Well, we were reading the Cruicible in my english class, we had to pick a character from the play and write what they would write if they had a Diary, things like this were forbidden in puritan society.
This is what I think Abigail would write, there are four entries, each written differently, this one is written as a Persuasive Entry, when the character reflects their wishes for something or someone, each was written a page long. Enjoy

Dear Diary,

The girls and I were out in the woods, we were with Tituba performing the forbidden act of witchcraft. We all made our wishes, including me, I deeply wished for the love of the village's one and only John Proctor, for him to leave his wife for me. Why John, must you push me away so, I would ove you like no other, please return my feelings for you. For so long I have longed for you to only see me, but I am only a little girl to you, I may be twelve but my mind is so much older. I am more mature than my age may make you belive me to be, and I can only be so to you, you make me who I am, only you make me Abigail.

I have resorted to witchcraft for you to notice me, notice the woman I have become, but you do not believe me and you stay with that old woman Elizabeth, the woman who has scorned me, probably because she knows of my love for you, she sees me as a threat. Elizabeth can only do so much for you, she will only be how she wants, but I will change myself into any form you want, I can be any type of person if it will make you happy. I write in this parchment because I cannot convey these feelings to anyone else without ruining your name, I am willing to do so much at the cost of my freedom, my soul in order for you to remain the man I oh so love.

I would not even care if you were to know I committed such an act, if you were to read this then you would know how I feel, and then you may just grant me my one wish to have you to myself. this is all I can write for tonight, I can here someone walking down the hall; I leave with one wish, please, John Proctor, love me as I love you.

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