much to Shawn's abject delight and Henry's horror, one of the guards, Simon, had let his police dog stay with the psychic for the night. The animal had taken a liking to Shawn and he'd spent a lot of the time throwing a ball for CJ to catch. She was a very large, very scary looking German Shepard and Gus hadn't been too keen to pet her when Shawn had brought her inside. But she quickly proved to be much like the man she was here to protect. A giant baby on the inside. She'd rolled over, tongue lolling out for her belly to be scratched and Shawn had fallen in love.

After that, Shawn and Gus were back to joking like nothing had happened and Juliet had stayed close by him all night. Shawn must have noticed how upset she had been, because he kept touching her as though to assure her he was fine in his own way. He would set a hand on the small of her back, or grab her wrist to pull her along with him when they were going to the kitchen.

She appreciated it. It had been around twelve thirty when everyone called it a night.

Gus murmured something in his sleep that sounded oddly like 'potato battery' and whimpered a little. His feet dangled over the arm of the couch and his right hand brushed the floor as he sprawled. He'd already fallen asleep before they made the sleeping arrangements, so she didn't hold any grudges about getting the floor. Shawn had even graciously offered her the use of his old bedroom to her, but Juliet had declined politely. The thought of being in his room was far too tempting for her to handle tonight, so she had set up her sleeping bag instead.

CJ was snoozing quietly near the front door, just in front of the foot of the stairs.

When she had calmed down a little, recounting the events in her head she lay back down onto the oddly comfortable carpet and tried to go back to sleep. It was almost two thirty in the morning and she was tired. Exhausted even. But there was now a massive problem.

Everytime she tried to close her eyes or everytime she almost drifted off, Shawn's lifeless body flashed in her mind and she would jerk awake, finding herself staring aimlessly at the ceiling again. Eventually she began to count Lassiter's animalistic snores, in the hopes that it would act like counting sheep did and send her to sleep.

One... two... three... four...-

The thud that came from above her head made her sit up again, her body tense and immediately ready for a fight. She could hear a voice in the back of her mind telling her to relax and not to be so uptight. It could have been Shawn or Henry dropping something on the floor. But no matter what she tried to tell herself, the feeling of unease wouldn't leave and she quickly unzipped the surrounding warmth of her sleeping bag. CJ had raised her head at the noise, but even she didn't seem too worried.

Pulling herself from the bag, Juliet rose gracefully to her feet with little noise and glanced over at the two men who were sharing the living room. Lassiter had once mentioned to her that he was poised like a big cat at all times, ready to strike. She snorted softly. She could have lit a bottle rocket under him and he wouldn't have budged. Both men remained useless and fast asleep, a sliver of drool on Gus's chin and Lassiter twitching in his sleep like a dog dreaming that it was running.

Juliet padded barefoot and silently towards the bottom of the staircase, her ears straining hard to catch another sound from the floor above. She was in two minds about what to do at that point. Ignore the sound and hope it was just Shawn knocking something off of his nighstand, or go up and investigate and possibly wake him up when she knew he was exhausted?

She bit her lip and made her choice. It surely wouldn't hurt to go and check on him would it? She would be as quiet as a mouse. Quieter even.

It wouldn't be as if she was checking to see that he was still there she scoffed in her head. That would be a dumb reason to go up. Her dream had been stupid; she scolded herself. Shawn was perfectly fine and the armed guards were still outside. He was asleep upstairs, trying to rest after the exhaustion had claimed him.

Then the more irrational side of her brain decided to interupt Miss Calm, Collected and Rational. What if Joe Mason had broken in while she'd been sleeping? What if Shawn was in danger up there? What if he was unable to call for help? Juliet rolled her eyes at the idiotic thoughts running through her head but found that her feet had already carried her halfway up the staircase anyway. Damn it. She really didn't want to wake anyone up but she may as well check on him now. If he caught her she could just pretend she was upstairs to use the bathroom or something.

The dog whined softly and Juliet shushed her gently. Looking up at her with almost human eyes, CJ lay her head back on the floor.

Juliet found herself holding her breath so as to make as little noise as possible. She didn't how heavy a sleeper Shawn was and she didn't want to take a chance. Well, a bigger chance. Snores coming from Henry's room confirmed that he was out of it, clearly tired from the day as well. Worrying about someone really can take it out of you. She wandered towards Shawn's room, noting that his door was slightly ajar.

She caught herself swallowing hard and shook herself.

She was checking on him for God's sake, not paying him a night visit for something else. Her dream had shaken her to the core and she needed to make sure that he was still breathing. Maybe then she could go back to sleep. The moan she heard at first was quiet, but it made her freeze all the same on her journey. When she didn't hear anything else for a few seconds she continued, making sure not to tread heavily.

She peered in through the crack in the door, trying not to move it too much.

"Juliet." She almost jumped out of her skin when Shawn's voice drifted through the air. She didn't know whether to play dumb and leave. She could act like nothing had ever happened and hopefully he wouldn't bring it up over breakfast in front of her partner and friends. Or, instead she could carry on and go in to see how he was doing...

"Jules..." Well, she was definitely busted. She hung her head slightly and pushed the door open gently. God forbid Henry wake up and find her sneaking into his sons room during the night. She'd never live her embarrassment down. She slipped inside the moonlit room and closed the door behind her, just in case. She was really getting paranoid lately. Turning, she expected to find Shawn sitting up in bed or even standing next to the window; unable to sleep just like her.

Instead he was lying on the bed, covers bunched at his waist and an arm thrown over his face. He groaned softly and it hit Juliet. He was still asleep! She had just closed the creaky door and trapped herself inside the same room as a sleeping Shawn, with no possible reasonable explanation to give him if he woke up. Oh hey Shawn, don't mind me, I'm just watching you sleep because I keep seeing your dead body every time I close my eyes.

He'd kick her out! Or have her sectioned under the mental health act.

But he'd said her name... He'd been dreaming about her she realized, trying to quash the immediate feeling of smugness and glee. Now was not the time to be celebrating over a dream that the guy she liked was having about her. Casting a glance at the door behind her she was just about the reach slowly for the handle when his voice stopped her in her tracks. "You can stay if you want Jules."

Her heart rate picked up as he moved his arm away from his face and turned his head to look sleepily at her. "Shawn..."

"I won't ask questions. Scouts honor," he smiled softly, sliding over a little to leave a reasonably big space for her on the bed. When she still didn't move, he sighed and rolled onto his side so he didn't have to keep twisting his head to watch her. He burrowed into the pillow for a minute and snuffled a bit before moaning contentedly. "Come on Jules. You can't be warm standing there. Besides... I can't really sleep either."

Maybe it was the fact that she was still standing in the cold with only a tanktop and shorts, or maybe it was the honestly laced through his tone; but Juliet padded forwards, illuminated by the moonlight and slid into the bed next to him as he lifted the covers. She rested on her side facing him. "Hey," he murmured softly.


"You okay?"

"I wasn't the one who almost died today," she answered, a hint of petulance in her voice that she hated. Shawn didn't acknowledge it and smiled instead. "What are you smiling about? It's not funny Shawn." She couldn't believe how he treated his potential death like such a joke.

"It's not that Jules..." he was still grinning lazily at her. "I just ah- I like that little thing you do with your nose when you're pissed at me about something. It's cute."

"Oh." She could feel her cheeks burning in a blush and he hummed lightly.

"So, any reason you're in my room so late at night?"

Recovering from her silence, Juliet let herself relax a little bit into the warm matress. She could still feel the faint warm spot from where he's been lying on his back. She rubbed the sheet with her fingers absentmindedly. "What happened to Scouts Honor?" she hiked her leg up and rolled slightly onto her stomach to get comfortable. Shawn seemed pleased.

"I was never really a Scout. But I did listen in at most of their meetings."


"So, am I going to get an answer?"

"I had a nightmare." She might as well be honest with him now that she was here. Not much point in lying to Shawn. He always figured it out in the end. She really wasn't expecting the answer he gave her.

"Yeah, so did I," he sighed, lifting his hand to rub over his already sleep mussed hair. Juliet found herself reaching out as well, laying a palm onto his cheek. Shawn smiled softly. "Want to tell me yours?" he asked. "See if you can do it in five words or less."

"I can do it in two," she challenged, knowing that his heart wasn't really in the game, but humoring him all the same. He rose to the bait valiently.

"Jules, describe that nightmare." There was a pause.

"You died," she blurted out. "Um, I dreamed that Mason had shot you today, instead of missing. I'd call that a nightmare, wouldn't you?" Her voice was all but a whisper as she stared at him. Shawn stared right back and it took her a second to snap out of it and try to get the ball rolling again. "So- um... What was yours?" she cleared her throat a little.

Shawn reached out a hand and boldly entwined it with hers, lacing their fingers together. Juliet didn't mind at all, squeezing his palm. He took a deep breath and sighed. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing... It's- It's just that I'd like to say I'm sorry. I should have listened to you today Jules. You've always been so much smarter than me and I wish I hadn't been such an idiot. I mean, anything could have happened. I would have never forgiven myself if that bullet had hit you or Gus. Hell, I even feel bad about putting Lassie in danger. And you know how much he enjoys a good shoot-out."

"You were pretty dumb today Spencer," she spoke honestly. "And you scared the crap out of me. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't Jules. I don't think. I just run in and to hell with the consequences. I promise I'll try harder though. I swear I won't put you through that again," he seemed truely repentent and Juliet sighed, leaning her head forward to rest her foreheard against his.

"I'm just happy you're safe, you big idiot. Well, as safe as you can be with Mason still on the hunt."

"Stop worrying Jules. I have two guard dogs named Lassie and CJ downstairs, along with a pissed off father, a best friend who I can use as a human sheild and a sexy, badass Detective who is currently in my bed. I don't think Mason would risk it do you?" he lightened the mood and she hummed her approval.

"Wow, not only am I sexy, but a badass as well? You know how to make a girl feel special Shawn."

"It's what I do."

"Now, tell me what your nightmare was about."

"Mine doesn't seem as terrifying now. It was mainly about giant killer Moshi Monsters." She giggled. He pulled her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of it, making her lips quirk in a smile. "Jules, what would you say if I asked you now what I was going to ask you this morning? Because I know you know what it is. I'm not the only psychic around here sometimes," he chuckled humorlessly as though he was in on some unknown joke. Juliet used her grip on his hand to tug him closer. Shawn complied and moved his body towards her as they were clearly past the point of shyness now.

In fact, Juliet welcomed the feel of his bare skin against her as she hitched her leg over his hip.

Shawn exhaled nervously. His traitorous body was already responding to being pressed so intimately against her and his boxers did little to hide that fact. Juliet said nothing about it, instead curling into his embrace and letting him wrap his arms around her shoulders. "I would say yes," she said matter-of-factly.

He laughed quietly, hand skimming cautiously along her side and upwards to cup her cheek. He tugged her forward gently and his lips brushed hers softly at first. Juliet's breath caught in her throat as her eyes fluttered closed and her lips parted. Shawn's kisses didn't stay soft for long and soon he was kissing her deeply, capturing her moans with his lips. Juliet pressed herself against him fully, using the leg that she'd slung over his hip to curl around the small of his back and keep him tight against her. Shawn groaned when his erection rubbed against her center again and Juliet smiled under his mouth.

When they pulled back to rest for a minute their faces were close. Juliet could still taste him on her tongue, mint and freshness that screamed Shawn. He must have noticed the look on her face because he raised an eyebrow and asked, "What?"

"Nothing. You just taste really good," the blush on her cheeks worsened when he chuckled. "Shut up," she said good-naturedly, hitting his shoulder. Her scolding only served to make him laugh harder and eventually she couldn't stop her own giggles from escaping. Shawn finally kissed her again, becoming so bold as to roll on top of her. Juliet wrapped her legs around his waist, bucking upwards just to tease him. A growl sounded low in Shawn's chest, surprising her and tightening her stomach in a very pleasant way.

Hands roamed everywhere and Juliet trailed hers over Shawn's broad shoulders and down along his bare back. He made his approval of her exploration known by pulling his lips away from hers and attaching them to the pulse point on her neck. She drew in a sharp breath and he sent her a warning glance. They couldn't make too much noise for fear of waking Henry only a few doors away. "Belive me Jules, I wish we could make as much noise as we wanted..." he mumbled against her hot skin earnestly.

"I know," she agreed before running her tongue over his jawline. He seemed to enjoy that, his mouth pausing. She nipped at his earlobe to encourage him to continue and Shawn didn't need to be told twice; pressing hot open-mouthed kisses over the expanse of her neck and chest. His fingers ventured along her sides to sweep under the waistband of her shorts. Juliet really couldn't help the little gasp she let out that time and Shawn kissed her again, his tongue dominating her mouth.

While he kissed her, he slipped his fingers out of her waistband and curled them around the hem of her top. She immediately knew what he wanted and they managed to part and sit up long enough for Juliet to tug her top off and fling it across the room. While they were at it, Shawn shucked his boxers and Juliet her shorts and panties.

Most of the clothes landed on the floor next to the window and they laughed breathlessly as she fell backwards into the bed again. Shawn had kicked the covers away by now, pushing them to the floor so they had more room on the bed. He settled on his knees between Juliet's thighs and stared down at her, a wry smile on his face and his eyes flashing brightly. Her hair fanned out on the pillow like a halo and her breasts bare for him, Shawn thought maybe he had died today and was currently in heaven. If this was his heaven, then he certainly didn't mind.

Shawn let his hands roam again, heating her thighs as he explored them. He bypassed her shorts and continued his journey across her stomach and waist. He squeezed her side lightly and she jumped. His grin widened when he realized she was ticklish but he would make use of that later. He slid his hands under her ass and pulled her forwards so that her ass was resting on his thighs and his cock was pressed deliciously into her center.

Juliet bit her lip, suddenly wishing he wasn't so far away. She wanted to touch him but that would mean losing contact for a few seconds. She curled her legs around him again to hold them together. He was brushing her clit now, pressing deep and covering his shaft in her wetness. Shawn certainly didn't mind, the heat almost making his eyes roll in his head. He pulled back and took himself in hand, rubbing her teasingly. Juliet whined softly and bucked her hips against him. They could be slow and languid later. Right now, she just wanted him inside of her.

"Please Shawn, no more teasing," she pouted, her bottom lip protruding playfully as she pushed herself up to rest on her elbows.

"Jules, all you do is tease me," he smirked, running his thumb over her opening and then up to her clit. He circled it slowly while she bit down on said lip.

"When have I ever-" she began to protest, but she lost her train of thought when Shawn slid two fingers deeply inside of her. "Ugh..." her eyes closed and she let herself relax back into the bed, enjoying the sensation of him curling his fingers.

"Oh Jules, so naive," he pressed his free hand against her stomach and continued to curl his fingers until he found what he was looking for. The second he hit her G-Spot Juliet jerked upwards and cried out, forgetting herself. Shawn should have paused to listen for any sounds of life in the house, but her reaction was far too tempting and he continued to stroke the spot that was making her grip the sheets and buck her hips rhythmically.

As she tried to make as little noise as possible, her breath was coming out in short sharp pants. She would grit her teeth and groan his name while she rode his hand, her orgasm growing deep in in her groin and making her stomach knot pleasurably. Just as she was about to peak, Shawn slid his fingers out of her leaving her trying to catch her breath and very pissed off.

"Shawn! What the hell?" she hissed, her center still throbbing at the loss of his hand and the closeness of her orgasm.

"I was so close," she whimpered, pressing her head back into the pillow. Shawn chuckled and positioned himself. With one swift and hard thrust he was buried in her all the way. They both jerked at the feeling, Juliet still wavering on the edge of orgasm. She squeezed her muscles around him and his eyes fell shut.

"Damn Jules," he groaned heavily, pulling out almost fully before slamming back into her roughly. Juliet certainly didn't mind, lifting her hips to meet each one of his steady thrusts. Shawn let himself fall forwards to hover over her, planting another kiss on her lips before continuing to move. Juliet wrapped her arms around his neck to draw him down even closer.

The full body contact felt fantastic and Shawn trailed his lips over whatever part of her his mouth could reach. He left a searing trail along her neck, her throat, her jaw and Juliet wasn't holding back either, her teeth biting into his shoulder gently.

Their pace was becoming faster with each passing second and with every thrust the base of his cock is brushing her clit. Shawn slipped his hand between the bed and Juliet's back, lifting her to bring her even closer. Juliet is whimpering and begging in his ear for her release and with one more deep thrust Shawn lets her find it. She arched upwards and Shawn had to quickly cover her mouth with his own to stifle her scream. Thankfully the kiss covered his own cry as Juliet's clenching muscles sent him over the egde.

He came into her deeply, jerking every now and then until the crashing waves slowed to a deep buzz.

Shawn pulled back from her lips slowly, their breathing heavy and mingling with sweat and sex. Juliet could feel Shawn still deep in her and she pulled him down to lay on her for a moment. Shawn groaned against her cheek, exhausted and sated. He lifted his hand and curls it around the back of her neck to massage her. Juliet can't stop kissing him, her mouth everywhere at once. Shawn doesn't seem to mind at all, welcoming the feeling. He rolls them onto their sides, still not losing the contact.

"Stay," Shawn mutters, still not quite getting his breath back yet. Juliet smiles at him, nuzzling ner nose into his neck.

"I couldn't leave, even if I wanted to," she assures him, stroking a hand through his damp hair. Her head is still buzzing at the thought that she and Shawn have just made love in his old room. He smiles, and kisses the side of her head sweetly. The pair lie together for a while, unmoving and enjoying each others company. Shawn's hands are stroking Juliet's shoulders and back soothingly and her eyelids are drooping.

"You can sleep you know. I'll still be here in the morning," he laughs, more to himself than to her.

Juliet hums. "I just want to make sure," she kisses his chest. "What was your nightmare really about Shawn?" she asks after a while but he doesn't respond. She glances up and sure enough he's dozed off into the pillow, arms still wrapped tightly around her waist. Deciding to let him sleep, Juliet slips out of the bed and picks up the comforter, contemplating whether or not to get her clothes. Shawn grumbles something in his sleep and she smiles, leaving the clothes where they are and throwing the cover over him. She gets back into bed, curling into his embrace.

She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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