On the 12th day of Sexmas, at Cross Academy…12 hidden tattoos, 11 cans of paint, 10 lacy teddies, 9 torn fishnets, 8 suggestive songs, 7 ripe bananas, 6 x-ray glasses, 5 hours long, 4 sexy photos, 3 packs of poprocks, 2 fake boobs, and a pair of gummy undies…..woah that's a mouthful!

"So where is today's surprise?" Zero teased, "I would have thought that this would be your grand finale."

It was the last day of Kaname's crazy '12 days of Sexmas' plan and the hunter had half expected their dorm room to be transformed into a kinky torture chamber or something else elaborate. Yet he came home to find everything in its place, not a sex toy in sight. Had his pureblood lover decided to stop a day early?

Kaname sweetly smiled, "You have to wait until after dinner."


"Yes, really. Now come over here and have some of this quiche I made. It's a new recipe I'm trying, sausage and cheddar cheese." the pureblood said as he finished setting the table.

Still pleasantly surprised, the silverette took a seat and allowed his lover to serve him his dinner and a glass of red wine. Then they ate together, laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Zero smile as Kaname graciously took responsibility for the clean-up and washed the dishes. Maybe his lover was not planning something devilish.

"Zero?" Kaname called, snapping the hunter out of his inner dialogue, "Are you ready for your gift honey?"

Zero looked over to where the brunette was leaning against their kitchen counter, a small green bow resting on his chest. Now that's the Kaname knew and loved. He reached out his hand a led Kaname to their bedroom. With a gentle push the lover entangled themselves on top of the bed.

"So what is my present? A sexy pureblood with shining garnet eyes, chocolate locks, and a to die for body…" the silverette purred as he unbuttoned Kaname's silken top. Zero stopped in mid motion. "Oh Kaname…"

Kaname sweetly smiled as he removed the rest of his top. Right over where his heart was, there was a deep purple tattoo in a very familiar pattern, a mirror image of the one on Zero's neck. Pale fingers traced over the design in awe.

"Merry Christmas, Zero."

"Merry Christmas, Kaname."

Since this is the final installment of this story I wanted to actually have 12 tattoos mentioned. So I thought if other characters got a tattoo (not that many of them would) what might it be and where would it be.

Yuki- a full back butterfly wings

Zero-"No Lies Just Love" on his wrists

Rido- a naked family portrait on his lower arms so he can see them

Ichiru- a lotus flower on his shoulder blade

Takuma- "without love we are birds with broken wings" down his spine

Shiki- a black feather that branches into bats on his upper hip

Rima-a corset on her back

Ruka- a peacock on her ankle with the feathers covering top of her foot

Aido- koi fish up his thigh

Kain- a dragon wrapping around his upper arm (from my Paint it Black fic)

HM Cross-a peace sign by his eye