Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments


"It was a hot summer day and it would have been nice if Simon weren't sitting right next to me" Jace thought. They were sitting on Magnus Bane's back porch and Simon was talking to Clary about some game he liked called Dungeons and Dragons. Jace didn't think he could take hearing about how Simon had won another battle in the game much longer and if he never heard Simon talk again for the rest of his life it would be to soon. Clary was listening although her eyes had begun to glaze over Jace noticed, or it could be a trick of the light he thought spitefully. Suddenly Magnus leaped out the door and onto the porch "And now the moment you have all been waiting for" he said dramatically.

"What moment?" Alec said following Magnus out the door.

"I have come at last," said Magnus striking a pose hands on hips "And I have coffee!" he said. Luke suddenly ran around the side of the apartment building.

"Did someone say coffee?" he said with interest as everyone else ran up to Magnus.

Suddenly there was a loud crash and a blinding green light flashed in front of them. Even Jace winced and turned away and when he turned back he was told the worst news of his life.

Find out what happens in the next installment and no Harry Potter does not appear out of thin air.