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Natsume's Pov:

Blurry images greeted me when I woke up. Two strong arms were around my waist, I felt very comfortable and warm there. So very comfortable, yawning, I closed my eyes about to fall asleep in the embrace.

"Wait...wait...WHAT!" My mind screeched. Quickly moving out of the hold I was in. The things around me were unfamiliar and there were clothes all over the floor. I didn't know where I was or what had previously happened.

I had no idea what to do in this kind of situation; quickly I scanned the floor for my clothes picking them up and putting them on. As I finished putting on my last article of clothing, I peeked over toward the bed. I was curious as to see who was under the covers.

Pulling the top cover back a little I gasped when I saw blond hair. I couldn't believe this. It had to be some sort sick twisted joke. I was only close to one person with blond hair and that was my best friend Ruka.

Seeing Ruka, jogged up a lot of memories from last night. I remembered everything now from Youichi, Yuu, Ruka, Narumi(.at Mikan's suggestion of inviting him.) had thrown a bachelor's party. Everybody but Ruka had left after about midnight each barely managing to stumble back to their hotel rooms.

Ruka had stayed because he fallen asleep. I had woken him, leading him to my bedroom because we were used to sleeping together.(get your mind out of the gutter, people! X3) As he stumbled in my room, he looked so innocent and cute. My body moved without my consent, before I knew I had kissed him on his soft pink lips.

My hands roamed his body without his consent. Touching his sensitive spots all over. Making him cry out or moan my name. All the sounds Ruka made were absolutely delicious. To add more salt to the wound, I remember vividly how I has my moved my mouth from his lips to his neck. My teeth scrapping along the exposed skin trying to find a perfect spot to mark him as mine. Before, I knew it, I bit down hard giving him a hickey. A couple minutes later we discarded our clothes and the rest was history.

The bed shifted, bringing me out of my thoughts. This left me in even a bigger problem than I thought. What was I supposed to tell the current love of my life? The soon to be otherwise known as Sakura Mikan; I slept with my best friend a month before our wedding. Or Ruka, what was I supposed to tell him? That I'm sorry and I wished it never it happened?

I couldn't tell Mikan that much was obvious to me. I can't- no... Wouldn't lose her over a simple mistake but what was I supposed to tell Ruka? Do I tell him that we should never talk about again or leave avoiding any awkward tension?

A noise of frustration escaped my lips, sitting on the bed I continued to think. Looking toward Ruka again, my choice was made. Grabbing the rest of my things I headed out of the room. "This is for the best." I muttered to myself.

Going down to the Lobby, I made arrangements for Ruka to stay for a couple of days. As I walked out the hotel toward my car a weird feeling started to form in the pit of my stomach. "It was for the best." I tried to reason with myself to squash any doubt.

"Right?" I asked out loud. I didn't receive an answer but the feeling in my stomach felt tighter.

Ruka's Pov:

My eyes opened immediately after Natsume had left. I was awake from the start. I had this small hope that Natsume would stay but I didn't blame him for leaving.

Natsume maybe rash but over the years he had become less spontaneous like his younger self. Nat had thought about all the pros and cons before leaving.

Natsume had been my first and only crush. I mean I was a healthy twenty-three years old so I dated and mingled but Natsume was on my mind since the beginning. I realized my crush when I was about ten years old, around the time Mikan; I spat had started butting in on our perfect lifestyles.

Before it had been Natsume and I, in our own world. So perfect and content without a care in the world, nothing could mess with us. Nobody was able to intrude in on our on special relationship. It was bliss. Then this clumsy idiot who was happy about everything and had everybody wrapped around her finger arrived. Natsume had taken a liking to her immediately after he found he couldn't burn her.

On top of that she like Natsume had this Alice that hardly anybody had gotten in the past. She had a nullifying Alice and a SCDC (swap-change-delete- copy). By the end her third week at Gakuen Alice it had become obvious that Nat liked her.

Who am I to deny my best friend from finding love even though I liked him? I knew Nat was stubborn to admit his feelings so I pretended to have a crush on Mikan, which eventually pushed Nat to make his feelings known. I was miserable yet happy.

They had gotten together and stayed together.

Sighing, I moved around in the bed to get comfortable. There was no use in crying over spilled milk besides I needed to be happy for Nat's big day in about a month. I had to be there anyway because the groom needed someone there for emotional support. Much like the bride did when having her mother or father walk them down the isle?

Deciding to just fuck it all, I moved toward Nat's side of the bed. Enjoying his smell that eventually lulled me to sleep.

Four Weeks Later:

Getting out of bed I held my hand tightly on my mouth and clutched my stomach. Heading straight toward the bathroom. Finding the porcelain toilet, I quickly crouched down emptying my stomach of its content.

Groaning, I sat down on the bathroom tiles for a few minutes or so. Getting up shakily I brushed my teeth a couple times to get rid of the taste and smell left in my mouth. After that I made my way to my bedroom to get ready for the wedding.

Though, I sick with something I couldn't just cancel, I mean I was the best man. After about thirty minutes I was ready. My black tux was ironed and pressed fitting like a snug glove. My shoes were polished and my tie was tied.

I was ready to go though my stomach was still giving me slight problems. I didn't know what was wrong and I didn't have time look into it. Getting my car, driving to the church I was finally there.

The church inside was absolutely breathtaking. Everything was ivory and a deep red like roses. The work put into decorating the church was a lot. Though I had to cut my looking short when I glanced at my watch.

"Shit!" I said out loud scaring some guest but I couldn't care. Running to my side of the church I fixed ties, polished shoes, overall making sure everything was in tiptop shape. Once I doubled checked everything I placed myself in front of the other guys but behind Nat ready to go. The music was played and I knew it was time to give up on Nat; he was becoming a married man. I couldn't interfere no matter how much I wanted to.

I walked out right behind Natsume waiting for the french doors to open. After about two minutes they did, two figures were interlinked by an arm. The taller figure; Narumi was dressed in a black tux much like ours. The shorter one; Mikan was dressed in an ivory dress that was ruffled at the end with a red sash tied around her waist. Her hair was done in a simple bun with a single strand of hair curled.

"She's beautiful," I heard Natsume whisper. I forced myself not react and just nodded at his comment. Soon Narumi had finally given away Mikan. She took her place by Nat's side. The priest smiled down at them starting the usual speech.

The speech had finally came down too; "If you any reason why these two shouldn't be together, speak now or forever hold your peace." My hand twitched but I kept a firm ground. I wasn't going go mess this up. There were no objectors so the priest moved on. "Now with the power invested in I pronounce you to husband and wife. You may know kiss the bride."

The two moved toward each other, like time had moved slowly I saw them exchange the ever binding kiss. My world-stopped right there, shattering to pieces. Suddenly I felt like I couldn't be there. I had to get away from everything. I needed to. I stopped though just before I was near the church exit.

I was going to show that I supported them. I joined the after party, eating little as to not upset my stomach. I mingled and flirted a bit but nothing harmless. This was the night of my heartbreak, the night, which made my best friend the happiest. After about two hours, I got ready to go. Saying a quick goodbye to the happy couple, I left. Never to see them again until five years later in the most unexpected place.

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