AN: well hello I know again you all are gonna kill me but I don't care besides I was thinking 'does it hurt bb to morph?' and this came out of that. Told by beast boy so yea. Hey tell me if were I put the paragraphs in the right places.[This is an AN. I know it's in the middle but it's at the end of the paragraph]

"Hey uh…Beast Boy?" Starfire asked me as we were all sitting in the main room of the Tower. "Yea Star what's up?" I say back. "Uh…when you change forms…does it hurt?" Ah there it was. That question. "Nah. Not much. Just a little tug. Slightly uncomfortable but not a lot." I said shrugging my shoulders. I stood. "Well I'm gonna go train." I said lying again. I walk up to the roof and sit on the edge, zoning out thinking, watching the sun set. [Cliché I know shoot me]

"I know your lying. Tell me. Does it really hurt?" My teammate and crush, Raven asked, starling me. "No really it doesn't….." I trail off looking at Raven who crossed her arms. "What?" I asked. "Empathy remember? Now" she said as she sat beside me. "Tell. The. Truth." "Fine you wanna know the truth?" I snap at her as I jump up and pace. "IT DOES HURT! A LOT! OK!" I yell still pacing. "Its unbearable, excruciating, insane pain." I continue at a softer level.

"Imagine the worst attack you have ever felt and multiply it by five. My bones expand or shrink and rearrange. Organs move. Hell sometimes I have to grow an extra organ or two. My skin stretches and my teeth change shape. Take all the pain of your father using you and try and condense it into one second." I said as I sit beside her again. "Beast boy…and you switch animals in the midst of battle…hell you do it around here for kicks? How-"She said looking shocked. "When I turn into a kitten or dog or turtle or fly" I said as I turned into each in turn. Raven visibly winced. "It's not so bad. They were the first I ever changed into. But like with a gorilla or a T-Rex and large animals…it's like hell." I said not meeting her gaze. "But I do it so no one can get hurt because of me and because it will always make me stronger. More pain resistentiae."

"Oh Beast Boy…no one knows do they? Why don't you tell any one else?" she asked me wrapping her arms around her knees. "No and because they have enough to worry about. No one needs to worry about a green changeling." I said still not looking at her. Next thing I know is she had her arms wrapped around me. "I'm so sorry." She whispered into my neck. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into my lap and said to her, "Thank you." and we sat like that, watching the sunset and the moonrise.


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