Author's Note, Part Une:

Readers:  What the HELL??  A Chiriko reincarnation fic???  *gasp-choke-sputter* 

Ryuen:  What can I say?  I've grown attached to the kid.  *pinches cheeks*

Chiriko:  ...

Ryuen:  Well.  Anyway. ^^;;;  Naturally, the other seishi *coughlikeNurikocough* will make appearances in this fic, but t'will center around Chiriko, just 'cause...well, he's a cool guy, and I don't think there are nearly enough fics written about him.  I will not, however, be conforming to tradition and making this a Let's Focus Only On Chiriko and Mitsukake Because They're the Underappreciated Ones Fic.  The focus will be on Chiriko, and whoever else might happen to drop in along the way. 

Mitsukake:  That's hardly fair.

Ryuen:  Awww, I'm sorry, Mits.  But, hey!  You get to be the main guy in Mouse-chan's story! 

Mitsukake:  You will notice, however, that in that story, the double-u'ed Ryuuen is the primary focus of both my attention and that of the readers, reviewers, and author.  The title, also, reflects Ryuuen, and not me.  I am not a blackbird.

Ryuen:  Which is, um...a good thing to know.  *nod*  Well, anyway!  On with the fic! 

Chiriko:  Leave a review if you read, minna-san!  Onegaishimasu!

Nuriko:  NE!  Why aren't Hotohori-sama and I in this author's note!?

Hotohori:  It appears as if we are now, Nuriko.

Nuriko:  ...oh.  Okay. ^____^.


Author's Note, Part Deux:

There is shounen ai in this fic, but I extend my solemn promise that none of it involves Chiriko.  All those who read my stuff or know me are aware that I'm a big pusher of shounen ai, but I just don't see it in Chiriko's character.  Not saying it's not possible...just that my interpretation of good ole Doukun isn't gay.  *shrug*  Anyway, as I said before, though, there is shounen ai in here, so if that bothers you, dear reader, then do skip along to a different fic.  Much as I enjoy flames, those that complain of shounen ai in a story that is clearly marked just seems less than terribly intelligent to me. 

Also!  To anyone who's interested in trying to "picture" an older Chiriko and can't do it, I'd suggest visiting  It's a part of Tomo no Miko's site (great site, by the way! ^_^.) and will show you a really spiffy sketch of a sixteen-year-old Chiriko.  He is, in Tomo no Miko's words, "a babe." ^_~.

But, anyway.  ^_~.  Enough talk.  Stop reading the notes and get onto the story.  ^__^.