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Summary: Angeal, as a clone observes Aeris

He observes her from the rafters of her church, ensconced in the shadows they provide like a vulture ready to swoop down and carry her away. She has a different way of viewing it of course, for being her guardian, for everything from gun-toting mercenaries to the drunken men who occasionally stumbled into the church late at night looking for a good time with the local flower girl, he was her scarecrow.

Aptly described, for it was all he could do. His appearance was repellent in this form, that of a beast and the fragments of Angeal Hewley that remained in him mourned, such was the fate of a monster, to serve as a lesson to others.

Aeris did not agree.

She had been frightened, initially, but Zack's assurances had put her mind at ease as to his intentions. She worked solidly as he watched her from on high, seemingly reassured by his presence. If he had lived long enough to meet her, they would surely have been friends, a bond already formed by their mutual friend, and maintained as carefully as the flowers she tended.

He was not the Angeal she should have known, a true shadow of his former self, halved and divided between clones until his unique presence was lost, and he had only the memory of truly being able to feel. The degradation would take him too and soon, he would be just as nature intended, an ugly caricature of broken dreams.

A scarecrow for her garden.