This entry will be a Reflective Entry- describing in detail what a significant event has meant to your characters personally, how it has changed her, what improtant lesson did she learn, how will they apply it later in life. Not exactly what happens but this is the last one, enjoy.

Dear Diary,

Today is the last day that I write inside this forbidden parchment, for now I am grieving, my one and only love, the one that I sacrificed so much for, had confessed to an act of evil, and was hanged by order of th man Danforth. I cannot bear this, he loved that vile woman so much that he would die for her, and what is worse, he completely and utterly rejected me, he gave me no mercy in his words as he told me to leave him.

How could he, after all I have done for him, I have sacrificed so much, but dodged them so is not to be taken away from you but you chose Elizabeth over me. and because of this love, you are now dead, and I can no longer see you as you once were, the leader of our village, the man I loved, and all for that woman, she should have done more for you to live if she had truly loved you. If she had held you so dearly near her heart, if she would have thrown away her life as my plan was supposed to go.

Now, John Proctor is gone, and my life has no meaning, it is worthless without him around to share with me his experience, his love. So now, as I write these final sentences, in this god forbidden book, I ready myself to end it all, end my existence, which is not even there since he pushed me away so harshly.

I shall now raise this knife which I took from the kitchens, and raise it to my neck. Not long now, soon I will be joining my beloved John Proctor in the deepest part of hell, as we so rightly had been placed. And I hide where no one will find my body till many years to come, so goodnight, for the last night I am in this world.

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