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Chaya Modinski ~Flashback~

Worried, scared, in the dark (though to be frank that wasn't new) I lie with my brother in a dark dirty street corner in London's east end the place of the rumored Jack the Ripper, one of many horrific figures in stories my father told us when we were younger, only to have his head smacked by mama while my Oma told him, "Oy vey what stories you tell, with the tales you tell it's no wonder I can never sleep at night," Then turning to us, "enough with those bubbe meinses (tall tales) off to bed with the both of you!" we would head along to bed in our apartment home in Vienna. It was small, there were only three rooms for the five of us, but we had always been at least moderately comfortable, though small and shabby our house was always clean; there were not many nights that we went to bed hungry.

There were no nights like tonight. Though we were no stranger to hardship there had always been someone to care for us. Now there was no one. Tonight we went to sleep in squalor, only the rats were there to tuck us in. I softly whisper the Kaddish – the prayer for the dead- the Hebrew words flowing easily from my tongue, hoping they would not wake my sleeping brother. Tonight mama and papa were in heaven, and we were all alone. We had not eaten in two days. I could feel myself beginning to cry, beginning to panic, but I force myself to stop. I look up at the hazy blackness and blurred, nearly invisible shapes of the buildings above me, the stark blackness at the perimeters of my vision. I remembered something my cousin Rachel had told me when she left Vienna to merry her beau. I had been sad that day, and had cried, and was embarrassed for my tears. She had told me this: "Whenever you feel like crying, look up, if you look up, no one knows you're crying." I remembered her words and tried to stay calm, though I was in a strange, terrifying place, with no food or shelter, only the bags my brother and I carried while aboard the ship. The ship, the ship that had taken my parents lives, which had stolen our family, I had only my brother left, and I would treasure him forever.

I wipe my eyes and lay down on the hard, foul smelling street pull my coat, and the thin, thread bear quilt around us and place my arm around Issy's side, burying my face in the back of his head. I try to sleep, even with fear pounding in my breast.

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