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The Game is On!

Amu's POV

I sat there praying desperately that I w would get the card I needed. Slowly I placed my hand on the top of the deck, pulling it up I saw an Ace in my hand. I hid my smile from Yaya who still thought she had the upper hand and firmly placed a frown on my face. She smiled and pulled her last card up then she tried to hide a smile, but was terribly unsuccessful. "Okay on the count of three place all your cards down," Kukai ordered in the tone of a referee.


Yaya and I both slammed our cards down and quickly looked at the other's set. I screamed jumping up and down for I had just barely beat Yaya.

"No fair this time I was sure I was going to win," Yaya pouted.

"Damn Amu, you beat everyone here," Kukai grinned.

"Thanks I've been playing card games since I was little," I added.

"Not everyone, but almost everyone," that almost always cocky voice came from within the room. Before I could turn around to find him my waist had two arms wrap around me tightly. My head forced back against his shoulder and from the moment he had spoken I knew who it was, but you would too if he was always around you.

"Ikuto how the hell did you get in here? You weren't even invited this is a party for the Guardians only!"

"Oh hey Tadase I didn't even notice you were here. Anyway why are you so angry I thought we were friends now," Ikuto responded.

"You thought wrong," Rima answered in a bored tone. She was making Nagihiko paint her fingernails a light green.

"Um hello you guys I am still here and Ikuto please let go of me," I said struggling to get out of his grasp around my waist, but only seeming for the hold to become tighter.

"It's too bad Kairi left back to his old town he would have been the best card player unless his luck is bad," Nagihiko muttered to know one in particular.

"Amu I will only let you go if you promise to play cards against me and if I win you have to do two things I ask of you. The same goes if I loose I have to listen to two of your requests," Ikuto whispered into my ear playfully.

"Ikuto only if you swear on your life that if you win you can ask of nothing perverted," I growled into his ear. He wanted to keep the deal a secret from the others and I let him not wanting them to know the consequences if I lost.

"Okay Ikuto, I take your challenge and I will beat you," I said loud enough for the others to hear.

"I'll go get the cards," Nagihiko sighed and left the room leaving Rima's nails to dry.

"Amu you better beat Ikuto," Tadase hammered the importance.

"Ha ha ha good luck Amu I know you can win," Kukai said patting my back. Rima just glared at Ikuto and went back to blowing air on her nails waiting for the polish to dry. When Nagihiko came back with the deck Rima decided she wanted to be entertained and therefore she stuck out her leg tripping him.

"Ow Rima that was mean!"

"Well shouldn't cross dresser be able to balance himself? I mean he does dance doesn't he," Rima added carelessly everyone new that the two were meant to be together and that this hatred is just a cover. They didn't know how to act toward each other unless they were arguing or one was being a slave. Ikuto grabbed the deck of cards while the two continued to fight. I on the other hand was already focused on beating Ikuto.

"Let the game begin," Kukai said after we both got a set of cards. The game was intense and I was winning by ten points, when Ikuto slammed down a nice set that earned him eight points.

"Ikuto just when I am about to win you keep coming up with the right cards. Are you cheating?"

"Of course not how could you accuse me just because your ego is at risk now," Ikuto smirked. Ugh how I hated that smirk and I wish he would just tell me the truth. I drew a card and then slammed down the second best card set I could get and smiled knowing I was close to winning.

"You are going down Ikuto. The only way you can win is if you can get the best hand and that is highly unlikely," I smirked. He deserved it since I am always on the receiving end of his cocky smirks. He put on a worried look on his face, but I could tell it was an act. He couldn't possibly have the strongest set he still had to pull one card. It was just highly unlikely, but still I worried. He pulled up his last card and grinned. No way! There is no way he could have gotten it with just pulling one card plus he had to have all the other cards before hand.

"How about you look and find out for yourself," Ikuto smirked again. I growled. When he placed his set down I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Holly sushi did he just win at the last second," Kukai stared in amazement.

"Ikuto you cheated didn't you," Tadase yelled and started pulling his hair in frustration.

"So Amu, why did you want to play against Ikuto? Was there any benefit for you in it," Rima asked teasingly.

"No there wasn't," I blushed and lowered my face to hide it's glare. I hated being teased and I hated that I blushed so easily.

"Rima you should think better of your friend," Nagihiko said as he walked past us to get a glass of water.

"Yeah whatever you say Nagi," Rima said sarcastically.

"Hey! Yaya thinks that she wants to go against Ikuto," Yaya said just wanting another chance to beat Amu. Yaya felt that if she beat Ikuto who beat Amu she would beat Amu.

"Nah sorry Yaya, but I have to go; otherwise I will be late and locked out of the house. Anyway see you tomorrow Amu," Ikuto winked and waved goodbye, as he existed the building from the kitchen window.

"So Amu tell me again what did the two of you talk about when you were whispering," Rima asked with a serious expression. Rima wanted information and she wanted it now.

"Tell Yaya. Yaya wants to know as well don't leave me out!"

"Nothing we spoke of nothing other than he said that he could beat me at cards," I said telling a partial truth.

"Amu don't listen to Ikuto he may not be a part of Easter anymore, but he still causes trouble," Tadase added firmly.

"I know I know you guys still don't like him, but he is not that bad of a guy if you can handle his teasing and annoying smirks. Sometimes he can be a nice guy and you out of all of us should know that Tadase," I sighed irritated by the Guardians dislike for Ikuto.

"Amu be careful okay," Kukai said. I was barely able to nod my head.

Ikuto's POV

As I was walking back home I thought of just what I would get from my two requests. One Amu and I are going to the fair. Two Amu is going to get hypnotized. Not just any kind of hypnotizing tricks either. I was going to make her fall in love with me for three days even knowing that it is fake I still wanted to see and feel what it would be like. I smiled and looked up at the sky to see the half moon. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day since I already had the tickets for the fair. Tomorrow Amu would be mine.

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