They got to the church as the sun was going down, their spirits high, Fred was jittery. "Fred, calm down…" Daphne said. She touched his shoulder, making him nearly jump.

He did jump however when Angel Dynamite, no, it was actually Cassidy Williams tapped the driver's window.

"Come on…" Cassidy said as the gang and Hatecraft exited the van, and walking into the church, to see the rather large tile had already sank into the floor.

"As Razturew would say," Hatecraft said as he looked down, considering he was going down first, " 'If one of us fails, we all-' uh!" Scooby's back left paw went against the side of his head

"Rorry…" Scooby said as they continued their descent into the darkness. They entered the caves.

"Wow!" Freddy exclaimed.. "We're in the middle of the caves, right?"

"Yes, we are baby.." Cassidy said, looking around I hope the Freak isn't home! she thought, flashing back to the day that her and the rest of the original gang was forced to leave their hometown by the human or demon or whatever it was..

"Shaggy, the disk, remember?" Velma said, having made Shaggy grab the disk before they went to check on Fred

"No!" Cassidy yelled as Shaggy took out the disk "The Freak knows you have it!" she said as she ran towards a passage on the left "Come on!"

"Why are we here?" Asked Brad, now called Sheriff Bronson Stone, "Why's he here?" He nearly yelled, pointing at Pericles, who was on Ricky's shoulder like it was just yesterday the four humans and bird were the best of buddies

"Calm down Brad.." said Ricky Owens, now called Mr. E

"Ricky has a point.." said Judy "No use getting excited over nothing…"

"Touché," Sheriff Stone scoffed "But I still don't get why we are here.."

"Because, Mr. E has found the key to the Freak!" Said Ed, Owens' butler

"Well, what is it?" Barked Brad, he, like the rest of his friends, wanted revenge on the Freak for forcing them to leave their homes

"You'll see.." Ricky said "we have to wait for some company.."

"Who is the company?" Judy asked "Where's Cassidy?"

"She's-" Ed was cut off

"No!" Cassidy yelled. They heard foot steps, and then, Bronson was knocked onto the ground by-

"Four-legged furry comrade.." Pericles said as Scooby sat on the sheriff's back

"Rello…" Scooby said. The rest of the gang, as well as Hatecraft and Cassidy followed.

"Well, looks like the gang's all here…" Ricky said

"Sheriff!" Fred said. He glared at Ricky, figuring it all out "As the son of the Mayor, I order that you arrest Mr. E, his butler." He gestured to Ed "and that rat with wings, Pericles!"

"Well then, who will tell you where your father is, young Jones?" Pericles said. "He's probably alone, cold and wanting his failure as a son to save him…" That push the envelope. "But we all know that isn't going to happen! Just like when your mother and father said they weren't going to be apart! Well, look at your life! No mother, just a father, and not even a good one at that-"

Fred had shoved his ascot in the birds mouth. "The next time you say that about my dad you, talking, purple miniature turkey, it won't be my ascot that gets shoved in your mouth!"

Pericles, after taking the fabric out of his mouth, snickered. "You and father may be different, but, you both are the same."

"Let's go, Pericles, Fred.." Called Brad, as he looked back

"Coming Brad…" Pericles said. Fred took his ascot from the turkey and walked adjacent to the psychopathic bird, who had warned him and the others to be careful of those closet to them when Scooby was put in the animal asylum.

Espically you, Frederick! That last part of the warning had echoes in Freddy's mind ever since the bird had said it

"Are you okay, Freddy?" The blond teen looked towards the owner of the voice to see it was Hatecraft

"Yes, Professor.." Fred said

"STOP!" A voice said as a shadow loomed over the two gangs of mystery solvers. Everyone looked up to see a man with horns..

"It's the Freak of Crystal Cove!" Brad yelled.

"By the congregation of the all mighty Razzaftalkate!" Hatecraft said as the demon/man leaped off the high ledge in the cave, and landed on both of it's feet, eyes locked on the original Mystery Inc.

"You did not heed my warning!" The Freak said It's eyes moved to the new group of Mystery Solvers "You will not get the same warning!" It ran at Prof. Hatecraft, who moved out f the way

"Whoa!" Velma said

The creature ran into the center of the gangs, making everyone scatter, Fred hit the wall, which cause a loose stalactite, making the rock fall downwards at him. As Brad/Sheriff Stone moved towards him, the Freak ran at Fred, picked him up and moved him out of the way before leaping over and protecting him from smaller rocks. Everyone stared, shocked. Brad took this opportunity to hit a button, and a net fell on the freak, making him give off an un-earthy yell of rage. Fred moved his way out of the net.

"Let's see, the Freak had to be someone who knew you," She gestured to the original Mystery Inc "were coming here. So, who did?"

It was the Freak who spoke up, but in a different voice, one Freddy and the gang knew in an instant "I did.."

"No…" Freddy said as the Freak pulled up the mask to reveal human skin underneath. The pulling off was slow. When the mask was off, Fred's lips started trembling as he slid to his knees.

"No…" Shaggy said as they all looked at the face of the Freak

"Rat's rimpossible!" Scooby said.

Brad, or rather Bronson, spoke up "Mayor!"

There was a laugh, a sarcastic laugh "I should have known," Ricky said "Angel, remember when I told you he ran ahead?"

"Yeah..?" Angel said, confused

"He broke out of Ed's grip and ran." Ricky said, spitting at the mayor's feet

"He must have ran to the one place where he kept his costume.." Ed said, smirking "On the ledge, is that right?"

"I have costumes all over this place, hidden under the ground.." the mayor said "I did this so no one got hurt!"

"Shut up.." Said Fred "SHUT UP! You've lied to me since I was just a kid!" He stood, his shadow looming over his father "Mom found out you were the Freak. She tried to take me with her, is that right? But when she tried, you put on the costume and scared her away until she ran, then you said she left!" He took a breath "How can I ever trust you? Did you even care about her? About me?"

The words, along with his breath, were caught in the older Jones' throat. When he found them, he uttered a weak "I'm sorry…"

"LIAR!" Fred screamed.. The scream echoed, causing the jagged rocks that were on the ceiling to fall, the older Jones, thinking quickly, wiggled out of the net and grabbed a remote from Ed's pocket, he then pushed it.. The creepy-looking offspring of Bigfoot and a tarantula, came in as Fred Jones sr. slipped on the Freak of Crystal Cove mask.

The monster, evidently a robot, smashed through the falling debris, creating a passageway. They all ran. Fred tripped as a large rock fell from the ceiling, it wasn't big, but it could still cause some damage. "No.." Said Freddy's father, he ran to the teen and shielded him, the rock smashing into his back, adrenaline making it so he couldn't feel it. And he ran with his son, after throwing the rock off of him, to the rope ladder. "Go!" He said over the debris falling around them

"No dad.. Not without you.." Fred said to his father, finally getting it

"I don't want your mother to be worried.." The man said

"What?" Fred asked

"Come on!" Shaggy said. Fred climbed up the rope ladder and his father climbed up the slick wall, the claws of his costume digging into it with no problem.

As Fred got to the top of the hole, seeing the church walls and floor, he knew he was alive. He got out and helped his father. They saw a woman with blond hair, that was beginning to gray. "Mom!" Fred yelled, running to her.

"Freddy!" She said, happy to see her boy all grown-up but disappointed that she couldn't see him grow. She wrapped her arms around him, tears of joy running down her face "My boy.." She said "My little boy.."

She then looked at her husband in the freak costume as he was walking away. She rushed to him and hugged him as well.

"Tammy…" He said, tears coming from the eyes of the mask. He hugged her too "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.." His grip tightened at every word. He felt pressure on the mask, and the fabricated head was sliding off of his own. Once it was off, he felt his wife's lips on his.

There were numerous voices saying. 'ewe' and 'yuck'. When they let go, the mayor looked at his wife that was shame, sadness, and fear in his eyes. "Tammy, I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just mad."

"I know…"

"Your not mad at me?"

Tammy smiled "Why would I be? I just can't stay mad at you, your too cute.."

"So, we can be a family again?" Fred asked, his hopes and dreams all on his parents' answer

"Only if your father hasn't remarried.." Tammy said, eyeing her husband

"No. I would never.." said the mayor

"Then the answer is yes.."

"Wait.." Said the voice of the adult male Jones, he looked at the original Mystery Inc. "Am I, you know, still a target?"

"No.." The five of the members said in unison, smiling.

"You, turkey.." Said Fred, "You have a clear.." The Jones family smiled as the original gang smiled at Pericles, who was flying around in a circle saying 'I'm free! I'm free!'

"Mom…" Said Freddy "These are my friends. Daphne." He gestured to his girlfriend "Shaggy," he gestured to the other boy "Velma" he pointed to the girl "and Scooby Doo." The dog stood on his hind legs and then fell on all four again

"Hi Mrs. Jones.." The gang's all said at once. Fred smiled and ran into the night with his father, The Freak of Crystal Cove, laughing and teasing each other, as they ran home. The gang's took their cars to their homes.

When Tammy walked into the front door, she saw her boy, on the love seat, and her husband, on the big couch, in a tank top and shorts, asleep. His costume beside him on the floor. She lay ontop of her husband and slept soundly through out the night.