Theme: Prison Break

Prompts: "There are demon's inside and outside these walls..." ~ Shadows ~ dancing lights ~ Blood Curdling howl.

Trapped. He was trapped; trapped inside his own deluded madness. His eyes, dilated and of the strongest, deepest, stormy blue, snapped open, but he was met with only bright light; a pure blank wall of white and nothing else. A small growl emitted from his throat that turned into a rough whimper. The whimpers became louder and longer. Pitiful whines that stung the air and lingered long after he stopped.

He froze and his ears pricked. He sat up straight, his eyes pressing against the sides of his sockets as he struggled to look as far left as possible without moving his head. He held his ankles with grubby hands, his legs in lotus position. The floor was completely white, like the walls, matching the ceiling and the door that was almost invisible. He could hear something - murmuring, whispering – from behind that door, the door he wasn't meant to be able to see.

Who was he? He couldn't remember. His mind was a great clutter of chaos, and he was having difficulty gathering his scattered thoughts. He ran his tongue along the sharp points of his teeth, tasting something rancid that had embedded itself between each tooth. He spat on the ground, disgusted, as his mind began to gradually come back, de-cluttered and clear.

The boy was only about thirteen years of age. His hair was tousled and messy, caramel in colour but seemed to already have started to grey, despite his age. His stormy coloured eyes were dilated and wider than normal. His skin was grubby and rough, his fingernails long, sharp and caked with grime. And still he stared at where he knew the door was out of the corners of his eyes, listening. He couldn't hear what they were saying, he only knew that they were talking, talking about him. Any why? Why were they talking about the thirteen year old?

Because Fenrir Greyback was a newly bitten Werewolf.

There was a short, high-pitched squeal from somewhere outside, which is over sensitive ears picked up straight away. He howled and shook his head madly, trying to ignore the noise that still rang in his ears. The moon had disappeared only seconds ago, and he was still in a vulnerable state.

And then the lights went out. Fenrir panicked and began howling even more, thrashing his limbs around in the small space. A howl escaped him. His eyes squeezed to a close, shutting out the darkness as the undersides of his eye-lids exploded with dots of light, dancing and whizzing around a sea of black. And when he opened his eyes again, most of the lights were back on. A few were still off, those on the right-hand side of the room. He looked to his right, at the long, dark shadow, the shadow of himself. No, not himself, the shadow of what he was becoming. The shadow seemed to come to life, moving when he did not. It morphed, changed, into something terrifying; with large ears, a long snout and razor-like claws. Fenrir yelped and stumbled away from the shadow, but it had returned to its former state.

The door opened, and someone came in. Fenrir's eyes, however, were focused on the shadow, its demonic dance still playing over and over in his mind's eye. The person was dressed all in white, with smart, grey shoes peering out from below his coat. He crouched down in front of Fenrir, who was still watching his shadow.

"Fenrir. How are you feeling?" he asked softly. Fenrir recoiled, leaning away from him, but still watching the shadow. "Fenrir?"

"Get away," he snarled. "Get away!" He thrashed his arms, trying to hit the man, but he still refused to look at him and so his aim was off. "It's everywhere. Won't leave me alone, never leave me alone…"

"Fenrir, what won't leave you alone?"

"It! The Demon…the Demon is everywhere…"

"What Demon?"

But Fenrir was no longer listening. He scrambled over to the wall and pressed his ear against it. "It's outside…It is here…but it is outside as well?"

The man frowned and took a tentative step toward him. "Fenrir?"

"NO! There are demons inside and outside these walls!" he cried and suddenly turned, making a break for the door. However, it was closed again, causing him to slam his body into it again and again until it finally budged. The piece of white was thrown forward and the skinny, grubby boy tumbled out. Without so much as a glance at the man and woman waiting anxiously outside, he scurried down the corridor and leapt out of the first window he came to. The two men and the woman rushed after him and craned their necks to peer out of the window, watching the shadowy figure disappear into the day. And as they watched, a loud, blood curdling howl filled the air, followed by a stinging silence.

Oh dear, I fail at writing this sort of stuff. I'm sorry if this doesn't fit in with the books, but as far as I know, Fenrir's past is a bit of a mystery. I know werewolves don't go mad when they're first changed (well, there's no evidence to support it) but…Fenrir did…'cause I say so. :P I guess I just wanted to do a different spin on 'prison break' by doing something that was more of a place conjured up to be a prison by Fenrir than a real prison.

So, if you didn't spot them, here are the themes and prompts.

Theme: Prison Break

Well, Fenrir's 'cell' was sort of his 'prison' because…it just was, and he escaped it at the end. You could also say that his sanity was a 'prison' for the werewolf side of him, keeping it enclosed when he's human, but it took over his human side, breaking out of the 'sanity prison'. (Hurray for plot holes and explanations loops you could drive a truck through!)


"There are demon's inside and outside these walls...": "NO! There are demons inside and outside these walls!" he cried and suddenly turned, making a break for the door. (Yeah, I know, I missed out the apostrophe in 'demon's' but it didn't make grammatical sense with the sentence. Oh, and a used an exclamation mark instead of an ellipsis 'cause it worked better how I used it…sue me)

Shadows: Fenrir sees his shadow go mad in the cell.

dancing lights: When all the lights go out, he closes his eyes and sees dots of lights dancing on his eyelids.

Blood Curdling howl: At the very ending, the mother and father (the man and woman outside the cell) and the doctor man were at the window and heard the 'Blood Curdling howl'.